As Danny Rose signs a new contract that will keep him at White Hart Lane for the next few years it’s clear how highly the club rate him. It had looked for a time however that we would only ever have that goal against Arsenal to remember him by but after injuries forced Harry to try him out at left back last season, Rose’s versatility underlined just what an asset he could be for the club.

So what should we do with Danny next season? The options are clear and the choice is another loan spell, either at a club such as Bristol City or maybe at a Premiership level in the way Kyle Walker continued with his own football education at Villa last campaign.

The other option of course is to keep him in the squad to provide cover right through the left side but how much he’ll be used would depend on injuries and whether players such as Niko Kranjcar stay at the club.

Is it time Danny Rose were given his chance in the squad or is a loan move the best option for the player in 2011-12?



  1. He already has goal of the season against Arsoles and a win at Liverpool the three games he has played in we have won all three. So he has bloomed next its Townsend and Walker Parret BBostock to follow Danny and save us Money or waste another Taarabt

  2. Totally gree Davspurs. Though I wouldn’t mind sending the above mentioned youngsters on loan to Prem clubs (only Prem clubs) and possibly keep Danny Rose at Spurs for cover on the left.

  3. In my opinion, Rose and Walker need to stay with the club this season. Their time is now. We don’t have depth at the back without them and we all know there will be injuries to contend with. Rose can play left or right back and could be used in the midfield in a real pinch. Walker should probably be given chance to start in the back four from day one this season.

    Loan Caulker, Townsend and Bostock out for a season and bring them in next year if they continue to progress.

  4. I think if we cant secure him regular first team football at a prem club or big championship club such as hammers,cardiff etc then we definately need to be giving the lad game time next season. a lot will obviously depend on who we shift as knowing Harry he will prob play jenas ahead of him or something like that 🙁

  5. Wasn’t too sure about him playing on the wing, but I was certainly impressed with his performances as a left back. Still think he was a Happy Accident. but keep him in the squad, as it’s pointless loaning him out now we’ve seen his capabilities.

  6. I think a loan to a Premier League club (with a recall option to bring him back whenever needed) is something that would help him develop best. However, if it’s not in a starting XI capacity, I would rather he just remains at Tottenham and learns more about the team’s style of play and Harry’s (although it seems mostly non-existent) tactics.

  7. Get him in the squad. He’ll be a starter in the league cup, Europa and early rounds of the f a cup, so there’s at least 10 starts or so. Then he may get one or two starts due to injury/suspensions of BAE and Bale, plus he should get a good few subs appearances when games are going well. He should be able to get a good 15-20 first team appearances altogether. Is it African Nations this Jan? Could be a few more apps if it is (if Benny plays for Cameroon again!!)


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