While there has been a little talk and maybe much hope over Jermaine Jenas leaving Tottenham this summer, there have been very few strong rumours up until now. Other than some brief suggestions that he was on Neil Warnock’s QPR radar, it has all been very quiet as far as JJ was concerned.

Yesterday however, stories began to surface that Fenerbahce were preparing an offer, believed to be in the region of around £5m for the midfielder. While the rumour has appeared to come from nowhere, it does seem to be gaining some momentum.

There was also a suggestion that Martin Jol may take him along to Fulham but then it’s easy to link Jol with a whole host of Tottenham players at the moment.

While there’s still nothing concrete, this could be the first indication that JJ is surplus to requirements at the Lane and £5m could just be the right price to get the transfer moving quickly.



  1. Just hope to god Arry the twitcher does not say i want to keep him.Flog him and forget this mind games to raise the price.Sell him and get it done to whoever or wereever they are.

  2. Although he isnt a favourite and has made me tear my hair out at times, I actually think that in the current market he’s probably worth more than £5 million (dont shoot me!).

    He has played international football is only about 27 and would be useful player for many teams (not to mention being English, which seems to double someone’s value)

  3. True…
    If Henderson is worth £20m then JJ is definitely worth more than £5m. But we’ll have to take what we can get I think.

  4. Why so synical
    Not good enough for 1st team but a great effort every time, no sulking and a brilliant squad player who doesn’t mind being on the bench.
    Spurs through and through
    I the some of the treatment jj recieves

  5. i think we should keep him and give him a job in the spurs shop.
    imagine the work he would get done with that great engine hes got.

  6. The sooner we rid ourselves of these type of parasitic losers, and start buying winners, the better.

    There are far too many players at Spurs happy just to pick up a wage. Jenas is a spineless turd. If the bloke had anything about him he’d be looking for a move where he’d play.

    • Spot on about Jenas being a complete and utter oxygen thief.He’s got all the ability but is a spineless little money grabber.

      • hahahaha…very funny comments and so, so true…
        No idea what wages he is on, but lets assume 40k a week. If my maths is correct that’s >2mm a year…so we would save that as well as getting 5mm. Need to get these expensive fringe /squad players off the books and blood some of the youngsters instead.

  7. If this is true, So long Mr Marmite!! We really need to offload these fringe players who are just not good enough to make the step up and comfirm our place in the top four. They wern’t good enough under Mr Jol reign, whats changed? Byebye

  8. It’s very difficult to sell players for proper “value” when they never see regular 1st team minutes so $5 million for JJ is probably going to have to do.

    JJ, Palacios, Gio and Bassong can go as soon as possible and that includes selling them for less than perceived value. I would hold out for a great offer for Kranjcar because I wouldn’t mind seeing him stay with us. I think he show his quality if given a chance in the Europa League contests.


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