After Tottenham’s fine victory over Liverpool at the weekend, much of the talk amongst players and staff has been over the form of Emmanuel Adebayor who has underlined what we all knew during the barren transfer window of January 2011. A world class striker can transform a side and we all hope that Ade’s goals help to propel the side right up the Premiership table.

“A great win building confidence for the rest of the season. And with Adebayor Spurs have only improved more,” said Rafael van der Vaart.

“He has lifted the spirits in the place and on the pitch he does what he does. He can play the ball on the floor, in the air and he scores goals and that’s exactly what we needed,” added Gareth Bale.

While manager Harry Redknapp stated that Ade can contribute with 20 goals this season, the player himself has let his scoring do the talking up to now. The Togolese broke silence on his past by saying,

“I know the fans all love me because that’s what they’re looking for, a player who can score goals.

“I’m very happy that everything is going well for me at this club.

“Hopefully I can keep up the hard work and keep going.”

20 goals plus this season will keep the love going for the rest of the season at least.



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