Gary Mabbutt: “And this player, he’s all purpose!”

Gary Mabbutt: “And this player, he’s all purpose!”


Before the weekend I wrote an article for another site, with highlights of 10 classic games between Tottenham and Manchester United.

The one match that I didn’t think I’d be able to track down (because I’ve tried before and failed) was a thrilling 3-3 draw between the teams at Old Trafford back in 1986. The game was most notable for a brilliant diving header by Gary Mabbutt, which prompted the commentator John Motson to make the quote that appears in the title.

To my delight I found the game on YouTube and it wasn’t just the goals, but twelve minutes of delicious highlights to feast upon. The full article containing video of ten classic matches between Spurs and Manchester United can be found here, but for now, here’s those wonderful highlights of a match that I thought that I would only ever see play out in my memory again. Now to track down those four Martin Peters goals at Old Trafford from the seventies.


  1. Great stuff! Thanks for this… Good ol Clive Allen, bleeding for the cause. How many Premier League players would have stuck their head in there these days?

  2. I remember watching this on the TV as an 8 yr old. Replayed it immediately on the subbuteo pitch.
    What’s the team… Clemence / Mitchell Thomas / Mabbutt / Gough / Danny Thomas / Paul Allen / Hoddle / Ardiles / Waddle / Galvin / Clive Allen…? Although Danny Thomas was wearing 12 so maybe he came on as sub, for Hughton perhaps.

  3. i remember watching this as well..!!It was on a sunday i think..??Great season that should of ended in silverware,it left a 11 year old boy very upset that we didnt…!!COYS


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