A Tribute To Fanzone Legend Jamie Gascoigne

A Tribute To Fanzone Legend Jamie Gascoigne


Of the many innovations that Sky Sports have brought to the coverage of football, their FanZone feature is definitely the most fun.

The formula is simple. Put two supporters in a small booth and allow them to commentate as their sides go head to head. It’s a world away from Tyler and Gray.

It will come to no surprise to the discerning Tottenham Hotspur fan, that our representative Jamie Gascoigne is the reigning FanZoner of the year. Like most Spurs supporters he packs a ready wit, which allied to his unique celebration of our goals, makes him far more entertaining than his co-commentators.

Here’s some choice moments of Jamie in action.

Tottenham 2 Liverpool 1 – 2009

Spurs got off to a dream start this season and Jamie did likewise. Witness his surfing celebration that accompanies Bassong’s debut goal and the Liverpool commentator seemingly referring to Jamie as ‘a tw*t’.

Tottenham 2 Chelsea 1 – 2006

“He’s put him on his jacksey” proclaims Jamie, before Robbie Keane crosses for Aaron Lennon to net the winning goal. Cue the removal of Gascoigne’s shirt and the legendary Dancey, Dancey jig as Spurs record a famous victory. The Chelsea commentator just doesn’t have the force of personality to compete with our boy.

Arsenal 4 Tottenham 4 – 2008

“He’s done Alfie Moon” screams Gazza as Bentley scores against the Scum. As Tottenham stage an improbable comeback from 4-2 down, Gascoigne takes the opportunity to once more take off his shirt and ride his Gooner co-commentator like a horse, whilst shouting “Gascoigne’s got it! He’s won the race.”


  1. Can’t get enough of this, JayGee expressing it like a true Yid. The fanzone for the 4 – 4 was the icing on the cake for a truly remarkable comeback in a game the gooners felt like they lost.


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