Wilson Palacios looks set to be on the sidelines for three weeks after undergoing an arthroscopy on his left knee. The player reported a problem after training on Thursday and staff moved swiftly to address the issue.

Palacios last played in the defeat at Blackpool before missing out on the next two games – the league match at Molineux and the Champions League tie with AC Milan.

Palacios’ absence does at least seem to ensure that Sandro will be one of the first names on the Spurs team sheet following his solid displays in midfield, so it is arguable as to how much the Honduran will be missed.

With the young Brazilian looking to have a bright future at Tottenham as a defensive midfielder and Tom Huddlestone soon returning to the ranks, you have to wonder as to what the future holds for Wilson at Spurs. Is he a useful member of the squad who should be retained, or would it be better to cash in this summer while his stock is still relatively high?



  1. Keep him. It wasn’t that long ago that everyone thought he was the dog’s bollocks.

    The squad has lots of fancy midfielders but hardly any hard men (Huddlestone, despite his size, isn’t a true DM). If Sandro can keep up his current performances, Palacios can be his back up. I expect O’Hara to be moved in, hopefully along with the spineless Jenas, the lazy Russian and the pathetic little gob shite Defoe.

    • I’m trying to remember that time a while ago when everyone thought he was the dogs b’s. I don’t seem to recall it myself and if it actually did happen I would be very surprised.
      Not sure how you can make those comments about the others but you want to keep old “yellow card” at the club.

  2. Sounds harsh, but from what hes shown me over the last 9 months or so has been just short of an attrocity. He used to be the beez kneez, wold love to see him return to his best, cos then we really could be in business. Heres to hope, heres to Spurs !!!!!!

  3. Never has been worth 14mil and never will be. Guaranteed to pick up a yellow and have not seen him shoot on target since he joined the club. I’m not sure when this period of dissollusional thinking was when normal Spurs fans thought he was playing great but I totally missed it. I think he should go. Especially while we can still trick some other club in to thinking he is good.

  4. This question if raised a year or so ago would have had a resounding ‘get rid quickly’ tag to it, but his form lately has been back up there, as for getting shot of Jenas, ridiculous notion, the guy has improved both in personal and team play entirely and has stepped up to the plate when asked this season to great effect, but then again I watch football, not interested in petty personality perspectives!

  5. Wilson does scare me these days – hes so prone to being caught in possession I get nervous everytime he touches the ball. I do actually like the boy but if we want to reach the top, I think we need better as backup to Sandro.

  6. Last season, when we finished 4th, he was imo our best player for the first 6 months of the season.
    He then got news that they had found his dead brothers bones in Honduras after looking for him for 2 years, nobody knows what that would do to a person, its no wonder his form has dipped.
    I think he’s a really good DM, certainly should be favoured to Jenas who brings nothing to the team. better than O’Hara as well I reckon. If we are going to be serious we need to clear out the mediocre players this summer like the 2 I just said, Hutton, Pav, BAE and replace them with quality

  7. It’s pretty sad that everyone has forgotten the work-horse Palacios who was instrumental in Spurs finishing in the top for last season. He played amazingly and gave us steel in midfield that we hadn’t seen in Spurs for a long time. On top of that he dealt with the murder of his younger brother. Ya, he hasn’t been in best form this season, but he never goes out with a lazy attitude. He works his socks off. He will be back to his best. Plus, Harry is in his own mind with selections, where some of the players are not on the park no matter how great they play. I can’t believe Kranjcar hasn’t got a start after scoring those two amazing goals. He keeps playing Pienaar, who is great, but let’s make selection based on how they play, not how they could play. I will pick Kranjcar ahead of Pienaar when Bale is out, Corluka over Hutton, Pav ahead of Crouch, purely on skill, form and tenacity. I am sick of spurs fans complaining about one of our players when they are out of form. They all forget the past. It’s rather shite. Spurs for a top four finish. Hard but we can do it.


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