Spurs may have missed out on a move for Ashley Young in recent years, but could they look to Aston Villa again in an attempt to persuade Gabriel Agbonlahor to move to North London?

Reports today are suggesting that Harry Redknapp could be about to prepare a £20m bid in time for the January transfer window as he attempts to strengthen his striking options for the rest of the campaign.

Despite losing several key players over the summer, including Young and Stewart Downing, Villa have made a decent start and Agbonlahor has played his part in that with four goals in nine games.

Overall, the player’s scoring record comes it at just better than one goal in every four games but he has played for much of his career as a winger and that versatility is another reason why other clubs are taking notice.

Villa will be reluctant to sell but £20m may persuade them and there are possibilities for trade the other way including Roman Pavlyuchenko and Jermaine Jenas who is currently on loan at the club.

As for the player, he has so far won just three caps for England since making his debut in 2008 and a move higher up the league could see him break through and cement a place in the national side.



  1. is a good player. maybe the type that will do better in a better team.think 20 mill is a bit steep but would have no problem with him in out team this sunday.

      • have you seen him recently, if he carries on playing like this he’ll be known as world class, the goals he scores are one story, look at the assist he’s had and also the fact even when he doesnt get the assists he still has had a big part in the goals. if he carries on playing like this then 20 mill would be a bargain

  2. Please Levy do not let any of the clubs money go anywhere near that plile of crap, one of the worst players i have ever seen. He makes Chris Armstong look like Ronaldo.

  3. We need two strikers if Pav is going .. because Ade is out of our financial reach and will almost certainly leave at the end of the season. We need a minimum of three in case of injury. That is of course, unless we unleash the kids.. but I cant see Harry taking that risk.

  4. no fucking way he’s worth 20m..? I’d trade him straight up for Jenas, no more. He’d be decent cometition for Lennon and could be deployed up top if injuries get to us but, certainly not 20m. Never liked him that much, and hope he stays at villa.

  5. He is far better than Pav and we know he can play in England which is a big plus.

    With Adebayor out tomorrow I would start Agbonlahor at Newcastle if he was at Spurs now.

    So yes he would be a good target for his experience and style of play.

  6. First of all he won’t go anywhere and obviously you guys haven’t been watching him this season, as for the he has no brain, you seen his goals this season, and his assists. Plus he won’t go to you as for Jenas, cheers for that one we’re paying for his recuperation period.

  7. As those Villa fans have pointed out, the guy is Villa through and through. He is also number 1 striker at his club. I do not see why he would throw all that away to join us, and have to fight for his place all over again. I think he is a very good player, and his only weakness is perhaps not being able to keep up his performance level for enough of the season. That is why I would price him at lower than 20m – not that I seem him leaving. But I wouldn’t say no…

  8. get the guy from brazil no him from villa,for a forward who will never score more than 12 goals a season for 20 mill is to much and spurs could get alot better for 20 mill.young and downing did’nt go for 20 mill .

    • Downing went for 20m exactly… Young was out of contract. Agbonlahor is now clearly their best player, and that always adds a premium to the fee. LEANDRO is not coming to Spurs. He is not another Sandro, who was under the radar. We need to look elsewhere.

      • Sandro wasn’t under the radar, but thanks to our tie commercially to Interncional we basically have ‘first dibs’ regardless of who else wants him! Apparently there were a few in for Sandro but they got told early that the player was going to be sold to Spurs

  9. I don’t understand SPURS. You are stalling to pay R20million for Leandro but you want to buy Agbonlahor. Please wake up and smell the roses. Spend money on quality players and the result will come.

  10. Spurs fans are funny. ‘Overpriced’ ‘Not worth more than a couple of mill’ ‘Not good enough for Spurs’.
    They said the same about Ashley Young. They really are the most clueless, and most deluded fans in the country. Very amusing.

  11. sparkigol, I agree that the @Not worth more than a couple mill@ quote is harsh but he is worth nowhere near 20 million.

    He was average last year and has had a few decent games and is somehow worth 20 million, thats a joke, let me tell you our transfer record is 16million for Modric, we are not going to pay more for Agbonlahor, if you think he is better than Bale, Modric, Sandro, Parker, Krancjar, VDVaart, Adebayor, Lennon or Defoe then explain which individuals he is better than and why, because we paid less than 20 million for all of these.

    I would take him as competition for Lennon as that would be a good battle but no way more than 7million

  12. I agree with you sparkigol and i’m a spurs fan!!! we need to stop trash talking here. He is better than pav and would be a welcome addition to the squad. I agree that 20 million is way too much and you can be damn sure that we won’t pay that! It would be more like 10 mill with jenas thrown in. The guy is in the form of his life and looks like he could step up now. I do however feel that signing someone of his ilk does not solve the issue we have if Ade is injured or leaves in May. We need 2 tall number 9’s tied to the club. Ade and another.

  13. He went into his shell when Bent arrived but has been a bit greedier at times this year (just like bent is) and its paying off. He is a good player and would offer something different. have seen him leave many defenders trailing when he opens up and can finish too. if could be prized away from villa for about 12m would be a good signing. pace frightens defenders as we know (lennon), difference is this guy can finish too.

  14. @sparkigol
    Pay no attention to the more silly comments on here. Most of them probably wrote that Parker is shit and Adebayor a trouble maker and Friedel too old and don’t really know anything about Spurs or football.
    Anyway he is a good player for Spurs to go for. Would you take Jenas and Pavlyuchenko + 10m for him?

    • You say ‘ pay no attention to the more silly comments’ yet you ask whether he would take pav(8mil),, jenas (5mil) and 10mil. Thats 23mil give or take, how stupid are you?

      • Cat you’re a muppet – why are you apologising to a bitter Villa fan who decided not to comment on the story and just slag off a whole group of fans because he didn’t agree with the sentiment! then you basically apologise on behalf of Spurs fans then come out with the most ridiculous deal I’ve ever seen!

  15. An average player in an average team.
    He wouldn’t be any more than a squad player at Spurs and we’ve been busy getting rid of them lately.
    We need an out and out striker.
    £20M !? That’s madness!

  16. Cat,

    People like you make me laugh. You chat as if you are the voice of Spurs and that no other opinions are valid.
    Firstly, the signings this summer were not many people’s first choice. They are financially prudent ‘punts’ by Harry, which have paid of well in the short-term. But how many seasons are we going to get out of Friedel? Can we afford Adebayor come the summer? Did want a player from a relegated team that has never fulfilled his potential?

    The answer to all of these questions is finances and as the deals have been done on the cheap, they were low risk.

    You say that other people know nothing about football or Spurs, yet in your ‘negotiations’ with Villa, you put Pav who the board value in excess of £10m (which is why he is still at the club), Jenas, who they value in excess of £6-7m (which is why he is on loan) and £10m. Total £26m+ Good one!

    Jog on and keep you opinions to yourself!

  17. I don’t usually cpmment on other fan sites but as an Everton fan I’m looking at this link through a neutral perspective. I have to say that I think Agbonlahor is THE most under-rated player in England at the moment. He has incredible pace but his strength holding off defenders shouldn’t go unnoticed – he can also finish both inside and outside the area. He’s been banging them in for fun and that’s through being played left wing this season. £20m is steep but I think Agbonlahor is a very good player – I actually think he would be perfect for Arsenal although Wenger would never buy British. He is one of the few players that does love and support his club though and I can’t see him leaving Villa. Would absolutely love him at Everton!

  18. £20m is probably too much, but if Jordan Henderson or Stewart Downing are worth £20m and Andy Carroll is worth £35m then maybe £20m is right for Gaby. Who knows, I can’t work out how transfer values work these days, I still don’t understand how Spurs turned down £35m for Modric. Toffee Mike talks sense doesnt he. I find that Toffees often do. And it’s nice to see a couple of Spurs fans on here bucking the trend by doing the same. If Gaby could finish he’d be worth an awful lot more, and he does seem to be hitting the back of the net regularly this season. As other people on here have mentioned though, he’s a Villan through and through and I can’t imagine he’d want to leave.

    • @sparkigol

      We should hope that the Downing, Carroll, and Henderson transfers don’t set too much of a precedent as they were all over-valued.

      20m is too much for Agbonlahor but not by a huge margin. I’d take him for 12-15 and feel like the squad was better for it.
      Personally I think we could get a better deal outside of the EPL, but Gabby is the type of player we could use — able to play as a wing or a backup striker at need. Lennon SHOULD be a better player but his over-caution takes away from that. Until he gets more brave attacking down the side I’d choose Gabby over Lennon.
      We could even go to a 4-3-3 with him:


      People have been talking about Bale as a striker and while I think that’s a bit of a stretch he could be an amazing winger (rather than outside mid).
      The 4-3-3 would also mean we could sell Modric or VdV since either is too good to sit on the bench. Niko/Gio can be backup there.

  19. I am not sure he would fit in at Spurs. We play intricate football with many phases. Not sure that he is bright enough. He is more suited to the UP IT style from Villa. Over the top and leg style.

  20. Nice one DANIEL, I forgot that you could play 12 players in a football team these days.
    Gabby is a God down Villa and loves the place! As for the wanker that called Brum the thickest place in the country? Clearly got lots of intellegence hasnt he!!

    • I assume you mean 12 because I listed Modric and VdV, only I used a / to indicate either player, not both.

      If you’re going to insult someone for making a stupid error, make sure you’re not the one who’s made one instead.

      By the way, congrats on Villa’s game this weekend.

  21. Irrelevant. He wouldn’t move to Spurs and Spurs probably wouldn’t want him. He’s playing really well at Villa certainly overshadowing Darren Bent, works as hard as any player I have ever seen.


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