Daniel Levy And The Definition Of ‘Brinkmanship’


    As the minute hand of the transfer deadline clock clicks away, it looks as though we might again have left things too late and will be left disappointed when the window closes.

    This has been a familiar feeling over the years, as our chairman Daniel Levy attempts to buy players for the least amount of money possible. You can argue over the merits of this tactic, but it certainly annoys some Spurs fans. In fact, one has become so disillusioned that he has gone to the effort to amend the Wikipedia page for ‘Brinkmanship’, to include a reference to Daniel Levy (it wasn’t me). It’s now been taken down by the moderators, but I managed to grab this before they cleaned things up:


    1. sums levy right up………………Mr levy, u messed this rare chance up big time….its not all about ur bank balance ya know…

      • You are SO right Chris. The same wanker that is building us a new stadium (so more of us can go to matches) in almost the exact same location and the same wanker who noticed Van Der Varrt was available when Harry didn’t. What a wanker he is. I wonder what that makes you then?

    2. Some of the responses just about sum up the mentality of our ‘supposed’ supporters. Without Levy and ENIC our club would still be trawling the nether regions of the Prem perhaps even the championship. Levy has taken it to the top table. When you consider what we dont have, for example millions from the European Champions or gate receipts from successful cup runs or 50k per week capacity, world wide franchising or a ridiculous debt, then the guy has worked miracles. But because Harry implies that the purse strings are tight this season, you’re all bitching. Well I’m bitching about buying Keane back and losing money on him. I’m bitching about buying Kabul back when there were far better options open, I’m bitching about some of you lot, who really should be ashamed of yourselves for daring to question Levy and would happily allow Redknapp to send us into oblivion by buying complete rubbish at a huge outlay and then blaming everyone else bar himself!

    3. essexian76 if you’re a ‘supposed’ supporter are you honestly telling me spurs arent crying out for a top striker, and that we should have done whatever it took, and used the lure of champions league football to have got him? are you not at all disappointed by the fact we’ve not improved the squad at all over the summer? two home games, no goals. not bloody good enough, and once again we’ve blown it in the transfer window by not buying the right players.

      • Dont you dare question my allegiance to Spurs, the facts are that I want to see my club in the premiership and not in West Ham, Portsmouth, Southampton or Leeds United’s position. All except Leeds have had the finger of Harry stamped upon them, all of them spent beyond their means and all are currently where?. If I go into a shop with a pound and the items two pounds, I cant buy it! You really are a fool if you think otherwise, you get nothing for nothing in life! Levy and ENIC have worked miracles to get us into this position make no mistake about it!

    4. So how’s that Levy’s fault?, oh right lets go into meltdown chasing the dream, like Leeds perhaps? Spurs have wasted money in abundance lately and its come home to roost, just face the facts WE DONT HAVE ANY LEFT TO WASTE ANYMORE! If we haven’t got it we cant spend it, its really simple!

    5. Not buying anyone this window is pathetic! Absolutely useless effort. Harry was talking about pushing on, the Board haven’t backed him. It’s a joke.

      • Try arguing a point when you’ve the brains to give decent argument “The board haven’t backed Harry” WTF are you on?. Harry’s had it and wasted it and Levy’s not prepared to allow him to spend anymore on rubbish! This board have backed every manager to the hilt going right back to Hoddle, so at least back up your statement first!

    6. Can’t knock levy, there wasn’t a lot we could do about it, the Manc scum (new skool scum, citeh) bought up everyone worth going for and then stuck them on a shelf. This window and previous.

      Did we want fabiano at 30M? Did we want huntaler for the money they were asking? Did we want Bellamy, the only one we did want. Babel? Fook off. Who the else is there? Adeybayor? At a push.
      Lassana diara would have been the only addition worthy of going for in a big way but impossible to get.

    7. To all those mugs on here that had a pop at Levy, what a bunch of tits you all are!! When will you learn … it always goes down to the wire with Spurs … so stop your pathetic whining and show Levy the respect that he deserves you bunch of idiots. Perhaps you should go down the road and start supporting the scum, giving us true fans a bad name. Get over yourselves!!!

    8. And dont you look a bunch of pathetic twats now?, Joe Lewis is a billionaire granted but he has no interest in football whatsoever, he’s a businessman looking for a profit who happens to chairman of ENIC, he’s not an Abramovic nor a fool…you fool!. Try engaging your brain before posting

    9. Where did everyone go? You all seemed to have shut up since we signed Van der varrt. Which was an action of Levy notfiying Harry that he was available and then the deal getting done.
      I think this thread is proof that people talk a lot of shit without knowing the buisness or the facts.

      How would you all like the eggs cooked that are going on your faces?

      Try getting behind your team, as well as the staff at the club who also played a part in getting us to the champions league.

      Well said Diff by the way.

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