There are a few stories surfacing concerning West Bromwich Albion’s Peter Odemwingie this morning and while we briefly touched on the striker in the early part of the summer, the general consensus was to stay well away.

Overall, there are two ways of looking at the player – at present he is 30 and will cost, if you believe the rumours, a fee in the region of £8m. As we’ve already heard in the case of Scott Parker, Harry isn’t prepared to pay that kind of money for a player with no resale value and that alone could kill any deal before it even gets off the ground.

According to reports the only other team interested is Wigan who have offered just £4m and maybe that says all you need to know about these stories.

One the other hand, after averaging less than a goal every three games in his early career, Odemwingie has pulled that up to just under one in two in a poor side at West Brom. Given better service therefore, you might expect that to improve.
With that in mind, would the pursuit of Peter Odemwingie be such a bad option for Spurs?



  1. I wish Levy would get the cheque book out and sign someone who is proven world class, if we’re going to buy a 30 year old at least get someone other than Odemwingie, he’s too much like a Defoe player.

    Our wage ceiling is going to ruin this upcoming season.

    • Like Defoe except totally different. He has height, he has pace and actually uses it, he is a nuisance to defenders, and can play up front on his own because the defense cannot relax. Defoe has none of that. Plus Odemwingie scores goals inside the box, which Defoe does less and less these days.

  2. What alternative do we have? We have fast ran out of names of prospective additions, everyone knows we need a new striker, but it seems that anybody any good does not want to come to Tottenham.

  3. Andrew Johnson,Michael Rickets,etc etc one season wonders, lets see him do it again this year then maybe worth a punt! but at 30 yrs of age, I would rather Harry Kane was introduced gradually

  4. If we at West Brom are poor side, Spurs are a little rich club with big ideas about themselves. Always in the shadow of Arsenal. Another condecending supporter who thinks his club are better than they are in reality. West Ham called us a poor side when we would not sell them Graham Dorrans last season, look at them now.

    • Try not to take it to heart. I am pretty sure that he did not mean it to come out like that. He meant a team that struggled at times last season, despite ultimately finishing mid-table. As a Spurs fan, I think WBA are a good club with great traditions. I think you will find that most of us are rather humble fans.

  5. Hi,

    West Brom poor side. Well if you remember we drew both encounters last season my dear friend. Does that make both teams poor then.

  6. A poor side like west brom?
    We finished 11th last season and were good enough to not be beaten by spurs, were we not?
    As for his goal ratio, it would be better if he managed to put away the chances that are laid on a plate for him at albion. He misses 3 or 4 before he finally gets on the scoresheet. Anyway, why has this article even been written? Surely you should only be asking this question if Harry Houdini actually signs him? But like you say, Harry wont buy if he cant sell at an inflated price where he can have a little wedge out of the deal will he?
    Cockney Bias Press!!!!!!!!

  7. poor side !!! – you got out of jail at the hawthorns and we fully deserved a point at your place – also odemwingie said he would only go to top a top 4 side – so a move to spurs looks very unlikely !!!!

  8. Take exception to the “poor side” tag, Odemwingie had very good service at West Brom far better than he would have at Spurs, he has missed a few sitters not to mention penalties, by the way Spurs couldnt beat the” poor side” last season now could they? so whats that make them then?

    • Who cares about our head to head record last season dikhead and to all the rest of you west brom dikheads. The fact of the matter is that we finished 5th last season and you finished 11th. Also we’ve been in the prem consistently over the last decade – something that you can’t boast about. Didnt wolves who narrowly avoided relegation beat the champions man utd last season? That must mean they are as good or better than man utd goin by your theory. So in summary odemwingie comin to us would definetly be a step up for him not that I want him though at the quoted 8mil. Make it 3 or 4 and then its a deal. He’s a good player

      • if you’re calling people dickheads you really should spell it correctly, otherwise you look a bit stupid Melvin.
        A poor side the Albion aren’t.
        We’re one of the most attractive sides to watch in the premier yet have the one of the lowest budgets.
        We’ll give every team a game this season whether we finish in the top half, midtable or even go down.
        Odemwingie would go straight into your team at the expense of any of your current strikers!
        Boing Boing!
        PS, generally I find Spurs fans some of the best and most humble around – real football fans.

        • you call me dick or whatever that is. Li ma tmurx tiehdu foxx dik il qahb ommok. Noe check this out you moron.

          Come on you Baggies.

          • just in case you re wondering what that is, its pure maltese hamallagni my dear spur.

            Come on you baggies.

      • Odemwingie going to Spurs would obviously be a step up. However I think the player wouldn’t consider this a big enough step up. If a top four side came calling – yes, i’m sure he’d go but let’s be honest – with Spurs apparent lack of ambition, they’re a million miles away from that and will probably scrape top eight at best.

  9. Ok for a mid to lower league team like the Baggies. Not for a club with top 4 aspirations. Can’t see this happening unless he is offered for 4m max, as would be useful squad player for Europa League and Carling Cup.

  10. “In a poor side at West Brom”. God, the arrogance is breathtaking. Poor compared to what? So the West Brom side that scored a goal more than Spurs and drew with them home and away last season, won just four games fewer and finished 11th, three points off 8th, is poor? I wonder what the other 9 sides in the Premier League and 72 below that are? Atrocious? If player values, investment in squad and club size is taken into account, I think you’ll find the Tottenham Hotspur side of 2010-11 could be labelled ‘poor’ (or at least, could do better) while the West Brom side of 2010-11 performed admirably.

  11. Odemwingie is a pretty good player. However, is Defoe better? I would say so. Is Pav better? I think so. Is Crouch better? They are certainly different types of players so tough to say. Kane and Coulibane are much younger and have higher ceilings. The one plus is Odemwingie could play up front by himself better than Defoe has in the past. I don’t think he is a great option but if we got the price down to 5 or 6 million and they aren’t bringing anyone else in, why not?

    • How can you say Defoe is better? Odemwingie’s FIRST season in Premiership = 15 goals. How may of Defoe’s NUMEROUS seasons in the Premiership has he got more than 15 goals? ONCE. Pav is a better finisher no doubt, and would score more goals if played all the time, but Odemwingie would be more useful to us – because Ode simply works the defence harder. Pav is a delight to defend against.

      • Agree with everything you sed. Pav shows flashes of brilliance not often enough and is a lazy bugger. If we cant get in falcao, rossi or hulk players of this quality then Odem wud be a fine option at 3-6mil

  12. pete is better than all of them..
    interesting..people`s view of clubs like ours(WBA).In the days when money didnt really matter we used to whip the ass off many of these sides..United included.Considering the players and wages some clubs,like Spurs, have i`d suggest they`re they should be ding far better.Unfortunately we`re not able to chuck silly money around.We do very very well with what finances we have.

  13. We say he’s not for sale, he is under contract to us for two more years. You assume you can bid something and Odemwingie and WBA will come running. You say Modric is not for sale and under contract, you assume they will all go away. Hypocrisy is a very poor trait…

  14. Think there is some very poor journalism/speculation here regarding the prices mentioned in the press. Facts are that he has two years left on contract, and WBA do not have to sell at all and that Jeremy Peace is a very tough and shrewd at transfer negotiations. Odemwingie would not be sold for less than £15m.

    There is much more to Odemwingies game than goal scoring, he can play alone up front and he is also a very creative player, being involved in 43% of all goals scored by WBA last year. He is integral to team and this is why he will only be sold at a very high premium price, aka £15m+.

    Thus because of the price demands and his age, it is very unlikely that you or any other premier league team will be signing him. Once the transfer window has closed, expect him to sign a new improved contract at WBA.

    The OP calling us ” a poor team” really is an arrogant arse, considering you could not beat us last year, and we only fininshed a few points below you. Looking forward to giving you lot a trouncing later this year, especially once Modric is sold.

  15. I’m sure that the Odemwingie story will run and run for the next couple of weeks. What is for sure, is that our Chairman will get top dollar for Pete, if he decides to sell.

    As a WBA fan, the lure of London and playing in a better team like Spurs must be a big lure for the player. I actually spoke to him in May and he said he was really happy at WBA and expected to stay. So what’s changed? errrr Money !!! His head has been turned by his agents and others offering him a big pot of loot. If Spurs offer £8million I’d take the money, myself he’s over thirty and benefitted enormously from a very creative WBA team last year. He also missed a hatful of chances including a penalty or two.

    Whatever happens good luck to Spurs. Great club and decent fans.

    • Thanks alot. Was a big fan of west brom and blackpool last season because of the kind of fearless and attractive football they played for the newly promoted sides. Was gutted to see man utd get that lucky goal to steal the win in a tightly contested affair. An exact mirror of the game last season and I thought a draw would have been a fair result then as well. Best of luck to west brom this season whether its with or without odemwingie. I believe your in good hands with Roy

  16. This guy is a complete bell end! Albion had a strong side last season, especially in midfield and up front. After drawing twice with tottenham, beating arsenal and drawing, drawing against man utd and should’ve won the other… you can hardly say it was a poor side!!

  17. It has to be ten mil plus for wba to sell him. It just wouldn’t be worth our while otherwise. He might not be worth that for other clubs but that’s hia worth to us.

    He wont be sold so be his better agreeing his pay rise now than miss cash during the stand off.

  18. That same poor West Brom side that was the only side to take a point off Man Utd at the theatre of dreams, beat Arsenal 3-2 at the Emirates, Everton 4-1 at Goodison and you couldn’t beat home or away??
    Arrogance without substance is the pits … boing boing

  19. After how well WBA played last year it is disappointing to read comments like the above. We have already had to read Jamie Redknapp on Skysports suggest that we will struggle to create chances and score goals again this season…he was obviously forgetting we were 6th highest scorers and created the 5th highest amount of chances last season!! Also read we narrowly avoided relegation, although finished 11th!!

    The fact of the matter is that our blip last season happended to coincide with Odemwingie being injured for 6 games. Had it not been for that we wouldn’t have been too far away from the European spots.

    If I was a spurs fans I would snap him up for £8 mil. You tell me a better player? His prior goal scoring recorded shouldn’t really be questioned as he has played as a winger for nearly all of his career.

    Anyway, see you all at the Hawthorns. I just love it when the mighty spurs can’t beat a poor side like West Brom year after year. Maybe with Odemwingie, you might do it 🙂

  20. can’t knock west brom since they’ve had roy (who i really rate as a coach) at the helm they have improved, not only in results but confidence has grown & is shown in the football, which is pretty good but still be lucky to make it into the top 8 at the end of the season where as spurs will at least finish 5th.
    so take a chill pill you baggies cos here’s one spurs fan who thinks whatever happens your team will be the highest placed team from the midlands this season.

  21. Ignoring the poor west brom side comments as they have been dealt with above, I agree with others that in general Spurs supporters are proper football fans unlike the new generation that have blighted the game since the premierships inception, have always had a soft spot for Spurs since the days of Gary Mabbut. As for the speculation regarding St Peter no one from our club has mentioned a price in regards to his transfer, certainly not £8million we couldnt replace him for the same money and anyone who thinks our chairman will be set a price by idle internet gossip like this is sorely mistaken. As for him not being worth it, who cares? we dont want to sell him and with 2 years remaining on his contract we definitely wont sell him for £8million.

  22. The first point I want to make, is that WBA are not a poor side, but a team that plays attractive and attacking football.
    Secondly I rate the striker highly, who could link up well with VDV, but not at the expense of the west brom fans.

  23. On last years performances are Defoe and Pav better than Odemwingie – no no NO! Odemwingie, pace, goals, awareness, assists, 2 good feet and can make something out of nothing.
    Albion poor side ? We have a strong midfield with players who can play the killer ball – it wasn’t an accident we finished 11th. The only 2 sides to outplay us Chelsea and Man City.

  24. Seems that you’ve prodded a bees nest with the “poor” comment. :o)

    Hmm, he was good last season, though is he much better than what you’ve already got? Not so sure. Not at £8mil anyway.

    Whatever happens to him, WBA chairman Jeremy Peace is a great negotiator and wont let him go anywhere on the cheap, look at Diomansy Kamara, Jonathan Greening and Curtis Davies!

  25. It would be so great if supporters spent less time slanging each others clubs–too much to ask.
    As to Odemwingie, I think he is a real talent with an ‘edge’ to him. He is at least equal to many of the strikers whose names have been linked with Spurs.


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