It wasn’t big and it wasn’t clever, but I guarantee that every Spurs fan laughed when Barry Ferguson slapped the head of Laurent Koscielny, so we thought that you might like to see it again… and again…



    • This is pretty funny. speaking of slapping around, how about that slapping around that happened at the grove a few games back? Now THAT was funny. Even funnier? That it was the worst arsenal side in 15 years, and we are, slapping around the BEST Tottenham side in 50 years, and you are. Have fun with Europa league mediocrity next year, ya cunts.

  1. Jealousy isn’t attractive.. Spurs would love to have been in the carling cup final, cos it’s the only thing they can ever aspire to win. Their appearance in the CL this year may be quite good, but it is what it is.. an appearance. Next year it’ll be back to Europa League duty while Modric will be Playin in the CL with Utd.. Harry to go nxt year to England… back to the doldrums of mid-table obscurity for the spuds!

    • Why on earth do arsenal fans still think they are superior? All these years of not taking the rough with the smooth can turn you into a prick. Evidently.

      Get real gooners.

  2. haha @ the scum kid.. who’s jealous now?? and at least when Spurs get to a final, we win it.. lol
    Ar5ena1 are the kings of “appearances” aren’t they?? Still, I suppose “IF” you can get past Leyton Orient on the second attempt in the F.A. Cup, you will have a big game against Man U. lol.. That way they can beat you twice in the space of a few weeks.

    • Um, I’m a Spurs fan and hate the gooners as much as the next man, but didn’t we lose the cup final the last time were were in it?!

      • yeah, but we lost to Manchester United, the Champions of the Premier League, not Birmingham City, who were then relegated! Also, when we lost it was our 2nd consecutive Cup final and we won it the year before, beating Chelsea in the final. I hate to beat our own chest but, in this instance, we have every right to pound like angry gorillas. You know they’d be doing it if it were the other way around. Would you believe that that was Arsenal’s first ever Cup Final in the New Wembley, in 2011!! We had been their twice by 2009.

  3. come on guys, im really happy of course that Arsenal failed to win a trophy but thats just wrong. The guy has made a mistake but its not right to rub it in. Only those who dont have feelings or emotions could like it.

    Its the stuff that give arsenal fans the right to dislike us

  4. andrewspur February 28, 2011 at 9:00 pm
    come on guys, im really happy of course that Arsenal failed to win a trophy but thats just wrong. The guy has made a mistake but its not right to rub it in. Only those who dont have feelings or emotions could like it.

    Its the stuff that give arsenal fans the right to dislike us


    Yeah ~ Great innit?

  5. Oh the slap was just a bit of playful fun, and Koscielny took it on the chin…Made me chuckle, whereas the farcical keystone cops defending made me almost piss my pants, along with 95% of the rest of the viewing public…Fact is, forget the fans, Arsenal are bad losers, Wenger (we all know about him), Fibreglas, Van Persie, and half the team had faces like slapped arses when they went up for the losers medals, half of em didnt even bother with the handshakes…

  6. Wane we lost on penalty’s to scum Manx we cant gloat no team deserves to lose a final like Arsenal did and i wont join in. Anyway i cant type for laughing my eyes are full of water.

  7. I’m glad they lost as I hate them with a passion
    However the slap was unfair as I remember a certain
    Coventry city player ( gallagher) doing the same to
    Ian walker when he scored past us at their ground a few
    Years back and I hated him for that, it shows that such an individual Has no class when they do that, but hey, I’m glad they got beaten!

  8. As a Tottenham fan,I loved the arse gettingbeat.But the slap,was uncalled for,and shows a total lack of respect for all concerned.Then again if he had slapped Whinger Wenger now that would have been a total riot.And really given him something to whinge about.

  9. I see a few people have some sense of respect on this blog.

    As for the rest of you lot…you should be oh so proud.

    • I guess all Spurs fans are chuffed you lost! But that slap is bang out of order & is really shameful.
      Anyone who loves football, should commend Arsenal for their free flowing football; I think though they should worry about their over elaboration at times; but I appreciate the good football that is coming out of the Emirates. ( We are not on the level of the Gooners, but hopefully we will continue to improve).

  10. Gotta be honest, if we had lost the cup final, the last thing I would be doing the next day is going to a gooner web site. How would that in any way cheer me up!

  11. What makes the scum losing so sweeeeeet ….is that this was the cup we USED to take seriously, and they would take the piss……… they cry (wiltshere…mug) when they lose to a shit birmingham side….i havn’t stopped larfin since sunday…..LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

    PS…2-0 AND YOU F****** IT UP……3-2 LOL.

  12. All I wanted to know was whether OUR Stevie let Fabregas hold the cup?, the slap on the head was totally unprofessional and without a doubt……….brilliant!

  13. the only way sunday could hav got any better is if there was a cheeky appearance from david bentley slappin wenger koscielny style

  14. Finally, although I can’t stand Whinger with a passion but I respect his qualities & to label Arsenal’s last 6 years as unsuccessful bcos they were trophy less is ABSURD. A great stadium, great football, quality English players for England, & great joy when we beat them at their own Ground.

  15. That wasn’t a slap, get your eyes checked. The man was just saying thank you. He should be commended on his manners.

  16. Its great watching Arsenal choke in a big game. I also enjoyed the slap, as I remember Keown chopping van Nistelroy in the neck.

    Bollocks to Arsenal


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