The next piece of Tottenham’s complicated summer jigsaw has fallen into place with confirmation that Brad Friedel has signed from Aston Villa on a two year deal. The 40-year old’s contract is up at the end of the month and he joins us on a ‘free’, but Harry Redknapp gave no indication as to who would be first choice between the posts next season.

“Brad is a top goalkeeper of real quality who has great experience,” the manager said.

“It is good to have three such experienced top goalkeepers at the club in Gomes, Carlo and now Brad and it means we have competition for places particularly with the number of games we will hopefully face next year both domestically and in Europe as well.”

Despite Harry’s comments, Friedel’s arrival has started the rumours off again linking Gomes with a move back to PSV and there is even a suggestion that Spurs’ spending hasn’t finished with regards to keepers.

For the time being, we welcome Brad and wish him every success, but is he our number one, or has he been brought in to ‘stir up competition for places?’



  1. Number 1. No doubt. He has been consistently in the top 3 keepers in the prem since he signed for Blackburn, and will give us a year or two of goalkeeping stability whilst our scouts find a long-term solution. Great signing.

  2. He has an aura about him that can only bring confidence to a sometimes jittery defence. Ok the keeper situation is sorted, now go and get a striker who can actually score goals.

  3. Err guys. He is 40! Obviously No 2 to Gomes. But will fight for as many starts as he can. Matt – there would be little point in “cashing in” on Gomes. Gomes stays.

  4. Errr TonyRich, as if Friedel would sacrifice first team football to sit on our bench. He will have been told he is the number 1, otherwise he would not have signed.

    As much as I love Gomes, he has lost the confidence of his defence, the fans and most importantly himself and he will be moved on.

    As for being 40, if you’re good enough, you are young enough. Would United have won the league without Van der Sar this year? Probably not. Would Italy have won the World Cup in 82 without Dino Zoff? Probably not. Both 40. Fact.

    • I am not saying that 40 is too old to be good – Van Der Sar & Zoff are facts that I was aware of (they retired soon after right?), I am saying that 40 is too old to move to a new club and be the new number one. That would be foolish to sign a 40 year old to be your choice for the future. First may I emphasize the point that you have obviously missed: Friedel WAS NOT A VILLA PLAYER when we signed him. He was OUT OF CONTRACT. So perhaps Villa did not offer him a new contract. Perhaps Spurs offered more money than Villa. Perhaps Friedel was offered contract but told that he would be 2nd choice anyway from now on. Perhaps Friedel wants one last shot of European competition football. Perhaps we were offering Friedel a longer contract – which is important for someone at the end of their career. Friedel has NOT been told that he will sit on bench, but he has been told that he will fight it out for a start with Gomes. Maybe Friedel will be the Europa league keeper. We do not know. But you cannot assume that Friedel gave up a first team spot at Villa.

      • I love the signing and if Villa is planning on giving the job to Guzan, good luck to them. Brad Guzan is no good and a 40-year old Friedel is better than anything we currently have. I love the idea of his presence providing some calmness to our defense. This is a nice addition and it allows us to find a young keeper (perhaps we have one in Button) that can develop a couple of years behind two vets before being our long-term solution.

  5. Zagreb Bar – both posts spot-on. Consistency and calmness at the back will be worth an extra 6-8pts a season.

  6. Whilst I understand some people may feel that Gomes should not be no 1 (he has messed up a bit), it makes no sense to move him on – unless he wants to go. We would have to replace him, so we would not save money. Not a priority. We need 3 keepers. Gomes – Friedel – Cudicini.

  7. Can’t see the relevance of whether Friedel was/wasn’t a Villa player or not or any of the other hypothetical pts you raise. Fact is the guy’s a proven, top-class keeper who we’ve got for nothing. He’s also fit as a butcher’s dog. Top signing.

    • Not denying that he is a good signing. I just do not see him being no.1 that is all. Zagreb said that he would not leave a no.1 spot to be our no.2. I am just emphasizing that he did not have a no.1 spot to leave from.

  8. TonyRich you are talking rubbish. It makes no sense what you are saying. Of course it makes sense to move Gomes on, we would get around £6 million for him and then we just need a young back up keeper that would cost less than £6 million, we wouldnt need to spend more than that because we have Friedel for next season.

    I look forward to being proved right at the start of the season, you are annoying me and clearly other people who have also posted on here.

  9. We have 3 good goalkeepers except that one is a little too old for my liking and the other rather erratic. I would go for Cudicini as the no. 1 goalkeeper but it might be a good idea to alternate between the three and see who eventually does best.

  10. Brad is the best keeper we have. Make him number 1 whilst we still can. Put Carlo number 2 and cash into Gomes for a new striker.

  11. As a villa fan who has watched Big Brad week in week of for the past 3 years I’d like to wish him well. He was a great servant to the club but I’m afraid to say that it was the right time for him to leave.

    I am surprise some of you see him as your new #1, Brad isn’t the keeper he was 3 years ago and is partly to blame for Villa’s poor defensive displays this year. On MOTD you still see his ‘show’ saves, but you don’t get the feel of how little confidence he inspires into the Defenders, he is constantly rooted to his line and has no ‘presence’ in the box. Yes, still a great shot stopper, but @ 40yrs old, 30k + per week and on the decline, surely spurs and the wheeler dealer Redknapp could of found better for cheaper.

    Just the humble opinion of a Villa Fan, wish you luck for next season.

  12. As we know ‘Arry likes to buy players that have been around a while at the top and squeeze the last few drops out of them, Brad is just his latest. I’m sure he will be ‘Arry’s number 1 but he will invest in a younger stopper for him to train up.
    Lets all wave bye bye to Butter fingers and thanks for the memories… then again.. best not.


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