It’s undeniable that Harry Kane was clearly fouled for the penalty he scored against Colombia.

But replays show the England striker may have concocted a clever ploy in order to win the spot-kick.

The replay below shows Kane gave Carlos Sanchez a push before making his run into the danger area, which clearly disoriented the defender.

It doesn’t make it any less of a foul – Sanchez kept his arms around Kane and seemed to jump on his back in the end.

But the video suggests Kane had probably been thinking about engineering opportunities from the penalty spot prior to the game.



  1. Why wuold you post such an article? We are meant to be supporting the boys not making it harder for them by raising question marks like this?

    If our next ref got an inclin of this that may seriously hurt our chances of getting decisions so I don’t see you logic other than click bait.


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