You’ve got to hand it to the Tottenham legend that is Teddy Sheringham. He’s 43 years old, but that hasn’t stopped him from pulling 20 year old Rochelle Wiseman, a singer with the popular beat-combo The Saturdays.

According to today’s Sun (I’d include a link, but as NewsNow knows, they don’t appreciate it), ‘Oh Teddy, Teddy’ and Rochelle were spotted together in an Italian restaurant in Essex. As always, The Sun’s crack reporters were able to find an ‘onlooker’, whom they convinced to give the following illuminating quote:

“When I looked over I recognised Rochelle, who is beautiful, and then saw the older man. At first I thought it must be her dad, then realised it was Sheringham.

They looked like a couple and Rochelle couldn’t stop grinning. Teddy stroked her hands throughout their meal and they were very intimate, like they knew each other extremely well. She seemed fascinated by him. It was extraordinary to see.”

I think that we’d all agree that seeing a attractive young woman on the arm of a much older, male multi-millionaire, is indeed ‘extraordinary’ and a rarely seen occurrence. The Sun’s investigative journalism didn’t stop there though and they were also able to illicit a comment from that close cousin of ‘the onlooker’ – ‘a friend’.

“She has taken a shine to Teddy, despite him being much older.”

Well done Teddy. You give hope to all Tottenham fans on the verge of a midlife crisis.



  1. “Teddy is not known Or appreciated for his pace, but his vision and brain on the pitch.” looks like off the pitch he will have a pretty long career as well..Well worth the length Teddy but what money can achieve in these days is amazing eh?


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