The Stadium has dominated all the Spurs headlines again today as the first images of the proposed 60,000 all-seater facility have been released.

Once again though, the war of words between Tottenham and West Ham – in the shape of Brady and Levy – has overshadowed the issue and Daniel Levy has hit back at some of the misunderstandings surrounding Spurs’ bid.

Last week Karren Brady had said: “It’s a corporate crime to spend £500m on a stadium and, just four weeks after the Games have finished, bring the bulldozers in.”

Levy has denied that the entire stadium will be demolished and he countered: “Our proposal will retain around £420million worth of the Olympic Stadium, and we will re-use or recycle the £80million that will be dismantled with zero landfill.

“It is also important to remember that two thirds of the Olympic Stadium, under the original legacy plan, was to be dismantled – it was not designed to be a permanent structure. Recent scaremongering conveniently forgets this fact.”

So the row goes on for now. Here’s a picture of Tottenham’s proposed design. We’re slightly concerned about the fact that there’s not a pub in sight.




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