While we ran the rule over Steven Pienaar yesterday, another Spurs midfielder was receiving great praise from his manager. However, the player in question was Jamie O’Hara and the manager was Mick McCarthy of Wolves – Jamie’s loan club.

If it hadn’t been for the problems at crisis club Portsmouth, O’Hara may well have left the club last season and if Wolves secure Premiership survival, the player’s Spurs career could be finally over.

While there’s always a difference of opinion when it comes to the abilities of a fringe player, many think that Harry Redknapp has got it wrong here. A combative midfielder with an eye for goal, O’Hara was a useful squad member who it is felt should have been given more starts. Certainly Mick McCarthy would agree.

“I think he hit a real peak when he came in then he dipped a little bit – which is natural coming back from injury – and now he’s been back at it again and he’s played really well in the last three games,” McCarthy is quoted as saying.

“When you’re playing in behind the front man you can afford to be a bit loose, but when there’s two of you in central midfield, you can’t. You need an engine and he’s a two-litre injection engine!”

Other would disagree and say that Redknapp has made the right decision and some haven’t forgiven O’Hara for comments made before the FA Cup semi final last year. Whenever a club signs a new player, the manager must surely ask if there aren’t better men already in the squad, so did Harry get the right answer to that question with Jamie O’Hara?



  1. No no no he is wrong, but once againg his arrogance will prevail. He does not like Jamie and will not be persuaded otherwise. Meanwhile anyone who knows anything about football can see that Jamie is just the type of player we need. Great left foot, great engine, can play very well in a number of roles, a fighter, scores great goals. Better than JJ, SP, WP, NK, etc.. We should be keeping Jamie and holding him in high as an example of our youth programme. He will be the next Scholesy. So swallow your pride H and love him.

  2. I don’t agree with Helen as he is not better than Kranjcar or Piennar especially not Kranjcar.
    Also van der Vaart plays in the hole for us and can you really put O’hara in the same mix with van der Vaart -who plays in the hole for us and I personally don’t think he is good enough for Spurs because do you think a player like O’hara would get into the Chelsea or Man United team? No never. If we want to call ourselves one of the ‘big boys’ then we have to start acting like one.
    No offense to Wolves but O’hara would look SHIT in Spurs and maybe its the team he plays for which makes him look like a good player.

    So to conclude I feel Harry got it right with O’hara.

    • Sorry pal, but I have to disaree with you on thiso ne. Man utd dont win the league with 11 vdv.s…

      They have won it by grinding out results by rotating a hungry squad that is at its weakest for 10 yrs.

      With players like fletcher,(his game is jus energy) carrick,(the ‘ jog about and play 5 yard passes’ man) similar to paul scholes now as hes lost his legs.. evry maestro need a goon to shift the piano.

      I think we could have used o hara’s energy this year.

  3. O’Hara wants to play which is understandable, but with the other options available to HR that won’t happen at Spurs. HH would you start him ahead of Lennon, Bale, Modric, Sandro or Thudd? It’s easy to say he’s a good player and ‘Arry’s making a mistake but how do you give him the starts he craves? JOH is like GDS, and like Taarabt was, a talented player, but when I look at who he’d replace in the team I prefer the current starter.

  4. The only real negative this season has been a lack of squad rotation. Its the ONLY reason we didnt finish in the top 4. – Certain players being asked to play too much,and at times out of position.
    (ferguson gets the balance right better than anyone, wenger gets caught out with too many changes!)

    There has not enough game time for:
    Kranjcar (bl**dy obvious I know)
    O Hara (should be in squad instead of Jenas)

    Other than that I gotta say Harry has done good, just a few more changes to freshen up the competitive edge against lower teams and we would have had an even better year than last! 🙂

    Good times tho, i absolutely loved being at the lane when we lost to seville in the only european game ive been to..

    It was an amazing experience i have never forgotten and i felt really lucky! –

    ..This year, really, has been just fantastic some real genuine pinch urself moments!… i gotta say.. if i was offered back in aug QF and 5th when we were 3-0 down to Bern.. I would have bit ur hand off!.. COYS!!

  5. wolves are welcome to him. O’hara maybe a hard worker but every game i saw him all he did was run a few yards and then pass its sideways to the nearest player. He is average at best and will never be good enough at the highest level.

  6. Not good enough… simples!!
    want to start seeing our youngsters such as Bostock and Livermore be given more of a chance, than seeing O’Hara.

  7. I have to agree with borris. Squad rotation cost us dearly. We had players playing twice a week for months, and then a locker room of good understudies complaining about lack of playing time. ‘Arry even played his best 11 in the carling and FA cups. He needs some faith and rotate a bit, it will give young boys a chance, and squad players some game time so they are ready when really needed. I like Harry, but he needs to realise unlike his previous clubs, his full PL 25 should be good enough to compete with at least half the PL.


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