Headlines began to emerge yesterday that Spurs were taking legal action over the OPLC’s decision to award the 2012 Stratford stadium to West Ham after next year’s Olympics.
Although it appears that we haven’t quite got to that stage yet, this is what the official statement reads on the club website:

‘At this stage the Club has not issued any proceedings against the Olympic Park Legacy Company (the OPLC) or any other party in respect of the decision regarding the award of the Olympic Stadium.  The Club’s lawyers have written letters to the OPLC, the Mayor of London, the Minister of Sport and the Secretary of State for Local Government and a separate letter to the London Borough of Newham raising a number of concerns with the processes which led to the award.  The letters also requested – in the interests of transparency – for the provision of certain information concerning the processes, which the Club considers that it is entitled to.  Tottenham Hotspur will determine its next step as and when it receives a response to these letters.’

So it’s still some way from legal action, but you can take help from a car accident lawyer. It seems unlikely, to say the least, that this decision is going to be reversed, so should we have just let this die with dignity or is there any mileage at all in dragging this up yet again? At least hiring a Chicago personal attorney would be an ideal choice in such cases.



  1. It might not be about getting Stratford itself, but more about not getting pushed around, especially unlawfully. If underhand methods were used against us then we have every right to appeal. We COULD go for Stratford again as a result, or get some backhanders at least:)) What we should do is trust in Levy.

  2. I think they should put there energies into getting the site where 5 aside is played and trying to push through the redevelopment and extension of the Northumberland Park depot into a station

  3. Bloody sick of this now. They can shove Stratford right up their where the sun don’t shine. I was maybe one of the few who actually wanted my beloved Spurs to move to the olympic stadium. Back end of last year all of a sudden we are invited ( remember that word INVITED ) to throw in a bid to take over the running of the stadium. Remember we didn’t ask them they approached us because at the time West Ham were the only bidders and as the only bidders you better believe they wouldn’t have kept any flipping running track it’s only because we said we wouldn’t why they did which suited the Olympic committee but the fact is ours was and still is by far and away the better proposal for the stadium. The only way for West Ham to fill that stadium is if the tickets are dirt dirt cheap and what’s that going to do to them financially? Fact is their going to have to get a loan from Newham borough council to start off with.
    I wanted my beloved Spurs to move into that stadium to herald the new beginning of our rise, it’s blatantly obvious that we can’t stay where we are if we wish to progress as a football club. What is the point of adding an extra 20,000 seats to our existing stadium when the infrastructure cannot cope with the 36,000 that we currently have? On top of that minimum as a club with ambitions of being in the champions league and possibly challenging for a title we need 60,000 possibly even 65,000 seats and it’s not like we can’t fill a stadium that big either, think about how many Spurs supporters that live up and down the country that don’t travel to the home games purely because it’s a nightmare to get to the ground. No as far as I’m concerned let West Ham have their ground and the Olympic committee can all go and eat shit sandwiches because they only used Tottenham to get West Ham to comply and if West Ham can’t see that then they’re blind. Lillywhitetilidie.

  4. Stratford till I die sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it? The transport at WHL is no more of a problem than anywhere else in London if you have 60,000 people leaving an event at the same time. Don’t believe the bullshit, the NDP is, and always has been viable.


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