A few years back there was a real craze for Prostars – AKA those little football figures with massive heads.

To cheer us all up after Sunday, I’ve rounded up ten figures of former Spurs players. Your task is to let us know who’s who.

10. An Easy One To Start You Off

9. The Lead Singer From Londonbeat

8. Ian Beale’s Wife

7. Proof That The Later Prostar Figures Actually Looked Like The Players

6. Annie Lennox

5. Garden Gnome With A Mullet

4. The Ronald Reagan Mask From Point Break

3. Judging By The Lips I Think This May Be Al Jolson

2. Al Pacino In Carlito’s Way

1. Jo From S Club 7

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  1. 10. David Ginola
    9. Sol Campbell
    8. Darren Anderton
    7. Nourredine Naybet
    6. Steffen Freund (pretty sure thats wrong)
    5. Glenn Hoddle
    4. Colin Calderwood (wrong i think – cos i dont think he was still with us when Hewlett Packard started sponsoring)
    3. Ruel Fox
    2. Kazayuki Toda
    1. Steffen Iversen

    • Yes, 4 is Dozzell, though I have to say that I’m almost as surprised that you paid a fiver for his figure, than I am about Ossie Ardiles paying £1.9m for him.

  2. Trying to get this new Pav chant around before tomorrow night…
    To the tune of ‘Hey Jude’, the bit at the end that goes “Na Na Na Na-na-na Naaaah, Na-na-na Naaaah, Hey Jude”

    “He’s Ro-man Pavlyuchenk-ohhhh,
    He comes from Mosc-owwww,
    And he’s drunk”

    Sounds better when you sing it but you could repeat it all night and would be pretty funny. Have a go.


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