Spurs manager Harry Redknapp is facing what could be his biggest selection dilemma of the season so far with the return to fitness of William Gallas.

With Ledley King’s return, Tottenham have kept two clean sheets at the back as our club captain forged a partnership with Younes Kaboul and some fans are already saying that the absence of Michael Dawson has led to what they believe to be our first choice pairing at the back. With Gallas in the mix, Harry now has to perm two from three ahead of Saturday’s game with Wigan.

There must always be an issue with pushing Ledley and after playing two games in succession with no reported problems, maybe now is the time to rest him for this match. With fitness being an issue overall, perhaps Kaboul will be the first name on the teamsheet?

Full team news will doubtless be released tomorrow but as far as the centre halves are concerned, what is your first choice pairing? Kaboul and King, Kaboul and Gallas or even Gallas and King?



  1. either stick with king and kaboul or throw gallas in with kaboul. I wouldn’t put Gallas and King together since they havn’t ever played together in a professional match. That being said, it IS only wigan…

  2. Gallas and King partnership is obviously first choice but should we disturb an effective partnership in King and Kaboul at this point in time? Especially as Gallas will be lacking real match fitness at this stage…

  3. Kaboul and King. I’d keep Kaboul as a constant as long as his form stays good, as we need consistency. Trying to keep King ticking over by playing him once a week is prob better than resting him. Gallas is only just coming back to fitness and didnt have a preseason, so a place on the bench and a start against Shamrock would be less risky.

  4. If he drops the Bull for Gallas that would be terrible management when the Bull has played so well. I think (depending on Ledleys knee) we should stick with those two.

    • There is a difference between “drop” and “rotate”… People seem to use the term which reflects the most negativity… Kaboul had good game vs United & Liverpool (was there much to do?), but he was non-existent against Citeh – when needed him most. We need to get Gallas up and running. This could be the match….but I’d rather “rotate” King out for Gallas.

    • Kaboul has only had 1 good game.

      He had shockers against Man Uts and Man City being responsible for at least 4 goals through his positioning and against Wolves he ducked under a ball at the far post when they should have scored. In all 3 of those games he consistently gave the ball away just passing it to the opposition.

      The only decent game he has had was against the 9 men of Liverpool.

  5. we havent conceeded in 4 games so shouldnt disturb it but having leds fit against gooners would be a massive lift, so difficult.

    Kab and Gallas for me tho, king and whoever against the scummers.

  6. If it ain’t broke……………
    If Ledley can play once a week then he should continue with Kaboul. Lets win the game that is in front of us and worry about the Arsenal game when it comes around. Gallas has to now wait his chance

  7. Does it matter, any one of the 2 would play well with Ledley. Even me the 50 year old can play along side him, as Ledley will clear up my mistakes and make me look good.

  8. Why fix it if it aint broke!
    King & Kaboul, although Gallas should love to play against the scum on Oct 2nd which is more of a quandry, we’ll see who’s fit then I guess.

  9. kaboul and either king or gallas v wigan (head says gallas to avoid ledders getting injured)

    King and Gallas v Arsenal. It will be fascinating. On paper that partnership is completely unpenetrable. Gallas has been immense since signing and King is……….. well he’s just king isn’t he?

  10. Harry should not change a winning team unless there’s injuries we should keep the same team and same Tempo please and the same score if possible or any win.

  11. The best combination is an old one with a young one. Statistically, its Ledders with Kaboul at the moment.Gallas is superb but old and Kings knee needs resting, so alternating those 2 hero’s is how Arry is trying to roll it out. Kaboul’s best position is cf (on the proviso he has Ledders or Gallas to reign him in). His strength an speed compliments their guile and positional sense. Daws is an absoute trooper who started badly and had bad luck. They are all head and shoulders above Wengers options in that position.

  12. I didn’t see the game against Stoke but listened to it on the radio and it sounded like Kaboul got his head to everything thrown into the box. He’s a very good central defender. Gallas needs playing time and King is needed against Arsenal. The answer is simple.

  13. On another selection headache for us is that Sandro is fit again. He was great last season and would play well with Parker in the holding role.
    My team:-
    Walker, king, kaboul, bale

    Any thoughts?

  14. ……..Winning Team:

    Walker, Gallas, Kaboul, Bennie
    ……..Sandro, Parker………

    Can see a lot of goals from this lot, like Arry once said about Lennon “Give him, (Ade), the ball till he’s sick off it”. He should get plenty of chances from that midfield & if Wigan do get an opportunity, there’s either Sandro or Parker to mop up ~ looks like another quiet day for Brad eh?
    Depending on the fitness of VDV & Sandro we could go 4-4-2, with Defoe and Lennon, (..if fit?), having a run out before next week against the old enemy.

    Plus i’m sure Rodallega is injured so curious what other options they have?

    Hopefully no threat there unless we mess up…….

  15. Of the 3, only King is a natural left-sided centre-back. But either Gallas or Kaboul on the left, and you will find both are extremely uncomfortable, a disaster even (as was the case when Kaboul played with Dawson). So King with either one, but Kaboul deserves it, and if not King, than I’m sorry but you have to go wit Bassong. So I would go with either Kaboul/King or Gallas/Bassong. Dawson needs to work harder and practice more, not good enough.


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