It’s the day of the World Cup final and far more importantly, the WAG World Cup final between England and Spain.

Peter Crouch’s missus Abbey Clancy represents England, while Sara Carbonero defeated Germany with 52% to 48%, to see the Spanish through to the final.

Gentlemen, cast your final votes and don’t let patriotism get in the way of your red-blooded impartiality.

England – Abbey Clancy

Spain – Sara Carbonero



  1. Lets have it right, that cnut of a Ref Howard cnut Webb put on an aweful display and all the press are jumping on him saying it was a hard game to ref! No it wasn’t, if he would have sent a player of for each side in the first half, like he should have for some of those challenges those players would soon have got the message and it would have been a better match. He was a cnut all game, as it ended, he should have sent at least 2 players off from each side, plus a coupla decisions in not giving second yellows or straight reds which were clearly deserved. Then a clear corner which ended up resulting in the goal in the next passage of play, pretty much resulted in a poor game being even poorer for the referring display.

    What a disgrace and this is supposed to be the best ref to officiate this final, anyone that would have consulted any Spurs fans would have told u how much of a cnut Howard the cnut Webb is, but that cnut and his old fart of an old man get their minute’s of fame. They just couldn’t help themselves could they, first the English Players, West Ham in particular fcuk up the World Cup for us, then they get Howard the cnut Webb to officiate the worst game, with probably the worse fouls i’ve ever seen and the cnut decides he’s not going to send ppl off except right near the end, for next to nothing!

    Considering DeJong did a flying Tekkan 3 style kick on Alonso, Puyol practically sexually asaults Robben and let’s not talk about Iniesta and the other Van Kik alot!
    Now we have to hear how it was an impossible match to ref!!

    WHAT A DISGRACE the British Media is! It’s a farce!

  2. He messed up drastically.Tried to make an impression with FIFA of being the best in the field.Definately zero rated in my books & cannot be compared with some of the ref’s i’ve seen at the WC who let the game flow freely without handling the yellow.

  3. Chill dude,
    Look, I’ve been at WHL many times when he’s had an awful game and thought he was a poor ref in general, surprised at his inclusion in the world cup etc.
    But to fair to the guy, it WAS a difficult game to ref. It’s the World Cup Final and people want to see a match where both teams have their full resources – sending players off early in the first half would have half killed the game. He probably was under orders to make sure it stayed fair sides and he did well to keep 11 players on each side for most of the match.
    Yes De Jong’s flying kick was atrocious and yes he missed a blatant corner but to be honest, and I’m sure many Dutch fans would agree, the better team won in the end so it was a fair result.
    I’m not saying I think he’s the best ref in the game, not by any means, but allow him for a brief moment of respite!


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