Despite his chronic injury problems Jonathan Woodgate has earned praise from his manager Harry Redknapp, who has hinted that a new contract deal for the centre back may be on the table in the summer.

Woodgate made a long awaited return from injury in the San Siro last week, coming on as a 59th minute substitute but picked up yet another groin problem as he played his part in Spurs’ win.

“Hopefully he will get a deal,” Harry said. “I want him to come back fit. He’s a great player.

“I’d love to see him get his career back on track because when I came here two years ago he was one of the first names on the sheet, a different class. He’s one of the best centre-halves around.”

We all hope he comes back fit and in form, but even if he returns before the end of the season, has he done enough to earn a new deal?



  1. Let’s judge this in a month or so when we can see whether he’s played a few games back to back or not. If he’s fit, he’s worth a new contract of course… but it’s a big if. Maybe a pay as you play deal would be best…

  2. When Woody’s fit, he’s one of the best CBs in the league. Same with Ledley. You just gotta think “what if.” With all respect to Daws and Gallas who have both been outstanding, if we had a healthy Woodgate and King in our back four it’d be a good a back line as any in the Premier League.

  3. It’s quite a coincidence that he’s suddenly back and available for the team (for one match, admittedly) just as it’s coming round to contract negotiation time – reminds me too much of the way Keane always put in a few blinding performances at contract renewal time.

    Woodgate’s getting on, he’s permanently knackered from mysterious injuries that nobody can quite pin down – phaque it, he’s had almost two years’ worth of free money. I’d have long since suggested his contract needed changing anyway. Doesn’t matter how good he is if he never plays. If he wants a new contract, it’s got to be on a pay-IF-you-play basis. And it should be the same deal for Ledley.


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