Just when Lawro was within our sights he pulls away again by correctly predicting the score of our game against Everton. Andy Gray also managed this feat, leaving Stelling languishing adrift at the bottom of the table. Here’s how things stand:

Mark Lawrenson: 9

TottenhamBlog: 5

Andy Gray: 4

Jeff Stelling: 1

This week the pundits are unified in their belief that we will once again be defeated at Old Trafford, while I continue to enjoy an optimistic view through my rose-tinted glasses. Remember, it’s three points for a correct score and one for a correct result.

Mark Lawrenson: Manchester United 2 Spurs 1

Andy Gray: Manchester United 1 Spurs 0

Jeff Stelling: Manchester United 2 Spurs 0

TottenhamBlog: Manchester United 1 Spurs 1



  1. Blind faith is a terrible thing. Jeff will be closest to the correct score. Enjoy your Saturday and after seeing Arsenal drop points – don’t watch the 5.30 game!!


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