You may have been forgiven for thinking, and indeed hoping that the issue over the 2012 Olympic Stadium would be dead and buried after yesterday’s High Court ruling. However, it could be set to rumble on with the option of another appeal for Spurs.

Part of the official statement for our club reads,

‘The club now has the option of renewing its application at an oral hearing at the High Court and we shall give consideration to this in the next few days.

‘As previously reported, the club continues to hold discussions with both local and national government bodies in order to seek to determine a feasible stadium solution’.

The question may have been asked before but is there really any mileage in this or should the decision to host Championship football at Stratford be respected and the line finally drawn underneath it?



  1. THEORY: Hulk’s outrageous 91 million release clause isn’t just for the player. Intuition tells us that such a high price of 91 million would be ridiculous for such a player. Thus, several journos are speculating that the clause actually includes both the player AND Porto’s current stadium, Estadio do Dragao, or literally, “Stadium of the Dragon.”

    Stadium and striker problems solved. Talk about killing two birds with one stone…

  2. It’s time for Spurs to look else where. Either rebuild WHL or find a new site somewhere north along the A10 or M25.
    We need to get something moving asap. 2013 latest!

  3. No, West Ham getting the stadium is a travesty and smacks of corruption, we had the better bid, the better plan and yet were totally ignored, we were there to make up the numbers only, we have been conned and should have been the preferred option without doubt. Its a joke that a Championship side with a porn king owner now has one of the best stadiums in Europe…..heads must role!
    Just my opinion folks….COYS

    • You are wrong on 2 counts. 1) West Ham have TWO porn king owners, not one. 2) Spurs had a far inferior bid: Athletics people build a stadium with a track, and you appeal to them to win the race to move into it by planning to rip the track up! Always going to lose with that plan!

  4. in my opinion y on on gods green earth would a club as big as ours want to up sticks and go 2 the biggest c**p hole on the face of the earth. would man city go 2 a place very close 2 utd hell f**k no same other way round. now i am not 4 1 moment suggesting west ham r the same sort of rival as city and utd we all know our main rival and for the love of god my fingers have better things 2 do than type there name but when we r looking 2 move into that area of london it makes my blood boyle. i cant help it , i thought our club was about history well my history lessons tell me WHITE HART LANE, AND F**K EVERY WELL ELSE

    • look if we stay at white hart lane your excepting that we r a mid table club who could maybe get relegated, we are playing amazing at the moment and i would love us in a new stadium

      • That’s a weak argument. It was NEVER go to Stratford, or forever be a mid-table club. That is what so many would have liked us to believe.

        We can find a new stadium in NORTH LONDON and make our dreams come true. So pleased we didn’t sell out and move to East London.

  5. I hope there was curruption in west ham getting the vote spurs r meant 2 b in white hart lane end of. i could not c my self going into east london 2 watch the proud owner of north london football would b against everything i live 4. SPURS if u was wondering wat i live 4. god sakes i could just about bear it going there last season when we won 21 then 2 c us lose 1 0 il commit suicide 2 c us at home

  6. I am not surprised at the Judge’s decision(although it doest worry me as a Spurs Fan).The whole process has reeked of political corruption.People in the UK are worried about FIFA being corrupt.I think you should look at a few of yout own institutions first;before complaining about others.This is a prime example of Political numovering.and Judicial cover ups.Any how who givesdam let the Spammers have it.along with its Funeral atmosphere and championship football.Those running West Ham have already stated they will be droppoing fee;s into the stadium,and thats froma club already in financial trouble.In one sense you have to feel sorry for the Irons fans.Being run by complete morons.

  7. What wrong with Wembley, we need a new venue with 60,000 minimum or we as you say stay a feeder club. come on forget the olympic stadium and get on with it

  8. Absolutely agree
    The thing is becoming a distraction as well as an embarrassment.

    Redevelop WHL or get cracking on the NPD.
    I’m not convinced that a glittering new stadium is the answer to everyrhing in any case.

    Chelsea 42000 cap.
    Man City 47000cap.

    Just put ther prices up 20% and hey presto 40000cap. at a stroke.

    Think outside the box people.


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