The art of juggling Tottenham’s midfielders

The art of juggling Tottenham’s midfielders


The one area where Spurs don’t look to need any strengthening is in midfield and although there is potential for a Charlie Adam or Scott Parker to come in as cover, it’s hard to see how they would justify a place above Sandro or Hudd.

The priority for Harry Redknapp this summer will be to hold on to Sandro, Luka Modric and Gareth Bale as the rumours increase. Today we’ve seen suggestion of a swap involving Modric for Berbatov! If the manager can keep them all, midfield selection for next season could be very interesting indeed and if Harry has a fully fit squad to choose from, just who would be in your dream midfield?

While many of us would like to see Niko Kranjcar stay, it looks less likely by the day that he’ll be at the Lane next year so that leaves us with Lennon, VDV, Modric, Bale, Hudd, Sandro and Pienaar at least.

Sunday saw a shuffle that led to Hudd and Sandro in the same team which is something that many thought couldn’t happen. That put Modric on the left but if Bale comes in surely he has to play there?

The more you think about it the more confusing it gets but personally I’d like to see a five-man first choice midfield of VDV, Bale, Modric , Sandro and Hudd which leaves Lennon as the odd man out and possibly on his way.

While injury will dictate much of this, on the occasions when all players are fit this is going to be a really interesting dilemma for Harry. If you were him, what would your ideal midfield be?


  1. sandro modric in the niddle, lennon bale out wide,.. vdv in the hole.. pretty standard, but lennon is fantastic at tracking back,.. and the equal pace on both wings provides balance..

  2. At a time where speed and quick pace play a central role in football (see Barcelona and other top teams), to keep in your squad players like Hudd seems rather unacceptable.
    According to my opinion he could play in a lower level competition or in mini football.

  3. If Parker or Adam come in, there is no way that they would be just cover. They would be bought to play most games. Hudd or Sandro would have to step aside. This is not my preference, it is just what would happen should they arrive. Their arrival would screw up what is emerging. Borris has forgotten Hudd, who played the most matches in our 4th place season. Cannot be dismissed, and there is going to be a balancing act when all fit. borris also omitted Pienaar, who offers more solidity from a wider position.

  4. Dude. When we finished 4th, Hudd played nearly every match. That proves his quality and that he plays a very important role. Sadly injured for most of this season. Xavi is not known for his pace, yet one of the best midfielders in the world.

  5. IoanX – Sergio B plays the deep lying role for Barca, not quick. Alonso, not quick. Pace is not everything. Sandro brings the engine, Hudd the gearbox.

  6. In all honesty i cannot see Adam/Parker coming from a relegated side walking into our first team. But you just dont know what Harry thinks sometimes…

  7. The only midfield players who have a real impact on the team with their individual performance are VDV and Bale.
    The rising star is Sandro while Modric is someone who can contribute positively but he can’t change the course of a game or have a catalytic impact on it with his individual performance.
    He has improved his performance in the last part of the season.
    He has to improve significantly his shooting ability.
    According to the Castrol’s Ranking of the most valuable players, VDV is rated 6th in the world, Bale 58th and Modric 417th .

  8. ok………….
    new goalie with cuds as cover
    k walker right back,charlie as cover
    king when fit and dawson centre back
    gallas and kabul as cover
    bale left back bae as cover
    then two.
    sandro and hudd with parker ect and kabul/king as cover
    then three.
    modders left, VDV centre, lennon right with kranchar ,pinnar, parker etc as cover
    then one.
    drogba type striker with pav, defoe kept as options?
    wadda you think?
    4,2,3,1……lift off

  9. Lots of major teams play 4 2 3 1, so why don’t we? Sandro and Hudd in front of the back 4, then 3 of Lennon, Modric, Bale, VdV and maybe Kranjkar in front. Means that there is space, time and options for Hudd to pick a ball, but we still have someone in midfield who is mobile and can tackle. Also use attacking full-backs for width, which we have. Of course, this all depends on us getting someone who can lead the line…. who has control… and can score… and isn’t Crouch.

  10. Spot on 4-2-3-1 fits our players. Sandro hudd and Parker can be the two with modric able to also play if needed. Then the three from vdv modric bale Lennon and nico then of course we need two drogba type strikers. Walker attacking rb even bale playing left back eith space to run into. Even dos santos cud fit this shape. Made for our squad

  11. If Parker comes he’ll certainly be starting. The problem we have, and as much as I keep trying to come up with an alternative without much luck, is that VDV is a luxury player and we can’t afford a luxury player, even more so when we are playing away.
    Midfield at Home – Bale, Lennon, Sandro or Parker & Modric. Can then play with 2 strikers or VDV if we keep him in the hole.
    Midfield Away – 5 Man, no VDV

    I would love Parker at Spurs but do have to question if we need him as Huddlestone would be unlucky to miss out.

    Pienaar doesn’t get a look in for me, sorry, not good enough.

  12. After a further 30 seconds thinking about it, I think I’ve cracked it, does mean playing 3 Centre Back’s, (Is that still aloud in today’s football?)

    GK (TBC)

    Gallas King Dawson

    Sandro Parker
    Lennon Bale
    Modric VDV

    Striker (Adebayor?)

    Summary – GK & Striker Needed. Huddlestone could play for King when he’s inevitably injured and 3 at the back will cover a bit for Dawson who can at times act like a dog with a bone.
    If we don’t get Parker then he can play CM and we can keep VDV, hooray!

  13. I think your all trying to fit the team around a shape… the quality of our players dictates the team.. imo..
    As Kenny showed at Liverpool you need two up top, two strikers more chance of goals. My formation is more attack minded and as proved by Jose with Chelski and Gardu with Barca.. if your attacking all the time there is less time to worry about defending.
    GK (New) Reserve
    Walker, Dawson, King, BAE Charlie, Gallas, (New), Rose
    Sandro (holding MF) Palasios or (New)
    Lennon, Modric, Bale Niko, Hudd, Pienaar (Parker)
    VdV N/a
    Dafoe, (new) Pav, (New)
    team – 4-1-3-1-2 (best way to use their talents)
    everyone else can walk or wait their turn
    Sales… Crouch to Sunderland
    O’Hara to Wolves
    Jenas to Villa
    Bentley to Fray Bentos


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