Spurs have some big games coming up in the next few weeks and big games call for big players. If the club is going to push for fourth place then the team as a whole will need to stand up and each player will need to be at their strongest.

With this in mind, could it be time to throw Ledley King and/or Jonathan Woodgate back into the fray? There’s been no word on these two since they returned to light training a couple of weeks ago, but if they are approaching full fitness, Harry Redknapp could be more than tempted to turn to them to try and get Spurs over the line.

Ledley in particular has been missed at times and his defending and strong leadership could well be what the club is looking for in the run in. As for the players themselves, both could be fighting to save their careers and what better stage to do this than at Stamford Bridge, Anfield and Eastlands?

If either player is getting close to the squad for the rest of the season, are they what the club needs to try and beat Manchester City to that final Champions League slot?



  1. Are you 10 years of age?

    When either of these two are a viable option at this end of the season, I’ll give you – and Arry – the special signal.

    It’s me being sectioned by the Mental f**king Health Act.

  2. Your talking shite, woodgate is living proof of the walking dead and Ledley as much as i love the geezer for all the years he`s been with us, playing through injury and knowing he wont be able to walk properly in his later years, it`s time to call it a day, give him a job at spurs for life because he deserves looking after. Dawson and Gallas have been superb as a pairing we also have Kaboul and Caulker who will be given a chance next season proberly Cahil aswell so as far as the CL concerned its the strikers that have cost us a place, we`ll never be the best defensive team as like Arry says we dont play like that so lets just go for it against chelsea.

  3. King is a hero. Solid service (when fit) and a Spurs legend. I will love Woodgate forever for his winning goal against Chelsea in the Carling Cup Final. But next season we must aim for a regular central defence pairing wherever possible. It’s time to leave them both behind and move on.

  4. He does make an important point. Last years fantastic end of season run had much to do with kings presence in the side. Even 60% fit, he is better than everyone else we have.

  5. If there is any chance of dusting Ledley out we should do it. I still dream of a miracle cure, but sadly we may have seen the best of him or even the last of him. He is a legend and is the best defender I have ever seen in my 40 years at WHL. Long live the King. Woody had a glorious moment as well which I will always be thankful for. A top top player as well and so sad that these 2 have struggled while that scumbag at Chelsea who is not fit to tie their bootlaces gets all the plaudits.


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