Transfer rumours with regards to players arriving at White Hart Lane have certainly died down a little following Harry Redknapp’s comments that we would have to sell before we brought any players in.

However, there is one rumour that has picked up a lot of momentum today and that concerns a possible €8m bid for Caen’s M’Baye Niang. Niang is of Senegalese descent but has represented France at under 16 and under 17 level and he isn’t 17 until December.

The fuss over the player has arisen due to the fact that his club threw him into the Ligue 1 deep end last season where he scored three goals in seven league games. This prompted a coach at the club to say,

“M’Baye has huge potential – we’ve never seen a player like him at the club before.”

While it’s difficult to form a view on a player like this, is there any mileage in using someone like Niang as a fourth striker or would Spurs be better off saving some money and promoting Harry Kane?



  1. There can’t be any mileage in this. If we didn’t take a chance on Wickham whay should we for a 16/17 year old.

  2. Might as well buy him, I’m bored of this window and he would at least present yet another youngster we could build up before playing a game, only to subsequently say he was shit and stir up lots of debate

    No brainer

  3. What is the point of buying a 17 year old when the only one of any significance to come through the Spurs rank is Bale and that is not strictly true. Any youngster coming to Spurs is waisting their time because our record is for promoting youngsters under Redknapp is shit. The only players he promotes are nearer to 40 and are in his gang. How the fuck people can say Redknapp is a good man manager is totally beyond me. He does not rotate players for a start and he keeps playing Crouch who cannot shoot, he is just a head on a big pole. Look how good Dos Santos and Krancjar are and they cannot get a game under Bacon Face/

  4. Feenix, we buy so we can say he’s shit in 2 years time.

    How can you not see that you dick?

    It’s £8m well spent, message boards would be rubbish if everything was rosy, there wouldn’t nearly as much vitriol

    i think you’re saying this cause you’re a secret gay lord – you need to chill out

  5. I will be bloody furious if we get rid of Nikko and Dos Santos. We do not deserve to have young players cos we treat em like shit. I will look after them and give em a slice of action like the’ve never seen before, believe you me HHXX

  6. I see 8 players for Mexico have been kicked out of squad for copa America , they had party with prostitutes in hotel room and got caught when they complained to hotel about jewelry and credit cards missing jonathon do santos is one of players involved there’s been reports Barcelona have released him no word if gio is involved

  7. Baz,

    Yes I do, but so does your mum, who I fucked

    And so does your dad, because I am your dad. Therefore so do you!

    In your face! I am the best in the world, ever

  8. if i were a young player i would nt join spurs at the moment, its clear that Harry is looking for a quick fix for success, hence gallas,friedel, becks? I think Levy should stop worrying about what happens to Harry in a years time and start thinking of where we’ll be if we dont start buying some quality forwards. coys

  9. Yeah Dave, because Levy’s the ideal person to form a judgement on a totally unproven 16 year old

    Good stuff


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