Over the course of the weekend, rumours of an approach from Spurs for Costa Rican international Bryan Ruiz continued to gain momentum and when you look at his scoring record, it’s a surprise that English clubs haven’t been linked with the player before.

Ruiz is 26 later this month and currently plays his football at FC Twente in Holland where he averages around a goal every other game. Added to that, he has 9 goals in 26 games for his country.

Speaking to the press the player said: “They have approached my agent, but I have yet to really discuss the interest with him.

“I was told about Spurs’ interest two days ago. Spurs are a great club and I’d be honoured to play alongside Rafael van der Vaart.

“I’d say that the chance that I’ll leave Twente is 50 per cent.”

Spurs fans have waited all summer for a striker so could the club be about to pull off a deal at the last minute and if they do, does Bryan Ruiz have what it takes to solve the scoring issues at the Lane?



  1. Ruiz is class. He’s not a pure forward like what we need but he can play anywhere in the attacking third including up top.

    He wouldn’t be my first choice, but I would not hate this signing.

  2. looks good, control flicks great finsihing inside the box, fincan run at defendes and can header the ball many of the things pav cant do. Plus he has that confident look about.

  3. Definately! he’s class – swap adebeyor for lennon, play him as the target man in the middle then Ruiz on the right off him (gr8 technical abillity and great finisher) and with bale on the left off him.

    • I understand your point mate but i would never over my dead body swap adebayor for lennon.

      We should buy Ruiz to give Azza a threat and with diarra coming in and palacios going out we need the likes of keane, bentley, dos santos, Bassong- who was abysmal on sat, hutton and maybe Jenas.
      Then we would be able to afford a WORLD class strikers fee and wages- Karim Benzema- I just feel that Spurs could pull off this one especially with vdv and diarra telling him how amazing Spurs are. If not one of llorente or rossi will do.

      So we sign Diarra, Ruiz and hopefully Benzema. If not Rossi or llorente.

      But we would probably be able to sign the world class striker later in the window so fellow spurs fans be patient.

  4. This guy is just what we need, a proper talented footballer, not a big lumbering target man, somebody who makes something happen in the box and can finish, he can play wide too because he is that good.
    He wants to come he is at a good age, he has potential for sell on value, we missed our chance with Suarez but this guy cant be let go

  5. I think he looks alright, he’s got pace, technique, skills and a bit of swagger. Most importantly he seems to know where the back of the net is, I say yes I also like his hair but thats a personal thing, get him in. anybody just to freshen it up! coys

  6. Not an out and out striker, but has pace that Keane/Crouch/Pav do not have. He could give us extra options up front or on wings. Yes freshen up our attack that became one-D last season. Unlike Suarez, this guy is likely to be affordable.

  7. He seemed pretty dangerous when he came to the Lane last season. Good control, eye for goal and looks decent in the air. He gave Dawson a bit of a hard time and reminds me of a Berbatov style forward.
    He cannot be worse than the Pav/Crouch option we currently have….? I disregard Keane completely.
    Go for it Levy! Or let Kane have a go…
    OR just play all our midfielders and hope one starts scoring?

  8. Is this how far we have fallen? Aguero, Rossi, Negredo etc and now we are sniffing around with second-rate players from the Eredivisie.

    Ruiz has a goals-to-appearances ratio at domestic level of 0.372 or 1 goal every 2.69 games and this is playing in the Belgian and Dutch leagues!

    I thought we were meant to be demonstrating our ambition to Modric in order to convince him to stay.

    For me this guy is simply not good enough.

  9. Considering that Suarez was too expensive for us, and playing in the Eredivisie, what do you expect? What’s wrong with that league anyway? Van Persie and Van Nilstelrooy were signed from there. Plus Suarez and Dzeko. Real signed Huntelaar from there. His goal record is not so outstanding because he plays Winger/Striker. Look at what he could add.

      • I take your point aboy RvN and Van Persie but the quality of the Dutch League is not what it used to be. How many of the current Dutch national team play in the Eredivisie? I would be surprised if it is many.

        Remember Alfonso Alves anybody?

  10. Everything about this guy says he would be a great addition, so I guess we wont be buying him then as he does not fit Harry’s profile of a good deal.

  11. Not remotely good enough and certainly not an upgrade on what we have already. Defoe would absolutely fill his boots in Holland, as would Pav and probably even Keane.

    I don’t believe for one minute that we are interested in this player. This is agent nonsense.

  12. I’ve seen this guy play and the creative talent we have in our side could make him even better than we saw in the clip.The guy has skill in abundance and knows where the goal is, the arseholes who say that he isnt remotely good enough or he isnt better than the players we currently have or words to that effect are idiots and I dont believe they are Spurs supporters. Bryan Ruiz is better than Crouch, Pav, Defoe and most definitely Keane. He adds another dimension skill wise and I cant believe that he has kept below the radar from other big clubs. I bet if he played for one of the bigger/better known clubs in Europe, he would cost big money and snapped up in no time so I say if this article is true and Spurs are indeed going after him and he wants to come, great stuff. All those who feel otherwise, remember Modric when Spurs were after him, I remember the moans and groans, look at the end result.

    • There’s no need to be offensive. I am not an arsehole thank you very much; I am however a long suffering Spurs supporter who would like to see us spend on a prolific goal scorer (as a minimum).

      You are entitled to your opinion that Ruiz is better than the present incumbents at Spurs. He may well be but I have not seen enough of him to comment. Anyway, let’s face it would Defoe/Pav/Crouch/Keane make it into any of the current top 4’s squads? No. Just look at the clubs they have been linked with – Blackburn, QPR, Stoke, Sunderland etc. So is being better than them good enough? Now if you were to tell me that he is as good as Rooney, Hernandez, Drogba, Tevez, Aguero, Van Persie then I would be excited.

      And yes I take your point about Modric but Croatian players do have a track record of succeding in England, can we say the same about Costa Ricans (Paolo Wanchope excluded!).

      • Paolo Wanchope was the ONLY Costa Rican to have played in the premier league and so going by that track record Ruiz is a good shout. Ruiz was strongly linked to Liverpool at the start of last season and has been linked to Sevilla, Villareal over the summer as well as Newcastle and Celtic in the past. I follow Central American football closely and I can say that Ruiz has a great technical ability although people overestimate his pace, he has great ball control on the run, but most top defenders can catch up with him.

        He literally has played every midfield/attack position up front but his real downside is that he can’t carry a team. I say this because the Costa Rican national team expect so much of him and rarely delivers although he does do some excellent runs when frustrated with teammates. He really needs a creative force around him to synergize with and I think he will find that with Bale/Modric/Lennon and co.


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