While we await official word from Tottenham with regard to Chelsea’s ‘improved’ bid of £27m for Luka Modric, few Spurs fans are in any doubt as to what the answer will be.

The whole business is starting to get a little ugly so what is the best solution? If Levy can’t go back on his word, do we have a sulking player on the pitch or even on the bench, when we could be moving on and buying players that do want to be here?

It does all beg the question, what is the point of a £27m bid? It still doesn’t come close to the player’s true value but what, if anything should we accept?

Two ‘solutions’ were suggested around the web yesterday – one was £30m plus Drogba and another was to sell the player outside of the Premiership.

While it’s tempting to ignore the stories, the fact is they aren’t going to go away so where should Spurs go from here?



  1. sell sell sell…Niko to take over in the middle…35 Mill plus the Drog…or better still sell to Man U or abroad..realistically Man U are not our rivals..where as Chelsea are !!

  2. Gooner here (obviously). I think we can somewhat sympathise with you at present as we have a similar issue with Nasri. AW has boldly stated he will be with us next season but to me this is only any good if the player has a contract that will keep him with you and that he also wants to be with you. For me if Nasri signs a new contract I am happy and we can all move on, but I would rather sell him and bring someone else in if he doesn’t. This is not just because of the transfer fee but also because what is the point developing a team around the likes of Modric or Nasri if they will only give you one more half-hearted year. You may as well bring in the next player now who actually wants to be there and develop the team around them. The media create too much fear in fans about certain players leaving. If Nasri goes we will replace him and the club will not implode. If Modric goes there are playmaking options that would come to spurs, and if, as a result of this, Bale follows him you will find other options there as well. I do think though that just because he wants to go the club should not have to sell on the cheap and chelsea should realistically cough up £30-£35m for Modric.

  3. £30m + Sturridge might just be acceptable but I think we should refuse to sell to Chelsea regardless. Their underhand tactics (supported by the Press) in unsettling a guy “committed” to the club only a few weeks have done the damage and we can’t reward them.

    It would be nice if the FA/UEFA took some action against Chelsea for very publicly tapping up another team’s player. We all know it goes on but this is a joke.

  4. Vallid point gooner but not really the same situations as Modric has a long deal with years to run, so cant leave in a year. I am of the opinion we should follow the same route we took with Berbatwat and that is to drain as much as possible out of Chelski. If Modric has to go there then the min fee has to be 35m + Drog or Sturridge. This may seem a high valuation but he is our star performer like Fab at the arsenal and Ronaldo when at Utd. We really dont have to sell, so stick to your guns Levy and make em pay big money!! re a replacement i would love to see Niko Kranjkar given the chance to replace him

    • Dave..i agree 100%..Kranjkar can excel for us like he does for his country…at least he wants to stay and play for us..

  5. I’m little surprise Chelsea haven’t been reported to uefa for tapping up and phone bugging clearly something dodgy going on if they don’t pay 50milion we should offer him to one of big Spanish club – good deal would be 39 million now plus 10 million if they come in top 4

  6. Chelsea think they can get him on the cheap because they know he would be happy to move because he already knows the contract on the table and because there in the CL. Chelsea have unsettled Modric via the press and have obviously spoken to him direct. The whole situation stinks as chelsea have definately tapped him up and with these low bids they are hoping modric puts in a transfer request. Who do chelsea think they are?! There bids are disrespectful and a complete joke. If they seriously think Levy will sell for that price they really must be thick! Due to there dirty tactics if I was Levy I would refuse to do business with them ever again. They are an arrogant dirty team. Also I actually think the recent story about Levy and modrics meeting was made up by the press of croatia currentely being paid to do so via Abramovich who just so happens to be..in croatia on his yacht!! Harry actually said that luka was a smashing lad and he is getting on with it and is happy at spurs. Not mopping around etc. So maybe luka has accepted the decision of the club but outside forces are trying to twist and unsettle the whole situation further. Has Modric actually said anything? Do we have proof of that? His agent has time and time again stated he is happy to stay. He is going to s.africa with the team. If modric really is un-happy and wants a move I want him to release an official statement of video footage. Because I don’t believe all of these ‘quotes’ in the paper one bit, it stinks of dirty tactics which chelsea have a record of doing before!! But even if Modric puts in a transfer request spurs can reject it. Its about time a team stood up to player power and told clubs that employ dirty tactics to get lost. We don’t deal with scummy cheats and that’s what chelsea are!

  7. i keep hearing about sending him abroad but i m not sure there is the same demand in spain as there are a lot if small creative midfielders already. Barca have plenty, Real are over loaded, even Kaka struggles for games. Valencia have Mata, and the rest couldnt afford him?? Utd would be a good option for spurs fans but i m not sure Fergie will let Levy drain him dry again, especially after Berbatwat not working as well as he thought it would. with Nasri staying with the Arse maybe City will enter the bidding, that ll def drive the cost up!

  8. If Modric or his agent cannot understand by selling him to a rival club weakens our squad and strengthens theirs is not something that could remotely be considered as mutually beneficial to player and more importantly to club then someone who speaks excellent Croatian should explain it to him pretty damn quick. I like Luka as a player but no one should play for our beloved club if his heart and soul do not go out on the pitch with him. If the situation comes to an impasse Levy should say to him you
    can go with the following conditions. You WILL NOT be sold to any British club. We want Xmillion for you, up front, and will not accept a penny less. So I suggest Luka you get that overpaid agent of yours to start hawking you around Europe and let us know when you have found someone interested, until such time you stay at this club.
    These overpaid prima donnas are quick to wallow in the glory when it’s there, they should also acknowledge the fact that they are the main reason that we are not back in the CL this year. No goals against Wigan after 180 minutes of football, one point out of a possible six against dear old Blackpool, two goals to the good against Wolves only to sacrifice two points. I dislike players who keep saying they want and need to be playing CL, stop moaning grow some bloody backbone and go out there and get it for the club you play for and helped make your name. No one, not even Mr. Tottenham himself, the great Bill Nicholson is bigger than Tottenham Hotspur.

  9. I dont think all un-happy players should be sold. they should have the choice, give 100% keep their value and push us forward, or get fined EVERY week, at least 1 weeks wages for not being committed, not training properly, anything really, so it doesnt cost us to have him around. Before all this I would have said he deserves to play for a top club, but Chelski are just a rich club. UEFA should grow a pair and suspend Chelski from the transfer market for 18months. Or 5 windows would be better, as they got done in 2005 for pretty much the same thing.

  10. Lukas transfer history so far has been: Signed new contract with Spurs, Chelsea and Manchester United have reported extreme interest, Modric says he wants to leave but stay in London, Chelsea offer 22 million ponds and get rejected, Harry and Levy have said they want 45 million pounds, you would then think that Abramovich has enough money to spend on a tutor to teach him how to read because he doesnt seem to be able to read Lukas price tag which reads £45 million and not £27 bloody million!!!!!!

  11. Walker—-Gallas—-Dawson—-BAE
    ————–STRIKER————– [4-2-3-1]

    —Pienaar———————-Gio Dos—
    ——-STRIKER———STRIKER——— [4-1-2-1-2]

    Take Your Pick of Strikers:
    (Pav)/Llorente/Drog/Berb/Damiao/Falcao/Osvaldo <[Target]
    (Defoe)/Rossi/Ceballos/Sturge/Gyan/Forlan <[Fox-in-Box]

    Modric can cup these balls and yank my doodle, i will refrain from aiming for his eyes because i respect him.

  12. Option 1 (which I prefer): (at least) 30 million + Sturridge
    Option 2: at least 50 million, enough money to buy a decent replacement and a striker
    Option 3: option 1 or 2 and a central defender from Chelski

    If Chelski or another club offers less than these options, send him to the reserves for a few months up to a few years until he will be motivated again and let Kranjcar play at last (why doesn’t Harry let him play?).


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