Several sites in America reported over the extended weekend that the deal for Brad Friedel had already gone through.

While there was no official word over here, sources in the US were claiming that a two year contract had already signed. With no word from Tottenham this morning, rumours continued and some names both old and new have emerged in connection with the goalkeeping ‘vacancy’ at White Hart Lane.

Shay Given is the ‘old’ link and Tottenham are supposedly making enquiries after reports that City will do business with us (perhaps we’re the only club that would take Craig Bellamy). There is an interesting new name however, in Fernando Muslera, a 25-year old Uruguayan who has been with Lazio for the last four seasons.

Muslera has played 14 times for his country but is out of favour with his home club. Whichever report you believe, it’s starting to look as if a new goalkeeper could be our first major transfer deal of the summer.



  1. Pretty sure that it will be Gomes + Cudicini next season. Unless the reports of Gomes wanting to leave are true – but I’d be surprised.

  2. Our first deal should be to keep our best players. How can we compete in the big four by selling our top guns!!! Please don’t sell Modric, or anybody else to Utd & co. (unless they want Jenas)

  3. A message to all United supporters: if you buy Vdv, Modders, Sandro or Hudd for less then 35 million then i will march up SIR Alex Fergusons doorstep and break his 69 year old legs!

  4. From what i saw at the world cup Muslera’s seems a great keeper and MIGHT have a few more years in him than Friedel and Given.. I think Friedel’s old enough to remember exactly what he was doing when the Japs invaded Pearl Harbor..
    we’ve had faith in Gomes for to long and its safe to say he’s boned us way to hard on way to many occasions. I’ve never felt assured when hes in net, its like making love with ultra thin condoms, at any moment that seal could break and all it takes is one little white ball to squirm past that line of no return and your skrewed.. then you’ll be wishin’ you just threw down a little bit more cash and got those Lifestyle Extra Strength’s… btw im not the best analogy guy..


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