So the transfer window still has two months to run but there has been very little movement as far as departures from White Hart Lane have been concerned. As the players reported back for training, our three main strikers are still together and those that hope at least one will leave, are starting to think that it may stay that way.

Apart from a story that keeps surfacing linking Jermain Defoe to Arsenal, there has been little rumour regarding JD as a whole. In 2009-10, he enjoyed a decent season and his goals played their part in helping us to 4th place. His 5 goals against Wigan simply underlined his potency.

Last year was the complete opposite however and although he did pick up an injury on England duty, he didn’t score until Wolves away at the start of this year. His strikes were pretty spectacular, although that in itself drew criticism from those who suggested he didn’t get enough poacher’s goals.

So does Defoe have it in him to return to the days of 2009-10 or is he simply past his best? Would you sell him or keep him in the squad in the hope of a return to top goal scoring form?



  1. One bad year does not dead wood make. Give Defoe another chance. If we sell him and he ends up banging in goals off his ass for another EPL club, we’ll be kicking ourselves.

  2. although defoe has an excellent shot 99 times out of 100 he is offside can you teach an old dog new tricks i vote sell him and keep pav

  3. Defoe is too small for a dwarf and too offside for a through ball. I’, surprised that Gio and Jermaine don’t just count as one player?

  4. I find it crazy how after one bad season most people want him gone! Crouch has 1 good game every 10 and they would rather keep him. Defoe and Pav to stay, with two new strikers, should be fine….obviously Crouch and Keane should go.

    • agree!!… he as given his best for us and been honest about his career when asked,.. get the f**k iff hs back,. keep him n pav,.. sell crouch n keane,..
      Then hopefully sign llorente, and either rossi, padolski, or dmao (cant remember how to spell his name!)

  5. Crazy talk! Defoe has had one bad season, he still remains our best striker. If we had to get rid of one I’d say Crouch. Pav needs a decent run.

  6. Despite what you think of him, his commitment is 100%. I think he should defo stay. Just need a decent partner for him. Crouch is dreadfull

  7. Agree with most of whats been said, keep Defoe and have him as a bench/cup striker. Whilst pairing Pav with a decent new signing, hopefully this will be a big, quick player like Adebayor.But Llorente or Rossi are ideal fits as well.

  8. Defoe has lost half a yard of pace and that has made all the difference. He always was a one trick pony, lurking on the edge of offside and shooting hard at the first opportunity. Look at his record; he hardly ever scores against good defenders but murders bad ones. He’d be a good buy for an ambitious Championship team but he’s not good enough for the Premiership anymore let alone a side which Champions League ambitions.

  9. cant make my mind up on him. Could be a mistake to sell him but i wouldnt be that sad if he went either as long as we sign a quality striker as a replacement.

  10. Pointless binning the boy, he cares about the club which
    makes a change, and I disagree that he has lost pace. Most
    importantly we have not been linked with anyone who would be an improvement.
    Drogba too old and wages prohibitive
    Rossi is similar in stature, big transfer fee involved and can anybody remember him doing anything at united? Didn’t think so. Forlan on a free would be ok but he will want 3 year contract and big wages, only those clowns at Sunderland play that game. Let’s keep Defoe pav and Peter and try and sign Doyle from wolves.


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