Summer; where the heat does something to the minds of everyone and stories spawn from nothing. Well, here’s something that isn’t the Daily Mail speculating the best way to make Spurs’ players looking like they all want to jump ship. And guess what? Not only is it highly speculative, it’s not players or even likely to happen this season.

It’s arguable as to whether Harry will leave us when the England job comes up, and from my view, I can’t see the man doing anything but going for the job. It would suit him perfectly.

Now, the question has been bounced around before as to how to replace him, but ex-Spurs players don’t necessarily make good managers. There is a long list of managers who would step up to the job, but we can’t just employ anyone any more. We need someone with talent, with passion and ability to win. There is someone like that. Someone who wants a job in the Premier League. Someone with a good record and has fantastic experience.

Don Corleone? No, it’s ex-Chelsea manager Luiz Felipe Scolari. He had mild success here, despite falling out with the primaddonna parade at Stamsford Bridge.  He took Portugal to the European Championship final, and the World Cup semi. He even won it with Brazil. He said he wants to come to the Premier League, most likely to try and prove himself after his slightly less than impressive record at Chelsea. He’s a confident South American manager, and despite the rumours of him being a replacement for Fabio Capello, I would think he was a better fit for the football at N17.

Under Harry, we’ve developed into a great attacking squad, despite having a lack of high calibre power in our strikers. Our strikers aren’t bad – Defoe was fantastic the season before last. What better fit to our style of play than an injection of Brazilian finesse into the soul of our team? We have so much potential. Even Dos Santos would shine under Scolari, as I see it, encouraging South American style into our team.

He might have a temper, but is that such a bad thing? We’ve seen Harry in bouts of anger, but never the passion that you see in the Brazilian. He’s a maverick and that’s what we need; someone who can turn Portugal from a lacklustre group of talented players into a competitive team. Someone who can win World Cups. Someone who is going to hand ‘The Art of War’ to his players to improve their attitude.  Let’s stop with the “‘triffic bargains” and constant contradicting soundbites. Let’s get a dedicated manager to give Spurs a new personality and play some great football.

Harry has his fans and enemies. He’s done wonderful things for us, and at the time, Portsmouth looked quite good. But though he may be great as a mid-table magician, bringing teams to the brink of breaking into the European qualification, to assume he could do more than that is too much of a stretch of the imagination, for me. Harry’s inevitable departure would be a godsend now we have the foundations to push further into the elite club of top four teams.

We need a man who is going to bring the ability to win. Someone eccentric. Someone who is going to inspire the squad to do great things. We’ve seen glimpses of this ability against the teams from Milan, but if we can get someone to get this sort of performance day in, day out of our players, who are we to deny the Don?



  1. Not sure why everyone is making this assumption that “Harry will be off as soon as the England manager’s job comes up”. To my knowledge, he hasn’t been interviewed and the FA will definitely have a shortlist of more than one person, not sure why the assumption that the job is his if he wants it? And Scolari is a poor shout, he was sacked by Chelsea as he made stupid decisions. If he is not good enough for the chavs, why do we want him?

  2. Communication and motivation thats what it’s all about, getting the best out of your players. Your man speaks Portuguese so he’s good in Brazil and Portugal but not so good in the UK. É tão simples.

  3. IDGaF who manages the side, even a resurrected Bill Nicholson, so long as we WIN the PL and stay in the CL constantly. But with our track record for picking idiots or turning gold into pyrites I don’t like our chances and while Last minute Levy buys our players even harry will be pushing stools uphill to win anything. Can you imagine Levy playing poker? No!! neither can I.

  4. best thing i have heard for many a year.lets get a manager who can do the job without all the Rednapp bulls–t. i am very surprised that Levy has tolerated Harry boy for so long.we now have the best chairman that the club have had for a long time,so let us take the next step on the road back to glory!

  5. Personally I would go for Owen Coyle or Carlo Ancellotti. If we want Champions League we need a manager who knows the Premier League inside and out. And these two definitely know their way around the EPL whilst playing great football. Spurs football!

    Just to remind everyone about Harry’s so called bullshit. Do you remember when we had Ramos and there was literally no communication between the team and the fans. Now that was infuriating. Now I’m not saying Harry isnt without fault but I would rather have a manager who tells it how it is then a manager who blows sunshine up our arse or worse says nothing at all.

  6. Defoe’s great season essentially consisted of two games -Wigan when he got five and hull where he got three – take those two games away and he averaged less that a goal every other game

  7. Levy a good chairman?

    You’re having a laugh, surely?

    Everybody in football has know for two years that we’ve needed a new striker, but Levy the cretin has sat at home scratching his balls instead of signing any.

    I wouldnt trust him to run an ice cream van let alone a football club.

    Keep Redknapp, get rid Levy.

  8. Why not Mourinho?
    He won’t be at Real forever and he says he wants to come back to the Premiership.
    I think he’d like the idea of returning some glory to a ‘sleeping giant.’
    I know it’s a pipe dream, but, you never know!!

  9. I’m not a Harry hater by any stretch of the imagination, and I appreciate that he got us where we are by getting ‘back to basics’ and playing football but I personally think we need more than basics now. We have a hugely talented bunch of players yet the best ‘tactic’ the manager can come up with is 4-4-1-1, and that’s only because we have VDV. We need more than “go and enjoy yourselves” as a pre-match team talk, we need a manager with a style, an ethos, an idealogy and one suited to Spurs at that.

  10. coys, are u smoking meth? levy is the only reason spurs are what they are, whilst redchump is doing his best to destroy us from within, every club that that moron has managed is now out of the prem due to him bankrupting them, he would have bankrupted spurs by now if levy had let him, all the players hes signed are shit and he wants to sell them, u have no idea what you are talking about, go and support ar5ena1

  11. RichG u must be a gooner….. Levy is the ONLY reason we have failed in buying a striker. Redknapp has always said we need to buy QUALITY players and since that prick of a chairman of ours is in charge of the transfers… what has he done the last 3 transfer windows? f**k all. Your the one who is clueless and not COYS…… Go to the Emirates and dont come back!!

    • parklane, i for one’s glad levy is at the helm of transfer deals and not dear old harry okay, and just think if it wasn’t for our great chairman vdv luka bale sandro wouldn’t be gracing our lilywhite shirts would they now so show some respect will you mate, cheers.

  12. i know this is a bit of a controversial statement but comolli actually brought in all the class players we have in the squad now. its a shame he got fired because of ramos not being able to spark life into one of epl’s best squads. a director of football can be a figure of disharmony with the politics inside the club but having your manager coming on tv pressurising the chairman into buying is ridiculous. i for one think the chairman should take a back seat to transfers. just state a budget and let the manager and coaching staff/scouts do what they do best and find the players. levy needs to stump up the cash and be done with it. i personally think we are 30-40 mill spending away from being genuine title contenders. spend it- we’ll get it back when we’ve qualified for cl football. invest!!!! rant over

  13. Harry is an East End Lad, played as a kid for the pikeis and managed them….strange how they took 4 oints off us last year but finished bottom :O)
    I like the way he says regualr spurs fans have never had it so good …….Get Fck..g stuffed redknapp take a look at the history books me ole son…weve won european cups lots of FA cups not JUST the one and League titles also oh a Double as well I think…….Never had so good my bullet.
    Hes for himself and himself only in my opinon and I’d look to moyes or coyle as home grown or Hiddink/mourinho/ancovey as foriegn…….but now i dream.
    40 years I have followed spurs and since redknapp our transfers have been average …..Oh and before someo bright spark jumps in LEVY signed VDV redknapp did,nt want him.
    Please FA give the east boy the england job and soon.
    just my view plenty will disagree.

  14. imo timoyido has hit the nail on the head. All our class players have been brought in by Comolli. Rednapp has spent millions Defoe Crouch Keane Palacious all of which we are now trying to unload. Also when you consider the players he has also tried to buy at great cost and wages Beckham Neville Parker Bellamy its little wonder Levy does not trust him with the transfer budget. Rednapp is obviously a good man motivator but his transfer decisions especially the one not to buy Suaez (the liverpool guy excuse the spelling) has cost us dear.
    What we need is either a Director of Football to pinpoint players leaving Rednapp to motivate or a change of manager who is able to identify talant.

  15. I would like to see Klinsmann manage,
    He would be a fans fav, he knows the culture of the club and would be respected in the transfer market, also being a striker in his day would reconize a striker to buy.

  16. Sadly no chance of getting klinsmann as he has just been appointed as the new yank manager but i think we need to get rid of happy soon as he has taken us as far as he can.

  17. to all the levy attackers,f*ck off, the man has not compromised us and nor has he sold us out to some russian/arab money bags, he is in control of the best run club in the league dispite harry, as for comoli, i’l just say, bentley,gio,bent for starters.
    id like poyet and houghton as the team to replace arry,
    chris was fired from the bar-codes having got them to 10th in the league and gus is the right sort of football brain.


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