Mauricio Pochettino has openly said that he wants to return to Tottenham, according to the reliable Alasdair Gold from Football.London.

Pochettino was sacked by Spurs 18 months ago and then replaced by Jose Mourinho, but reports last week suggested that he was in talks with Tottenham about coming back to north London.

He signed an 18-month contract with PSG following his appointment back in January, but failed to win the Ligue 1 title last weekend after his side were pipped on the final-day by champions Lille.

But following their qualification for the Champions League, Pochettino activated an one year clause on his deal, but reports from France believe that PSG want to keep the former Spurs boss and are already planning for next season.

However, whilst Gold believes that a deal to bring Pochettino back to Tottenham remains complicated, he admitted that there’s a ‘real desire’ for the 49-year-old to return and ‘complete his unfinished business’ in N17.

Carlo Ancelotti’s reappointment at Real Madrid was a huge boost in Spurs’ pursuit of their ex-manager, whilst this is another in what has become a draining process of finding Mourinho’s replacement.



  1. Real appoint a manager in under 6 days.
    6weeks+ on fans still have no real clue who we want or want to get. Does nobody want to work for Levy? Maybe it him playing hard ball again. He is turning us into a laughing stock. Yet he also thought we could mix it with the big boys in some super league!!! ??

  2. Joe Lewis is in his mid eighties , he has to comprehend his £4 billion wealth wont fit in his coffin . Joe and Daniel owe Spurs a better prospect of success by simply doing what most other achieving clubs do and provide investment into a team befitting the marvelous stadium and facilities they have already created. Please let my beloved Tottenham no longer be a hugely frustrating club to follow.

    • Agree. Levy has been wrongly blamed for lack of financial vestment in team. It’s Lewis who holds the purse strings. I’m sure Levy would spend the money if Lewis would agree.

      • Joe Lewis as said cant take 4 billion with u. Whilst in his greed spurs continue to be on route to championship. If only joe lewis was to put in a wedge he’d gain it back in winning comps like European cup, league and more. If he aint willing to put money in the club then sell up or at least a partner to buy in 50,50 shares with him. We the fans don’t deserve this. I think we should boycott the games.

  3. David Midson took the words out of my mouth;we are a laughing stock and have been for a long time.Levy and Co have no pride and appear to not care in the least that we are a club drifting like a rudderless boat.
    Nobody with any sense and ability will want to take on the poisoned chalice of managing this joke of a club that we have become.Pathetic.

  4. As long as Levy trades players – more often than not showing a profit – as opposed to building a powerful all-round team with independent coaching staff, the team will consistently progress up to a certain point only to disappoint at the pressures end of a competition when the inevitable failure takes place. The unnecessary sale of Kane will reap a great profit – just like the sale of Bale back in 2013 – only to cost way more to replace him, even if it’s possible , and let’s recall the fortune wasted on the many of Bale’s mediocre replacements!
    How many dozens of mediocre-to-good at best players have been signed up over the past few years who seem to be a great bargain due to Levy’s tough negotiating power but have failed to strengthen Spur’s league / cup winning aspirations? Recent coaches have been up against a hiding to nothing given the many good but uninspired players at their disposal as opposed to the great ones who cannot be pried away from their previous owners for a song. Mr Levy it’s time to stop trading and begin building.

  5. I think you missed the part about a huge update! Nothing huge in this article, just more mere speculation from Gold!

  6. Laughing Stock appropriate- especially celebrating 100years of the cock. We have 3 Cocks now – all of them need to take stock and realise we are a joke

  7. Huge update??? What a crock of sh*t…. not one sentence that hasn’t been printed elsewhere I’m the last 7 days!


  9. WINNERS have good defense. Spurs have none.
    Managers don’t play and Kane can only play two positions at once.

  10. This might be an insight to the next season more frustration,you can not have a team dependent on 3 or 4 players and a silly adminstration.

  11. Spurs need poch who knows the situation and the loanee players back could start his task immediately. However conti in my opinion will destroy the flair of the team and will change the present status. Buy mauricio and get back to winning ways .remember our best spell we have had has been with poch .

  12. Spurs are crap.The players they buy ,are only after money.Give academy players a run,they will certainly be better than the crap we have got recently. EG Aurier,Sanchez.Stop being a selling club.You buy too much shit


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