Goal.com are reporting that Spurs are already drawing up a list of possible replacements for Harry Redknapp, should he take over the England job from Fabio Capello after the 2012 European Championships (or before, presumably).

They claim that top of this list, is the Everton manager David Moyes. Other candidates include Guus Hiddink, Roy Hodgson, Steve Bruce and Rafa Benitez.

In recent seasons the topic of who we should recruit as a new manager, has never been far from the minds of Tottenham fans. Under Redknapp though, we have undergone a period of relative calm and growth. I haven’t really given much thought as to who will eventually replace him, but it is something that will probably need to be considered within the next couple of seasons.

Things can change very fast in football, but at the moment Harry has to be the favourite to take over from Capello whenever the Italian eventually leaves the England job. Moyes does seem to be an outstanding candidate as his replacement. He has a lot of experience in the Premier League, his Everton side play decent enough football and they have often over-achieved despite their limited transfer budget.

Moyes deserves to be given a chance at club where he will have more money to spend and if it’s not us, then I’m sure that he’ll be towards the top of Manchester United or Arsenal’s list, when Ferguson or Wenger eventually depart.

The other candidates mentioned are a mixed bunch. Hiddink would be welcomed, but I’m sure there would be a muted reception for either Hodgson or Bruce. As for Rafa Benitez, I honestly don’t know if I could stomach watching his brand of football every week.

Their has been speculation that Tim Sherwood is being groomed as Harry’s heir apparent. I can’t imagine that we’d give the job to an untried manager when we’ll (hopefully) be moving to a new stadium and a successful team will be of paramount importance. If we were looking for an old boy, perhaps Chris Hughton would be a more viable candidate if he continues to impress at Newcastle.

Who do you think are the likely candidates to eventually take over from Harry?



  1. @Lee

    My sentimtents exactly, I cannot believe Klinsmann has not been mentioned in the blog. I doubt Jol would come back tho, not after the way he was treated by the board.


  3. I like Hughton, he’s Spurs through and through and his Newcastle play very attractive football. He’s also shown that he can make big decisions, like dropping Andy Carroll, for example, and he has behaved with unfailing dignity throughout a tough spell when he was the favourite to be the next sacked manager.

  4. Steve Bruce or David Moyes….yes, the others no! Although Redknapp is a better manager than both of these and so i think we probably should be aiming higher. Can`t stand Rafa Benitez and i don`t overly rate him as a manager. He`s got an easy job at Inter as he`s got world class players and lets be honest Mourinho has made the best out of the players. Don`t think Tim Sherwood is manager material and is better doing what he is doing and Chris Hughton is doing a great job at Newcastle but again i think this would be a step back with him in charge.
    Whoever takes over has got some big boots to fill!!

  5. Harry’s not going to leave,he’s not stupid he knows the England job is a poison chalice an impossible job.
    Another thing you must bear in mind is apart from an F.A cup with Portsmouth he hasn’t won anything,so he needs at least another five years at Spurs to prove himself before he even considers the job,which I think he’ll never do.

  6. ‘Arry is the obvious candidate for the England job but his leagal problems could mean the FA get cold feet. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bruce was in the frame for the England job. Knowing the FA it’ll be James Corden.

  7. David Moyes, Jose Mourinho, Gus Hiddink, Martin O’Neil are yes from me! Steve Bruce is a maybe as he has done well at Wigan, Brimingham and Sunderland (this season). Anybody thought about Tony Pulis? He would take no sh*t from the players. Houghton may be a good shout as he knows us inside out and probably in 2 years will deserve a shot managing his beloved Spurs and Newcastles Spurs supporting chairman will probably let him if they are still at Newcastle by then.

  8. I think Moyes would be a fantastic prospect for the Spurs job. He really comes up with results without much financial support; he is a great manager in my opinion.

    NO to Hodgson! COYS!!!

  9. Did I actually read some people saying Martin O’Neill ??? You must be fracking joking right ? Er, you ARE joking, seriously right (or on drugs)….

  10. The comments above reflect my thoughts. Jol, Klinsmann & Mourhino should be the ones we consider..

    People think im crazy when i’ve said Mourhino.. But look at the facts…

    Real have a habit of not keeping managers very long.

    Mourhino achieves what he needs to achieve & moves on to new ventures (EG. Porto, Chelsea, Inter). If he were to win the league, cup & CL with Real, he may think he cant achieve any more than that like winning the triple with Inter.

    He has already stated he wants to come back to England before he retires.. I cant see him at Arsenal or returning to Chelsea, sure he had a disliking for Liverpool, no point going to Utd as he can only fail (if he is successful he has just continued A.Ferguson’s work, if he is not they will always judge him as not as good as Ferguson), so that kind of leaves us..

    He might see managing us as a great challenge, with the possibility of cementing himself in history as one of the greatest managers ever. If he were successful with us (by winning any of the FA. Cup, League or CL) then he would go down in history as a legend, just like what he did at Chelsea.

    So I actually think Mourhino is a viable possibility… Get on the case Levy!

  11. Guus!! GUUUUUUUUUUS!!

    Barring Hiddink, I’d be quite happy with either Moyes or Klinsmann. Damn the American national team for not snapping up Klinsmann when they had the chance and instead resigning Bob Davies.

  12. Has to be Jose, forget about Benitez and Hodgson no thanks. Managers dont last long at Madrid in general we should go for him for the reasons other people have pointed out. With a new stadium on the way maybe even new owners in a few years he really could build a dynasty at Tottenham everything would be in place for it to happen. He has mentioned many times that he likes Spurs. Our CL exposure this season around the world has only increased our profile. Ideally I would like to stick with Harry because things are going well but the chap keeps pimping himself out for the England job every opportunity he gets so all things considered he shouldnt be pissed if we pimp his position about. We should start the process of trying to lure the special one now if we can get him we should go for it, we cant afford to wait and see and what happens in 2012 we need to make the first move or risk missing out. If Harry comes out and tells DL listen I want to stay at Spurs I have no interest in the England job then great we leave it and stick with Harry. If he cant give us those assurances then we start looking is quite simple. Im sure DL knows the score.


  13. Mourhino is the worlds outstanding manager I just can not see him coming to spurs. Plus the fact I understand he was on about £9m a season at Inter, god knows what he is on now.

    The obvious choice is Houghton assuming he carries on his good work at NUFC.

  14. That is true Ramses but if you listen to what Jose has said he stated he wanted to win trophies in Italy and Spain. He will never go back to Italy he doesnt like them they dont like him. If he wins a trophy in Spain that will be another goal achieved. Who else could you see him managing over there? Barca? I cant. Dont think he wants to manage in Germany I belive he wants to come back to the PL and manage a club for at least ten years before finsihing up with an international team. I think he would be in it for the long haul.


  15. i say a big nnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooo to hodgson and a big yes to mourhino he would be a great spurs manager and plus he would sell all the dead wood a bring in some good and better players and maybe help us improve that little bit more to be in the top 3-4 coysssssss

  16. David Moyes? No chance. Spurs play attacking football, we don’t want or need a manager who plays 9 defenders and a central midfielder up top.

    Martin Jol all day long, hopefully he’ll bring Suarez with him too 😀

  17. owen coyle, very impressed with his achievements at burnley, where he played 4-3-3, very innovative at championship level. he has continued to impress at bolton, totally revolutionising their playing style. I see similarities with him and moyes, but coyle’s football is more in the spurs tradition.

  18. I don’t think he’ll leave, I hinestly think he plays up to the paper as an ego boost knowing they want him and he can then tell them where to stick after being overlooked on other occasions. If we regain 4th and the chance to move to a new stadium he would be crazy to leave and he knows it!!

  19. I would like only 2 candidates, supa Guus Hiddink or the special one ‘Jose’.

    Guus is my prefered candidate and England would have won a trophy under him had the FA not said he had to go through an interview process which he turned the chance. That’s like Nigella being asked to have a cook off before deemed good enough to cook your dinner.

  20. what an awful article, far too premature for a start.

    and as for moyes, benitez or jol being good enough to manage spurs, forget about it!

  21. why not bond? learnt from harry himself so surely can keep up the style as well as have harry as his helper

    although having jose, jol or o’neill i think would be good options

  22. Who better than the ‘so called’ special one. Like a few have said he’s probably on astronomical wages, but I really don’t think he’s driven by money, couple of years an he’ll leave Real.
    The man loves the English game an will one day return, so why not to WHL, if we are to challenge for honours regularly and show our ambition it can be no other than the ‘so called’ special one.
    So Mr Levy get ur blankety blank chequebook and pen out and write whatever needs to be written on that cheque
    COYS (and ‘arry)

  23. euhm I know Klinsmann is a legend and all, but what did he prove as a manager? He was succesfull coaching the national team, but that could’ve been down to Joachim Low as assistant. He really bottled it at Bayern Munich, where he showed signs of lunacy by putting a large buddha sculpture in the dressing room and obliging his players to medidate (!!!).

    Moyes or O’neill fit the profile for me.

  24. lets consentrate on champions league and the premier league,lets hope that harry continue lifting us game after game lets worry about the team now.than when time comes will see.

  25. Although love to see Spurs win the league or CL I want us to do it the Tottenham way and Mourinho wouldn’t do that, he is not attack attack attack, look at the way Ashley Cole was restricted going forward when he was at Chelski. It has to be somebody who understand the Tottenham way and attract the big names.

    No to Hodgson and if it was Benitez I think we should all switch to the Dark Side or hang ourselves, the less painful of the two!

    Sorry to say that there are not many out there that will play the way we love, but would love to see big Martin Jol back at the lane, he was the one he started the real transistion before Ramos messed it up!

    There is always Ian Holloway, now win, lose or draw, he is always going to brighten up the day if you can follow what he is saying!

  26. What about Poyet? He is doing a great job at Brighton. Also Neil Warnock. Not big guns like Moyes or Hiddink but worthy of a mention. I like Hughton as well. I always thought he would only be a good number two but he has proved me wrong and good luck to him. A thoroughly decent man and Tottenham through and through.

  27. Harry has brought some stability to the club. We must look beyond that for the next manager to bring us to the next level. We should look into the likes of Jose Mourinho, Fabio Capello, Louis Van Gaal, Guus Hiddink. Managers who have won and created winning sides.

  28. Owen Coyle is a good shout – young, smart and has a likes the game played “properly”.
    Would also think Poyet & Hughton are serious candidates, especially 18 months down the road.
    Also wouldn’t rule out the real King Glenn.
    The guy is an excellent coach, as he is proving again with his “rehab” school in Jerez. Everything deserves a second chance and I feel that the class of player we now have at the club would really appreciate his talents, and he theirs.

  29. Jamie Rednapp is the genious behind Harrys revolution, he picks the team, suggests the tactics, and his mum is a better forward than Darren Bent. I say when Harry goes, you turn to his mentor.

  30. you talk of managers theres loads. Jol, klinsman, ginola given a go with a little help, zola, ranerri, how about spurs unforgotten hero garry mabbutt.

  31. isnt moyes being lined up as fergersons replacement?
    if not then he would definately be an option has done brilliant at everton with next to no money.
    I think we should definately try to pursue Jose.
    Others that i think could be in with a shout are Klinsman, Jol, hughton, Hiddink and many others.
    Definately no to hodgson, benitez and o’neil
    not too sure on bruce.
    And what about maradonna or even Joachim Löw he has produced a good team at Germany with the youngsters.


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