Tottenham have sacked Jose Mourinho, it has been confirmed, while Ryan Mason will take charge temporarily.

The team’s form has fallen off a cliff in recent weeks, with Champions League qualification looking all but impossible.

And Spurs have reacted by relieving Mourinho of his duties just 18 months after appointing him.

The club confirmed the news on Monday morning.

The news comes just hours after Tottenham confirmed their involvement in the breakaway European Super League.

Mourinho’s departure marks the past 24 hours as one of the most remarkable period’s in the club’s recent history.

Not only is Tottenham’s future as a participant in UEFA competitions up in the air, their immediate on-pitch situation is unclear too.

Mourinho’s last match was Friday’s 2-2 draw at Everton, a game in which Spurs dropped more costly points in their pursuit of Champions League football.

Tottenham will play Southampton in the Premier League on Wednesday before the League Cup final against Manchester City on Sunday.

Mourinho was obviously desperate to win the final – Spurs will now be his first trophyless tenure at a club.



  1. Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead! What a horrible man. Slagging off our players in public and destroying confidence is not the way to lead. Boring tactics with shocking results. Should never have been hired in the first place. However the real problem is ENIC, if they wouldn’t back POCH during the height of his reign they are not going to back any manager. All we can hope is that we hire an attack minded coach who represents the club like a mench not a defensive horrible egotistical prick! I’m now looking forward to the Final. COYS

  2. For whatever reason,a good excuse to get drunk.
    Gone that toxic,thieving imposter.
    Granted the players must carry the can for results also, but Jose’s attitude, ineptitude, philosophy on play, open criticism of players(not only with us) and “ let me put you to sleep” football just couldn’t be for any longer.
    I would like Graham Potter as manager but Levy will probably go for the cheaper Eddie Howe as a free agent.

  3. Seems strange that he was sacked before rather than after the Carabao Cup Final unless of course in the unlikely event of a Spurs win the compensation would have been higher.
    Absolutely vital the nomination of the new coach is bang on even though whoever that will be, he will fail.

  4. A MANU fan friend of mine warned me to root hard, but do not get too excited cause we will be spending a lot of time defending our 18 yards box. So said, so done. I am currently ban from Harry Hotspur blog because I refused to give into his cheer leading effort of Mourihino and the public flagging of his players. He picked player he wished to exile like Winks and Alli, Dier and to some extend Tanguy and that is where is blog goes every day. Josee sucked the confidence out of these players to the detriment of the our club. I for one is a little disappointed in him getting sack, but i cannot continue to watch us score and I cannot celebrate and this is not because of the atrocities of VAR. This man has sucked the joy out of our football club. The day he decided to hooked Dele and critized Surge publicly on one mistake, the dam was open. At this point it was them and not me. The day he said the team posture against West Ham goes against his and the staff instruction publicly, it was a matter of time. For those who think we did not get enough, I beg to differ. We had a very good window and by all account it was the best window in years. We heard every position was filled to the point we send out a record number of young players on loan. The treatment of Rose our most senior player was horrific and he never wrap his hands around the squad. Jose ego and his reputation was more important to protect than actual manage men he does not necessarily agree with him. One thing for sure a failed manager often times do not survive a losing team and bad players.


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