Much is being made of Luka Modric’s comments about a possible move out of the club but do they really mean anything?
The headlines are completely dominated today by the interview in which Luka says: “I’m a Tottenham player and will be in London on July 7 to begin preparing for the season.

“In England it is often the case they happen on the last day of the transfer period, August 31, so it is pointless to worry about anything now. 

”If my situation changes after the start of preparation it would not be a problem.”

As you would expect, the papers and websites have jumped on this and stirred up the Manchester United rumours. Although fans may have been a little upset to see them, what do they really say?

Was the player just trying to brush off the comments and get shot of a reporter? Would we have felt better if Luka had said anything about being happy at Spurs?



    • That is clip is excellent, makes you realise why everyone wants him, those two dummies while playing for Croatia had me drooling.
      Much is made of his lack of assists/goals but anyone would struggle with our strikers this season.
      Can’t see him going anywhere yet.

  1. he’ a realist. anything can happen. And if someone is willing to pay the ridiculous figure levy will want (£40m+), it will. Can’t see him going. We have 1 more year to prove to Bale, modric and VDV this is the place to be.

  2. It was quoted in the Daily Star… hardly the fountain of all knowledge are they?

    I seriously doubt he said it, and even if he did we wont sell for less the £45million and Manure cant afford that after over paying for 2 so so English players and a keeper thats unproven.

    We wont sell to Chelsea or City so IF he goes it will be abroad, Barca cant afford to buy him if there after Fibreglass so that only really leaves Real.

  3. Why are we entertaining such speculation, mainly triggered by misreporting of an Interview with Luka last week. He is on a 6 year contract, Levy and Harry have said we will not sell our stars, Luka said he is happy at Spurs. Perhaps if Cheslea were to offer in access of 50m Levy may have to reconsider but I doubt that will happen. So Luka aint going anywhere. Speculating about it and then debating the speculation won’t change anything. Now, how can we convince Harry that Crouchy needs to be palying at Loftus Road or The Stadium of Light?

  4. Every week same old story. Modric knows as do the rest of the team,they can beat anyone in the premier league.It is time this team start to show us just how good they really are. Harry is correct 2 – 3 good signings is all that is needed. Sell the “dead wood”

  5. The comes only from the Daily Star, all other references mention the Star. There is no mention of where, when and why Modric gave an exclusive interview (consisting of two sentences) to that rag.

  6. I think it’s more of a veiled threat to the Spurs board myself – use this transfer window to make us a consistent top four team or I’ll go to a ready made one in the last few days. Can’t blame him either – the whole world knows about our complete failure to capitilise on our new found stature etc… during January.

  7. No, he is saying if we don’t make Champions League next season he could go not now. You have to remember he is not English and English is not his first language. People are just trying to make a story to sell papers where no story exist, except for the gullible of course.

  8. TBH I don’t read anything in to them, Its silly season again at the moment and everyone is being linked to everyone, What the lazy journo has done is just wrote it as Luka wants to move, When actually all he has really said is, He’s a Tottenham player until the club say otherwise, Luka will be one player hassled by press during the summer, And with all foreign players, with there lack of good understanding of the English language its easy from the press to put words in there mouth leave them to interpret the answer as they please, Normally in a way that makes them out to want a move, For the press its all about selling papers, so they will do what ever necessary to do so.
    But I think Man Utd will go for Nasri, 1) he only has 12 months on his current deal and will cost a lot less than Modric, And he is equally as good, 2) Getting Nasri from Arsenal would be a right dent in Arsenal’s preparation for the league next season, Giving them a march on a title rival 3) and i don’t think Man Utd will pay the fee we would be asking, Considering Jordan Henderson has just gone for £20m what would Luka fetch ? Henderson could even lace Modric’s boots

  9. Horny Helen is spot on. I am getting heartily sick of the Man U manipulated press trying to unsettle Luka. That’s how Ferguson works.

    After the Berba saga, I got the feeling that Levy was well pissed off with Ferguson calling him arrogant. Because of that, I think Levy would rather toast his balls over an open fire than sell Luka to Man U. He’s a proud man, a Spurs supporter and won’t want us to be seen as a feeder club.

    Harry, Levy and Luka have all said it LUKA is going nowhere
    and if god forbid he does leave it won’t be to Man U. Levy would ensure that they would have to bankrupt the club to get him.
    So fellow Spurs supporters let’s yell in unison STOP THIS S*$T

  10. well if the bid is around 35-40mill i think spurs should think about it. we could get in a replacement and strnghtening other parts of the squad. but i am just as happy if he stays

  11. I would hate to c modric go but at the end of the day we will be getting a lot of dosh and there will be a replacement and as long as it’s not Joe cole then I’m happy and I’m sure we will be better next season

  12. torres wasnt ever leaving anfield until he was 75 years old and then chels offer 50m and he’s outa there, so mods and bale and vdv and old mutha riley could all go if one of the massive clubs step in with monopoly money. meanwile arsenal are looking around for scraps, you gotta laugh! see you at the Vodacom Cup(not).

  13. Its all quite simple, modric isnt going anywhere this season, he comes across as “old school” and loyal and i believe if spurs match his ambitions he will stay, its down to us to push on, we are moving in the right direction and as long as our board stay committed we will hold on to our best players.

  14. Luka is simply stating the obvious. If Levy/Redknapp get a huge offer for him, then maybe they’d sell him. This is unlikely as they have both said rather firmly that they have no intention of selling him or other truly key players.

    This kind of story invites more rumors and so on…..the only people who enjoy it, other than bloggers who need a new subject every day, are Mancunians, who hope to see another top player sucked into the black hole that is ManU.

  15. metro is on our side but fergie has the rest of the papers doing their best to unsettle modders.Unsettle as much as they want Levy still wont let the guy go for less the 45mill.

  16. What you all have to realise is that EVERY player has his price. Its just a question of who is prepared to pay it. At 50 odd M it probably won’t be ManU. Trouble could be on the horizon though from ManC or Chelsea.
    I don’t believe Modric will go in this window but if we’re not doing well come next January then expect all this gossip to increase big time.
    The truth is we could improve his contract but it still would come well short of the sort of money City and Chelsea would offer.
    Anyhow fingers crossed….

  17. Look at the source! If there were any substance to this report why only cover it with a half whit tabloid? Id suggest this entire quote is fabrication! Tried!

  18. Luka Modric will not leave Tottenham Hotspur football club. Not this summer at least. Especially not to Manchester United. Its just not going to happen. If he goes then(WHICH HE WONT), how much would we get for him? 30 million? Maybe even 35-40 million??


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