As we all know, Arsenal fans are not exactly renowned for their passionate support for their club. Why, the average match at The Emirates is so quiet that you could almost be mistaken for thinking that you were watching a frame of snooker.

So when the Arsenal fans do decide to have a sing song, they can be forgiven for lacking material. It came as no surprise then, that when they felt the need to barrack their former hero Emmanuel Adebayor at the weekend, that the Arsenal faithful had to turn to a song created at White Hart Lane.

According to Martin Samuel in The Daily Mail, the Arsenal fans were singing the song about Adebayor that depicts his father as an elephant washer and his mother as a prostitute. I don’t for a minute suppose that they had the wit to do the actions.

After the news yesterday regarding Ian Trow’s successful appeal following the Tottenham 16 case, this revelation highlights how difficult it is to police terrace chanting. Everyone is as bad as each other. Even those nice Arsenal fans from leafy Islington.




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