When Luka Modric started playing football, it has been claimed that the little Croat had to play with wooden shin pads to protect him from the hustle and bustle of the beautiful game.

Come the 6th August 2011, he’ll need more than the two planks of wood to protect him from the reaction of the Tottenham faithful after his failed transfer to Chelsea.

Before the drama of the summer, Modric was a beacon of all that was great about football – a role model, who’d never succumb to money or the playboy lifestyle. He was just happy to be playing football at a club where he was truly idolised.  Being brought up through a civil war made him appreciate the fortunate position he was in compared to many of his fellow countrymen.

If there was one player who wouldn’t have their head turned it was Luka. Rafa maybe, but not little Luka Modric, I’d put my house on it…….

I have no idea what made Luka decide that a team which is a top class striker away from being one of the best teams in the league, to a side which has seen better days. Okay, Chelsea may have Champions League football this season, but unless they have a major overall they will not be successful long term. The majority of the squad are aging and putting the pensioners into Chelsea.

He has been totally misguided for signing such a long contract if he was planning on leaving. Modric’s reputation has suffered since the news broke that he wanted to leave White Hart Lane.

I know what he offers, knitting play, setting the tone of our build up, good energy and discipline when we’re defending which I feel outweighs the stats. On average, three goals in the last three seasons doesn’t do his performances justice. I was really upset when I first heard that Chelsea were after the midfielder maestro, but as the summer has gone on, my feelings have waned. I’m now not too bothered if he stays or goes.

If we were to get £35 million and Daniel Sturridge, I would probably give him a piggy back there. What will prove interesting is the reaction of the supporters, when Modric next appears at White Hart Lane. Will they support Luka, or berate him for wanting to leave?



  1. i dont think people will do anything if he stays. We wont be signing his name loudly, nor will he be booed every time he touches the ball.

  2. If modric stays i say give him a chance to redeem himself if he goes give him hell. This is abramobitches fault its a pitty his luxury boat didnt sink with him on it.

  3. It’s not about Modric any more, its the principle. Other clubs, and the media, think that if they unsettle our players the club will eventually cave in and let the player go.

    So it is crucial it doesn’t happen this time.

  4. Every professional player has the right for his own personal reasons to leave a club and to want to join another one.
    If he nevertheless continuous to play for the club he wanted to leave he has to be treated according to his performance as it always is the case.

  5. All academic because Chelsea have not even come close to our asking price. If Chelsea offered 50p, Modric has no right to demand a move, if Chelsea offered over the odds, say 50m, then he does have the right. So far, Chelsea are yet to stump up. So as far as I am concerned, he is still a Spurs player, who is still one of our best players. Why would anyone want to give him a bad reception? He is just someone who has been flattered by interest, and influenced by his agent. These things happen.

  6. It’s refreshing having so many level headed Spurs fans. I feel along as he’s wearing the lilywhite of Tottenham he deserves our backing.

    I just hope his performances don’t reflect on his disappointment of not being allowed to leave.

  7. First things first. Modric did not hand in a transfer request. If he stays, I fully expect he will, he should be loved. Chelsea have no right to make offers for a player who is under contract and not for sale. Expect Diarra to come in on loan to cover for Sandro, we are pursuing Samba. There are 1 0r 2 strikers in the pipeline but not who we think. harry will bring in Barton on a free if he gets chance

  8. If he has on the shirt he deserves the support. I have never understood the supporters who boo our own players. To bid £20 Million and make it public is a joke when they spent £50 Million on Torres and we should report them for the underhand tactics that has seen them punished already in the past! They just did it to unsettle the player and the club as we are their biggest threat on the top 4 going into next season. COYS!!

  9. I very much doubt many people will boo but I suspect the cheers when his name is announced will be quieter than they used to be, which is fair enough.

    It’s not so much that he wants to leave, it’s that a lot of what he said a few months earlier, about owing the club for his opportunity, not playing for the money and being embarrassed by how much he is paid, has turned out to be just so much bull.

  10. I cannot see any Spurs fan booing Modric if he is wearing our colours out on the pitch irrespective of his recent behaviour. Sure, his actions both shocked and angered us in equal measure but only a brainless idiot would boo one of our own. Feelings towards him has been diluted quite a bit but if he does stay with us and perform at the highest level, the love may return although cautiously.

  11. IMO I was a little frustrated with the little guy for signing a contract extension, then wanting a move straight after. However I would never boo him, I’d like to think all spurs fans would only ever encourage the team we so passionately want to win week in week out….I’d boo him in a Chelsea shirt tho!

  12. Modric made a mistake after having his head turned. Didnt Rooney do the same last season, and Fabregas has wanted out for ages. He is still a class act though and can put us back in the CL places therefore we must support him and our Spurs! COYS

    • little chicken eh?? Obviously relates to your cranial capability!!!
      chelsea are only as big as the wally with the cheque book who bought them a few years ago, just as man city are now. This does NOT make them big clubs, just wealthy which is totally different, and the success they gain is merely plastic, because it was bought with plastic and NOT hard graft!!! Sorry but fact mate!

    • Long term, if Tottenham can keep there main players, Tottenham will be better than Chelsea.

      What Chelsea do have is a big wallet to get them out of trouble.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see Chelsea struggle next season. Not saying they’ll do worse than Tottenham but not reach expectation.

      • Agreed GPC, they are in a false position, as are man city. No hard work, just splash the cash.
        They may finish above Tottenham, but we wll be were we are through endeavour!
        Makes me laugh out loud when some of these rent boys carry on like there was nothing before the Prem. Sad thing is, the Prem is killing the game I love!!!!

  13. Nice to see Modric getting such a nice reception. If it was any other team, he would not have got so much love. I hope he appreciates the respect he got from the Tottenham faithful.

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