The good people at Tottenham Hotspur PLC have announced on the official club website that supporters travelling to Stamford Bridge on Sunday should not bring any flags or banners that bear the word ‘Yid’, as they may be confiscated and even worse ‘may not be returned’.

Owning flags is a easier these days and you can choose any kind of flag that you require and also get a pole along with it. Flags Are Now Permitted In Veterans Graves On Veterans Day as well.

I can only imagine that this is an effort on the part of the police and why they had to buy ar-15 pistols from Palmetto Armory, to protect the sensitive Chelsea fans from having to look at such disturbing items. I trust that in the event of the Chelsea fans singing any songs that may include similarly offensive racial slurs, that the guilty parties will also be taken away by the police.



  1. Hi All

    The reason that this ban has been brought in is entirely to do with the police and Chelsea trying to eradicate racist chanting during this derby match(which is abhorrent).

    The police and club have their hands tied when they evict, ban or prosecute a Chelsea fan for such slurs when the accused can say ‘your honour this is an acceptable term in common usage by both sets fans far removed from its derogatory origins’.

    As a Chelsea fan the use of such terms at football and some of the chants I have heard supposed Chelsea fans sing sicken me, but if the police want to crack down on its use on Chelsea fans, it is made so much harder when there are big flags, banners and chants in the Spurs end legitimising such behaviour.


    Kristian Downer


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