Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini has been accused of trying to undermine close rivals Spurs by declaring that Gareth Bale is Europe’s number one transfer target.

Speaking in Italian newspaper Tuttosport, Mancini states: “What is certain is that if Tottenham decides to put him on the market, Bale would be the strongest target in the summer. Without him, Tottenham loses 50% of their potential.”

Despite City’s brief flirtation with top spot in the Premiership many believe that it will be they and Spurs battling for fourth place again this season, just as they did a year ago.

Mancini however hasn’t suggested that Bale will be a target for anyone this January but Sky Sports’ website runs a story stating that the player’s Italian agent claims that while three Serie A clubs are monitoring Bale for the future, Real Madrid may make a bid now.



  1. If i was to stab citys owners would city still have the money? While im there I may kick Ballotelli in the jocks for being a twat, teach him a thing or 2.

  2. mmmmm, spurs lose 50% of their potential? strange how we were in around the top 4 when bale first got into the team around this time last year. Im sure Bale would love to play in an ultra defensive team with a manager with no attacking flair like Mancini.

  3. funny isn’t it. gobby tw4t appy arry the tax dodger been talking about other peoples players for weeks (pienaar, beckham, neville etc). You don’t fekkin like it the other way do you ?

  4. “super spurs” you sightless gimp. take a look at the FOR column in a prem league table, take your loafers off and work out if the number is bigger in the man city entry or the spud entry… no wonder all the other teams in london think you’re retards.

  5. “I really like Gareth Bale. He is a TOP TOP player.” Now if Mancini had said that it wouldn’t be tapping up. Well it’s not when a wheeler and dealer like Harry “I’m honest as the day is long, just ask the tax man ” Redknapp comes out and says it on SSN

  6. Tublu your 1 of the many man city fans who crawled out from under your rock after all these years? Money cant buy class you mug..The only 1 man team in the premiership is man city! When Tevez threatened to leave Mancini shit his pants!! Who cares what Mancini says? He will be unemployed by May anyway when Spurs finish above city AGAIN.. ps calling Spurs spuds is what 5 year olds do so get a fucking life you cunt. COYS

    • dr john. if you count being a season ticket holder since 1979-80 season as recently emerging from under a rock then I plead guilty as charged. I was at your lucky cup 1/4 final win at maine road how about you ?
      I was at the 81 cup final and the replay ( incidently the villa goal wasn’t even the best goal in that match let alone the oft claimed ‘best goal ever at wembly’) how about you ?
      I was at shitehart lane when we came back from 3-0 with 10 men, you ?
      and I was at COM stadium last season when you blagged our CL place (enjoy it cos that won’t happen again). were you at ANY of those ? so to sum up, fek off .

      • I was at all of those. I have been a season ticket holder for 300 years i was at the birth of glen hoddle, Luka Modric and Gareth Bale. I built White Hart Lane and my cocks bigger than yours!

  7. “funny isn’t it?” Thanks tublu for your humourous comments. Nobody over the age of 8 years old could post such challenged comments. If you are over 8 then your carer should feel ashamed of themself. All that bile and a total inability to express themselves without a basic grasp of the english language. It reminds me of the comments from the third world which are heartfelt but totally comical. Whoops. Non PC th mock the afflicted.

  8. Mancini should concentrate on his own shit before talking about Bale. If citeh don’t win the title this season, he’d better brush up on his interview skills.

    • Interview skills such as “Mr Bale, where do you see yourself in 5 years time?”.
      Or, “what do you think you can bring to Manchester City Gareth?”
      ScarfAce thinks the Welsh Wing Wizzard is triffic I bet.

      • Lemon Man, I guess the interview would go:

        Bale: “Where am I gonna play. You already have 15 players in midfield. I can’t play up front cos you’ve already got 11 players there too. I’m probably better off at Spurs, unless you want someone in goal.”

        PS so do half a dozen other managers around europe. Doesn’t mean they’ll get him.

        • For what it’s worth,
          (a) – I was merely joking

          (2) – I’m sure City can squeeze the ex Saints wunderkind into their rotation policy somewhere.

          (c) – Baley’s interview questions will probably centre around how much his wage rise will be, similar to the scenario which brought him to Tottingham from Southampton in the first place.

          • City who are in a deficit of 127 million pounds are spending money that is not generated by the club. Platini stated that any team that is in debt and yet shelling out mega bucks for players will not be allowed to enter into the champions league. Why would he want to join a team that won’t be allowed to enter the champions league?

  9. Mancini was asked by an italian newspaper about Juventus’ interest in Bale, that’s all. He didn’t leak to the sun “the boy Bale’s a ‘triffic player, absolutely ‘triffic” like Harry does.

    Anyway, Harry’s too busy trying to get the royal Beckham seal of approval for the England job, in return for playing Beckham for England a few more times, (but using Spurs’ money).

    Daniel Levy, to his credit, wasn’t having it, so Harry had to make up a cock and bull story about “insurance”. Why should he pay to lose his manager?

    Instead, Beckham joins Spurs in training, the team muck about for a bit for the reporters instead of concentrating on the Man Utd match, and Harry is annointed by the FA’s football ambassador as Capello’s replacement. It was the greatest cockney ripoff.

    I think Levy is a smart cookie. Spurs will be the first team that Rednapp won’t be allowed to bankrupt to further his own career.

    • Right on the Mark there Zorrin old chap, Beckham is ‘Arry’s route to the England job, then managerial suicide of course.


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