I’m never that sure about Harry Redknapp’s column in The Sun. He’s been doing it for a few years now, but now that he’s the manager of Spurs isn’t it time to knock it on the head? You don’t see Ferguson or Wenger with columns in the Daily Star.

The problem with having a newspaper column (even if you don’t write it yourself) is that you have to constantly be giving your opinion on things and opinions can come back to haunt you. Rarely a day goes by without Harry being quoted somewhere and quite a few of these stories originate from his column in The Sun.

Call me old fashioned but I prefer managers to be strong silent types. Perhaps it’s because people are still ripping it out of us for Glenn Hoddle’s needless revelation that Rivaldo ‘almost’ joined Tottenham.

Another reason that Harry should perhaps think again about his column in The Sun is that he wouldn’t get roped into making adverts for the paper, like this. The best that can be said is that at least Harry’s only in the choir and has left the lead vocals to El Tel.

Venables is another manager who’s always courted the media and loved the spotlight, possibly to the detriment of his career as a football manager. He’s also got a reputation as a dodgy geezer who’ll do anything for some extra cash. Remind you of anyone?



  1. What a strange thing to worry about after beating Arsenal and Chelsea this week.
    I expect most Spurs fans are still celebrating rather than look for reasons to have a dig at our current and previous manager.

  2. Dan raises a valid point. Harry looks so fake in this video that you’d think he’d been wound up like a Duracell bunny. Being employed by The Sun is a bit like accepting a favour from an East end ganster: it may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but now, even though you don’t need the help anymore, it’s impossible to break off the relationship without being blackmailed into doing something you don’t want to do. I’ve never seen Harry smile like that after a Spurs goal.

  3. What a stupid article…

    I know it’s designed as an advert to sell the sun, but it’s important to remember that ad. is to get behind England for the upcoming world cup. Also, It’s not as if Harry isn’t finding time to do his job at Spurs. His job is Spurs boss, but he’s also actually allowed to do other things too…. He’s got Spurs in 4th spot at this stage of the season, and you’re having a mindless whinge. Idiot.

    Have a think about the upcoming 4 most important games of our recent history and tell us some thoughts if you’ve got anything interesting to say about them.

  4. I agree with the article. May be old fashion but managers touting themselves round for every odd £ (when they are on a good contract) is distasteful and undignified.


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