Following Spurs’ 2-1 win over Wigan at the weekend there was much talk of a permanent deal for Emmanuel Adebayor. After scoring three goals in his first two games for the club, the giant Togolese striker linked up well with VDV to create the opening goal at Wigan and his manager Harry Redknapp was full of praise one again.

“If he keeps going like he’s going I’d love to keep him around. He’s been excellent so far,” said the boss.

Clearly there’s an obvious issue here and that concerns the wages involved. With reports of around £170,000 being paid to Adebayor at City and Spurs about to break their own wage structure for Luka Modric with considerably less than that sum, how could we possibly afford him?

As for the player himself, early reports are that he is happy and after an unsettling last couple of years, could be ready to settle down in North London once again. It may even be a non-starter, but having seen the difference that a world class striker can make to the club, should we be exploring every avenue in an attempt to keep Ade at the Lane?



    • There is, barca,majorca,. b munich, chelsea, man utd, man city, psg and the ukranian team anzi that can pay those wages. Two of them he has played for too. If any of those teams wanted him they would of gone for him already. A nice signing on fee and whatever our new top wage will be should do it.
      We need another too, damiao i hope.

    • Once we win Europa and qualify for next years Champions League we should have enough money to afford their wages.. not much hope in signing Damiao, he signed an improved contract with Inter and it contains a £44million buyout clause, teams like Barca, Milan, and Bayern Munich have shown interest which would all have far more incentive than us for the striker.. plus i can see him turning out to be a Pamelachenko in brazilian disguise.

      • You mate, read too many blogs; Agents will tout their players via the net or any medium available. His club wanted him for the duration of the Brazilian league, and in the same way we got Sandro, we’ll get him for the right price and at the right time. Ade will only become a permanant player, if he lowers his wages considerably, and I guess he will, but we should steer well clear given his past history!

  1. What worries me is that he’ll have a brilliant season with us, the team will play to his strengths, then he’ll do one at the end of the season and we’ll be back to square one next season! Then again, there’s still loads of time for it to all go pear shaped anyway!

  2. Not the most optimistic view, I think this could be the kick that levy/ENIC will need to reacess the wage structure as it Is the only real area that is holding us back ( stadium aside)

  3. Love the criticism of Levy. How fortunate to have the benefit of advice from more sucessful high acheivers. He’s not put a foot wrong and has used the leverage of the Olympic Stadium to gain advantages from both the mayor and the government. Please continue the advice as it such a windfall to have such sages deign to demonstrate their willingness to pass on their experiences of finance at the highest level. LMAO at thes ego massaging non acheivers.

        • But you have to fight fire with fire Taff sometimes, and yes I forgot to engage my spell check for errors, but even so, I’m sure you’ll understand all the same? Oh, but prick was spelt right I take it? ,lol

  4. Keep him on loan for as long as possible. No point in shelling out whilst City are paying most of his wages. Is he in the last year of his contract? If we could get him on a free, then the money saved could go on a hefty signing on fee or used to up the wages. Would probably still require that Ade drops his wage demands a bit, but he pay just do that for the opportunity for regular first team football. Afterall, he wont be short of a bob or two if he’s on 90-100K a week at Spurs. CL football next year will be a big factor too.

  5. let’s be honest, however frustrating it may be to see the rich clubs paying lots of money to get the ‘top’ strikers, whilst we have been hoping for those gem players that nobody has heard of, come out of the blue, i think we still need to respect the fact that Levy has been quite clever with the clubs finances. we have a small stadium and therefore not much revenue. we also have quite poor international recognition especially in Asia where clubs such as Man u, Liverpool and Chelsea are massive earners. Taking all this in consideration we ARE scrapping it out in and around the top 4 which is a much much improved situation to when i first started supporting spurs. Respect to Levy for moving this club on, and when the stadium is built i honestly believe that will be the golden era for this club. until then i’ll accept the fact that I have to watch strikers such as defoe and pav…and watch them with pride i must add, in the knowing that 1 day soon we will be mighty in europe once again. COYS

  6. To use a keyboard effectively, first one has to raise the knuckles above the ground, then engage the brain to think, unlike Spurs Guv, who still hasn’t understood why he cannot pull his bottom lip over his head, however hard he tries. He sits swinging on his tyre, waiting for the odd banane to fall his way, and pontificates all of lifes ill’s. But still cannot understand econmonics, stragegy or the basic fundemntals of building a future for a world reknown football club such as ours. ah, bless-what a cunt!

    • Unless an oligarch or the worlds leading Camel trader take over at WHL nothing is going to happen over night. Sit back, enjoy the season and cheer the lads to the end, pray that your and thier efforts are rewarded with glory. Leave the business end of the stick to the experienced astute hierarchy. Politesse and humility please.


      • It’s what I’ve tried to point out so many times in the past by using both facts and common-sense, alas to no avail. There are too many ‘supporters’ who play management games and confuse the harsh realities of basic economics, with the cheat option. If you look at any my previous posts you’ll see me both polite and succinct, but I do have a limit, and the idiot to whom my missive was directed, can only understand baseness and coarsness and so I think it only right to respond accordingly.

  7. Essexian76 – you got pmt this morning. lol.

    re Levy -with his handling of wages and funds we r lucky to have him, he has sorted us right out and we have performed miracles to compete with the big boys, like buying or building a house these tings take time…
    re HR – like him or not, his record is impressive and he can get moody/unwanted players performing well, we currently have a world class forward doin the damage and HR knows that if he stays or goes he will still be pivotal for us this year.
    re Ade – i think we can afford him, these things can be juggled with bonus and signing on fee’s, that way he is kept on his toes to keep performing, and if goes tits up another club can afford to take him.
    My opinion is lets enjoy it whilst he is here, and if he gets us in top 4 sign him up, if not look at Llorente or another big CF.
    Ade prob knws as well thjat if he scores 20+ goals this year Jose will consider taking him back to Real. time will tell but i dont think Levy and HR will pin all their hopes on Ade.

    • During the summer we needed to consolidate more than ever. In many ways as both a club and a business we were in no-mans land. If we spent big and didn’t move that deadwood on, we’d be in financial trouble. The OS still has yet to be resolved, but we need to keep up the pressure in order to force funding from TFL and Boris. Unfortunately, the deadwood could only be shifted in last-minute deals which was only because of the buying clubs desperation. As for Levy, the man can do no wrong in my opinion, and how we as a club, given our status and attendances etc are able to eclipse the likes of Liverpool and force them to part with over 100 million just to play catch up with us is beyond belief. It took Man City even more last season, and we’re still in there fighting-COYS!

      • Levy/ ENIC have done a good job. But lets be under no illusion here ,they would like to sell if we move to larger stadium. But who on this planet is richer than Joe Lewis and willing to put money into a football club? Not a very long list of possible suitors

        • Explain therefore why didn’t even meet with Abramovic in 2003 if selling Spurs was even a possibility. RA ended up buying Chelsea and all it’s debts for a reported 500million. If, as you imply that ENIC are only in it for a huge pay-off, why then didn’t they at least speak to him? After all in 2003, there was no bigger ground being proposed and ENIC could’ve walked away with a huge profit, as Spurs were debt-free, unlike Chelsea!

          • p.s. Joe Lewis has no interest in football, everything generated by Spurs is by the clubs own marketing, no loans, handouts or sugar daddies, which enforces my opinion of Mr Levy even more.

  8. ——————-Reina—————-
    —————–Adebayor————- team from Spurs, Liverpool, and Arsenal

    CB’s- Agger/Mertesacker/Kaboul/Gallas/Carragher/Squillaci
    FB’s- Walker/Kelly/Gibbs/Aurelio/Skrtel
    CM’s- Sandro/Gerrard/Thud/Adam/Song/Lucas/Diaby/Hend
    AM’s- Wilshire/Downing/Azza/Walcott/Bellamy/Arteta/Kranj
    STR’s- VanPersie/Carroll/Defoe/Kuyt/Chamakh

  9. It wouldnt suprise me if the whole deal is in place already. The negotiations for this loan deal took absolutely ages. I cant imagine Levy taking him, allowing him to play a this level incrasing his value so that we have to pay top dollar. Surely the asking price was negotiated. “He will cost 10 Million no matter what” is what I presume a negotiating genius like Levy has done. Wages would be an issue but the whole loan deal has been so complicated it again would suprise me if we already know what he will want. Eg – 3 mil signing on fee and 80 grand a week. Maybe I have thought too much into this but the length of time it took to arrange a loan seems to reinforce my theory.


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