Choosing a Tottenham man of the match after yesterday’s match at Newcastle may be tricky as most of the side played well in patches without stamping their class on the game and going on to get the three points. As a result, the media focus this morning is all about Newcastle and their comeback.

Perhaps Jermain Defoe could be the main contender even though he featured for less than a third of the game. JD scored a well taken goal and looked sharp, begging the question as to why he wasn’t on from the start.

Elsewhere, Modric, Bale, Livermore and Parker played well without any of them having their best game while at the back, no-one really stood out. Brad Friedel made some useful saves and couldn’t be faulted for the two goals so maybe he is a contender?

So who is your man of the match from yesterday’s performance at St James’s Park?



  1. What I dont get is why move our best players out of position?
    Modric is a central midfielder Bale is a left winger, why bloody change them about? Gio could have played right wing no probs, Walker could play there and Corluka right back.
    VDV is a superb player, but he doesnt have to play in every match, he come on as a sub now and then, Defoe has looked sharp all season, he deserves his place, if JD isnt doing it, by all means bring VDV on.
    That goes for all the squad!

  2. kernowspurs to true mate weren’t the best of games ,all ifs and buts but still a good day out as usual !
    maybe modders for putting up with playing wide, why does he do it to our most talented players soon as he come inside we were a better team but then they stated going down walks side and he was struggling with the leg injury [wake up arry!]
    2 bad decisions buy both our forewards cost us when 2-1
    not as people were saying bassong [his first proper game give him a bloody chance]
    As an ex goalie i thought FRIEDEL should have done better
    with both!

  3. spur1950 i was a decent keeper and no fault goes to freidel for either goal, are you gorden banks in disguise..1950 makes you about same age.

  4. Modric (weak tackle attempt) & Livermore (didn’t track Ba) at fault for first goal, Livermore (should have won header) at fault for second. Friedel no chance for either. Ameobi will never hit a shot like that again!

    Modric had poor first half, better in second. Whole team didn’t look up for it. Defoe needs to stop shooting straight at teh keeper when 5 yards out! Show a bit of finesse or pass the bloody ball!

  5. Totally agree w/ D

    Livermore was garbage and responsible for both goals……..

    Completely lost his man on the first goal
    On the 2nd, in perfect position to head the ball ………..whiffs at it lining up the NCU player to send to pass on the game tying goal

    The dude has played at United, vs City and this game………all horrow shows.

    Play fockin Gio at LW, Modric at his normal position and move Parker back………..


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