Tottenham and Arsenal have been charged by the FA for failing to control their players in Sunday’s north London derby, according to reports.

A number of players, substitutes and members of the coaching staff were involved in a fracas during Eric Dier’s passionate celebrations following Spurs’ first half equaliser.

Dier was booked despite the fact he didn’t start the melee, and the Tottenham midfielder praised the intensity of the derby after the match.

According to Sky Sports, both clubs have been charged as the players failed to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion.

The derby often brings out a level of desire fans crave, but it also brings out the worst in some supporters.

A Spurs fan has been charged for throwing a banana skin at Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after the Gabon international’s first goal.

Tottenham have banned the supporter indefinitely – the correct thing to do, obviously.

When the sides meet for another encounter in the EFL Cup quarter-final later this month, hopefully we see more of the right kind of passion.



  1. Well the ref again did not help did he, he should have booked more players for entering into discussion with him, constantly pressuring him mainly Arsenal bplayers but this what they have always done this has to stop the rules allow the ref to take more action ,but they don’t why not!

  2. In my opinion football ought to adopt the same rules as rugby talking to the ref … or there will be consequences.. if they do not obey… off the field for 10 mins sin bin ..


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