If it’s true that we are going to have to sell before we buy, maybe we should be looking at the prices on some of our players’ heads.

That’s the opinion of Niko Kranjcar anyway who states that he is ‘shocked’ at the £10m transfer fee that Tottenham are looking for.

“I’m shocked about the transfer fee set for me. It’s a price that cools down everybody who is interested,” Niko told the press back in Croatia,

“It doesn’t matter if the price is in pounds or euros, a fee between 10 million and 15 million is just too much for everybody.

“If Tottenham would be happy with €6.7 million, we could all be happy. But if they keep asking for so much money no one will buy me.

There have been lots of reports of interested from Serie A and beyond, a fact that Niko is well aware of,

“I know that Dynamo Kiev were interested in buying me, but when they were told about my asking price talks just stopped, he added.”

Is £10m a fair price or, if we are going to sell, should we be prepared to drop and move on?



  1. Personally I wouldn’t even get rid until we know whats definitely happening to Modric – I think that Nico could be an ideal replacement in that role, and wouldn’t waste the ball as much as Luka. That said I think that the price is too much given what we paid, and what limited opportunities he’s had – yes, if Henderson is worth £20+m then Nico is a steal at £10-12m, bit really its being a bit unfair to the player and detering potential buyers

  2. I think we cannot sell Niko until we know for definite what is going on with Modric.
    He’s an ideal replacement to step in for Modders should he leave, and has been hugely unlucky to have played so few games. I genuinely believe 8-10mil for Niko is a fair valuation, he’s young, has top level experience and certainly puts in a few goals, doubtless more if he was 1st choice. Really surprised no one has tried to snap him up yet, but wouldn’t surprise me if this is intentional to try and push his price down.

  3. Agree with the above… Think Levy might be waiting to see what happens with Modric first. In the current market you cant get someone of Niko’s quality for less than £10m unless in the last year of their contract. Niko’s hardly “deadwood”, just unfortunate that we have such quality in his positions.We dont need rid of him, but if he’s not going to play, get what we can. Can’t really see him going for anything less than about £8m though.

  4. Its far too much. I don’t doubt that he is worth £10m+, he had such a big hand in helping us obtain CL qualification but there is no ‘damage limitation’ with the man. We bought him dead cheap for £2.5m, we can afford not to have to make a 600% markup on him.

    Also, if we are to insist so much for the player, we should have put him in the shop window a little more by actually playing him. It’s like selling something on eBay without posting a picture. Never going to get your asking price.

  5. Couldn’t possibly fill the Modric role at Spurs and isn’t suited to our 4-4-2 either,so despite being a good player he’s not going to get a look in at WHL.

    So he’ll probably go for £7-£8m imo which seems fair to all concerned.

    We got him very cheap due to contract running down so we’ll make a profit.If he had been playing more then he’d be worth more,but it’s clear we want to sell him and the player deserves to be playing football so we shouldn’t price him out of a move.

  6. I think that £10m-£12m is spot on for Niko, he is class and did not get the type of game time he deserves. I don’t want him sold and what’s more if Luka is going, he would be perfect for that role and would therefore get more game time. Everyone’s a winner!

  7. In reality, 8-10M would be fair. However, if Jordan Henderson is worth an initial 16.5M then surely Niko should be worth at LEAST £12M. Players only moan about their price tags because they are frustrated, he wouldn’t give a shit how much the club were putting on him if he had moved already nor will he do so if someone comes along and willingly pays our asking price. Borne of frustration, nothing more. He cannot fill the Modric role, Modric taclkes, Niko doesn’t.

  8. The price at which he was purchased is totally irrelevant, we bought him with less than 12 months left on his contract. In the current market there are no players of his ability available for less than £20m. With that in mind if we are asking for £12 we are doing him a favour with a view to allowing him to move on. I don’t agree with this sell at any price theory espoused by a lot of fans. We will be paying top dollar for any players we recruit so it makes sense to get realistic fees for the ones we offload.

  9. This is stupid. We should not sell him. He is real class and unlike the strikers he can actually shoot. Even worse I still see rumours linkning Joe Cole and Parker to the club. What are we trying to do run a team in the old-timers league?
    Given all the rumours rife about the club and its players they would do well to look into phone hacking carried out on behalf of other clubs.

  10. Disagree with others here that he is an ideal replacement for Modric. He is not. Kranjcar does not have the work rate or pace and cannot play centre midfield like Modders. On the left, Niko drifts in (as Modders would do), but doesn’t have the pace to get back into position when things go awry. Niko needs a free role, which is taken up be VDV. Fair price? Well, this is a free market – as with any market, the seller starts at the upper price and gets bartered down. Should we sell? Yes. We have out-grown Niko. Niko needs to go somewhere that will appreciate his many talents.

  11. Niko’s never worth less than 10mill!! He’s a fantastic player who has been woefully underused. Now I’m not saying he’s better than Bale but he should have started ahead of, or come on earlier for Bale on many occasions, especially in the 2nd half of the season when Bale’s form dipped. As for his ‘laziness’ as stated, more responsibility in the center of the park, more playing time, coaches focussing on his tackling & positional play – he could potentially surpass Mordic! He’ll definitely score more than Luka (and half our current strike force!) he’s a big guy at over 6ft, and Modric wasn’t exactly fast either, buy they are both extremely skillfull & have the abilitly to ghost past players through ability & speed of thought. We’d be insane to let Nico go – even if Modders stays! Sell Pinnear mate, nice guy but Nico’s on another level – just needs a little more industry to be the complete midfield maestro! We should offer him a longer contract not look to sell one of our best players – MADNESS!!!


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