We woke up to widespread ‘news’ this morning, claiming that West Ham’s bid for the Olympic stadium had been successful and accepted by the Olympic Park Legacy Commitee.

However, the OPLC have subsequently dismissed these stories: “It is pure speculation to say that a decision has been made. Our board meets on Friday. There will be presentations by OPLC officers of both bids and a vote to recommend a preferred bidder.

“The 14 voting members of the OPLC board are gathering for a special meeting where the future of the Olympic Stadium will be the only item on the agenda.

“The meeting could take up to three hours and a final decision will have to get the go-ahead from the Government and the London Mayor. “

So it’s not over yet, but soon will be. So was this just speculation, or a ‘leak’?



  1. Let hope the power to be look at the bigger picture west ham bid based on getting the stadium and then using football ground for football, pop concert, cricket, rugby and possible athletic if they can fit into their busy schedule of events what i’d like to know with west ham bid have they really thought about impact on rest of uk – question if plan to run pop concert what will Wembley or dome think about losing business or crystal palace with events Karen also mentioned doing 20/20 matches what will ECB think about that sorry i think Olympic Park Legacy Committee made a mistake with the planning and giving bid to west ham will hide mis-management of whole project for few years before public have to bail out west ham – what happen if west ham go down what happen then ?

  2. Or, more likely, dirty tricks, trying to put even more political pressure on the Committee to choose the worse, unworkable, option. I’ve heard that if West Ham do win, we’ll all get a free white elephant.

    • Must admit, even though I don’t want the move, I found myself annoyed last night that Brady and the porn barons had won. It’s a no win situation.

    • no your not iused to like karen brady but i’ve seen side to her that just don’t like can’t wait to hear richard key on talksport on monday i’ll bet he’ll have one or two thing to say

  3. Something I don’t understand which would apply equally if Spurs “got” the stadium. The stadium cost £500m of public money. Is it really the case that it is just “given” to a club without them actually paying a penny it?

    • Whichever club ‘wins’ the stadium will be paying a rent on it, plus a share of revenues generated above a certain level. So in West Ham’s case, it will just be the rent, until they can no longre afford it; then I guess it will be the renegotiated lower rent.

  4. without question the best bid is tottenhams but it would appear the barrage of properganda by west ham has put the frighteners on the OPLC, they are imagining the flak they will get from Brady and teh press they have picked an inferior plan just to give themselves an easy life. However, i cant deny it will be hilarious, west ham in the championship, with a 60,000 seat stadium a third full for championship games. This will be the ruin of them.

    • ..and I say that without question West Ham is the best bid. a) The track remains as the “Olympic track” and stadium. b) The track can be used for future major Athletics tournaments – Crystal Palace cannot. c) West Ham stay in own borough and own part of London d) One of the stadium bid criteria is to widely encourage community to use it – better for West Ham fans in local area to use their own local stadium. e) Stadium benefits whole country rather than just one private team. f) West Ham retain more of the current build and not bulldozing it away. g) Athletics people back West Ham. h) Non football people back West Ham. I could go on, and I haven’t started picking holes in our own bid. The ONLY problem with West Ham’s bid is the finance, but with a team with a fanbase of the whole of East London should be fine. There is no point deluding ourselves in thinking that we have the better bid.

  5. Lads two things are certain first Fitch and SS Helwelovspurs is not me because i put a capital letter after my full stops. See its a sad day but a happy one in some respects the sadness is Shefki Kugi signing for Newcastle has only confirmed my insane rant on EFE is true and the thoughts of Kugi and Best upfront makes me glad we have played them twice. The good news that we seem to have lost to Conservative Mr Coe. We have to trust the fans who have lived all there lives in Tottenham that we have backed the right Horse. The alternative is we could slide down the league with the collapse of the Lewis Levey and Aeg Partnership investment in Brand Spurs. We wait with bags of trepidation from years of being a Spurs fan to see if there really is no Plan B

  6. Let me first point out that I LOVE my beloved Spurs but I am probably one of the few that supports the move to Stratford, it’s a painful wrench but sometimes these things need to happen in order for progress to take place and that’s what we’re talking about here. If as has been suggested that West Ham have been chosen as the preferred bidder for the Olympic stadium then the committee has seriously shot themselves in the foot over this and there won’t be anywhere to run and hide pretty difficult to ignore an elephant in your front room and this is exactly what this will be all at further cost to the taxpayer. Karen Brady you’re a fine looking woman but if the rumours are right and West Ham have won the bid then I think it’s safe to say that in years to come when the Hammers have gone bust you will be about as popular in East London as a reggae band at a ku klux Klan meeting ie not very. This as I said in another blog on a different page is a no brainer but it appears some folk really don’t have any brains. Where now for my beloved Spurs? Who knows but one thing is for certain we can’t stay in north London not if we want to progress as a football club. I was speaking to one of my gooner mates and apparently every home game at the emirates stadia pulls in one million pounds in gate receipts one million pounds every home game, how can you compete with that if we remain where we are? Quite simply you cannot. I don’t know where we go from here to be honest but if a lot of us spurs fans are being honest we have loved the champions league extravaganza this year and it’s whetted our appetites for more the only way forward for this club now is to move. On match days at the lane are you honestly telling me that seventy percent of the attendance is from north London and surrounding areas adjacent to Tottenham? I don’t think so more like seventy percent come from far and wide. I live in Milton Keynes and on match day if I get home from the game before half nine then I can consider myself very lucky and that’s only fifty miles up the M1 which kinda means I can’t take my six year old son (got to bring them up right haven’t you). So what do we do? Lillywhitetilidie

  7. so…………………….
    stratford ham it is then………….
    they ahve from the picture chosen to install movable seating to cover the runnung track for games
    the ideal solution and one that im surprised spurs didnt think of
    lets just pray that a sugar daddy doesnt come along now and make them one of the biggest clubs in the prem
    there a great investment with that stadium.
    the two davids plan paying off for once,,??

  8. The picture in the Sun without the track is a total con. The match day experience if West Ham get the stadium will be miles from that – literally! There will be a massive track in the way, and hardly anyone in the stadium. And the tax payer will be paying for this poor decision.


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