Harry Redknapp has been quick to confirm that Spurs did make a £35m bid for Villareal’s Giusseppe Rossi before the transfer deadline. In addition, it seems that we did also offer £38.5m for Sergio Aguero and we were also chasing Fernando Llorente and Diego Forlan.

“The chairman would have bought someone for £30million for sure. He wanted to bring someone in.” Harry confirmed.

“There was no doubt that he wanted to do it. He wanted to get somebody in and if Daniel and Joe Lewis can find the right people they will have a go again.”

Does this make me look foolish in the light of yesterday’s rant? It’s all very well talking about this and declaring that we have ambition, but in the end we were left with no-one.

Although we’ll never know the full story regarding any bids or negotiations it seems that they were done too late and maybe we were just aiming too high. Would it have been more sensible to go after a Huntelaar or a Hulk and start the bidding at the beginning of the month, rather than go for people who have considered themselves ‘out of our league’ and leave it until the last day?



  1. The usual frankly silly and childish presumptions here.

    1 We only started looking and negotiating on the last day.
    2 We aimed too high
    3 The alternatives mentioned and/or their clubs would have been interested.
    4 We did not try for the alternatives mentioned.
    5 The players we missed out on did not come becuase they thought Tottenham Hotspur wasn’t big enough.

    You have no idea at all whether any of these presumptions has the slightest merit whatsoever.

    The only thing you are sure of is your disappointment that Tottenham did not sign a striker.

    Live with it.

  2. But honestly who is out there and available that is any better than we already have?? Rossi? NO. Carroll? currently NO. you lot are addicted to signings like a drug, no matter that they are grossly overpriced, no matter that they are no better than we already have, just give me a transfer. Its really short sighted. Also, maybe have any of you considered that some of the players we went for might, just might not want to come to us?? Oh the horror, how can this be true ????? Yes we all would play for spurs at a drop of a hat, but that doesnt mean some bloke from spain would. So wind your necks in and pull up a chair in the real world. Until we get a bigger ground we should EXPECT no more than 5th place. A top 6 finish any season is a good season for us. This may be a little hard for some of you to hear, but you are living on a very delluded planet. We can hope for more than 5th of course, but we cannot expect it, because it just doesnt add up. A bigger ground will mean more for wages which means we migh be able to compete but until then we can forget it. Are we better than chelsea, manu, arse or man city currently ??? NO. So why are you lot so full of rage that we wont get 4th this year??? we were never going to. But you lot for some reason expected we would. You cant have a go at Levy or the club for your own stupid expectations. Time to wake up and smell the coffee for alot of you idiots.

    • you are an idiot, spurs fans were promised a super star by harry redknapp the idea of new signings is to freshen things up, players get lazy and need competition for there place, spurs got fourth last year with you got it a stadium that holds 36000 so why not this year, with the promises made by the chairman and manager and the support from the fans there should of been a whole lot more fight in the games of the season for that coverted fouth spot. we didnt expect the team needed a new stiker, a bigger midfielder in huddlestones absence and central defender that can string two games together and spurs fans were promised this, we pay our season ticket that pays 40% of the clubs income the manager and chairman should of delivered or never said anything. you dick!

  3. What a lot of balls that last comment was, we ARE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!!! WE HAVE MADE IT!!!! have you never heard of momentum, fuck off to a support with no ambition, the best in the premier (yid army) don’t need negative cocks like you !!!!

  4. Although a bigger stadium would add more chances of moving to next level it isn’t the only vital factor in achieving it. Maintaining an adequate and efficient scouting system, employing qualified member(s) of the staff to be responsible to find world wide the proper players to add to the squad according to the needs identified by the trainer and scheduling and implementing the proper transfer policy which would allow the club to act properly and timely are also important factors. Spurs currently lack all of them.

  5. We are forced into late deals so as we dont get outbid by man city or chelsea which unfortunately is the problem. plus daniel levy will not pay massively over the odds as he is a business man and always trys to get the best deal for the club. love him or hate him it is because of him we have got money to spend, moving forward as a club and have a very good squad! Yes he has got in worng in the past but since getting Harry he has been tiptop, plus it isnt his fault haringey are a bunch of unrealistic idiots!

  6. If Pav was playing in Spain last year, would everyone be pleased with him as a purchase for Jan?

    Sounds like a stupid question, but if we start him every game for the next month or so, it will be just like having bought a new striker…

  7. Exactly Parklane – fans here were drumming up expectation – even asking silly things like why we didn’t bid for Torres. When you hear that Torres now has 180k a week salary, then reality kicks in. I bet you that we couldn’t match Torres’ old salary at Liverpool too. Benzema on loan? With a pay cut again – and he is playing and scoring for Real now. Suarez? Again, once Liverpool were on the scene, we couldn’t match ’em. Even Chelsea waited until last minute so that City would not muscle in on the Torres deal. Spurs had to wait even longer. All is ok, if we just remember that we have got 23 points from the last 12 games – which is nearly 2 points a game! Tough game tonight with injuries and all, but a win would be a great tonic.

  8. I think everyone has somewhat of a fair point to the article. Yes maybe a little too high of an expectation but very fair to say these last minute rush jobs are ridiculous.
    However, not sure If I like a manager that will lie out of a car window to sky sports (which then is broadcast to the fans) that absolutely nothing will happen and then apparently over the next few days all sorts of things were apparently happening behind the scenes. Either he knew he was lying or he actually does not pick who we go after in the transfer market. How are you supposed to believe anything Harry says anymore. I think he is a great manager and his success in the last few years proves that but the trickery and deception has got to stop. This has always been my issue with Spurs management and board. Please be a little more open, honest and sharing with the fans.
    Obviously nobody wanted to join us otherwise they would be here by now. If we can’t attract players with CL football I’m not sure what it is going to take.


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