While the headline hinted at a surprise Serie A move for a Spurs defender, perhaps it wasn’t much of a shock at all to see Roma linked with Kyle Walker yesterday.

The story seems to have broken in the Italian press and has suggested that Roma are hopeful Spurs will sell and maybe look to replace Walker with Kyle Naughton. Needless to say, that seems unlikely to say the least but it’s interesting to see Walker already reaching the status of the likes of Gareth Bale as a target for top European clubs.

At the same time, the comparison with Bale’s rise raised another issue and a possible change of role for Walker that seems a fairly logical one. Bale is essentially a converted left back who is far more dangerous when shorn of his defending duties and allowed to attack defenders at every opportunity.

We’ve seen Kyle’s qualities as an attacker on the right flank, as evidenced by his winning goal against Arsenal and his run and pass to set up VDV’s first at the weekend. If Walker’s defending qualities remain an issue and with Aaron Lennon far from his best, there could be a ready answer to the right wing issues within the squad.

With Kyle Walker being one of the few members of the Premiership side given a run out in the Europa League, that tournament could give Harry the perfect opportunity to test that theory.

The question therefore is, does Kyle Walker’s future lie on the right wing?



  1. Definitely worth a shot. Lennon is gun-shy and has lost his nerve in taking people on while Kyle’s crossing is arguably already better. And we have Corluka in reserve who would slot in behind him.

  2. Every switch has a negative consequence. You can ask the same question about Roberto Carlos – who was far from the greatest defensively, yet remained at LB. The reason is Roberto Carlos was pacy, fit and skillfull enough to command the entire wing – from defence to attack. If you moved him to LM, you would lose half of his effectiveness. When Brazil beat England with 10 men that time, Carlos did the role of 2 players – making it seem like 11 vs 11. I feel that it would be the same with Walker. From what seems like an offensive move (pushing him forward), actually becomes defensive move because you are adding an extra defender behind him – and removing a midfielder from in front of him. Nothing wrong with asking the question though. I still think that Bale will move back to wing back – especially if he goes abroad.

  3. I agree with comment 2 – if anything, Bale should go back to left back. You don’t need natural wingers with Walker and Bale at full-back. That way you could have drifters playing in the wide positions (such as Modric and A.N Other) or play a three-man midfield. Then you can accommodate Sandro and have a much more solid looking midfield, with the wide men drifting inwards and the full-backs over-lapping.

    Move over Harry…

  4. What could be an option, would be wing backs? This would also allow us to have vdV in the squad, with two strikers. We could go for.

    (Any three center backs we can get fit)

    Walker Bale
    Parker/Sandro Modric


    • I’m not normally a fan of 3-5-2 (3-5-1-1 here) but that could work.

      This would mean getting another CB for sure, since we’re already short there.

      I would prefer a 4-4-2 like this:

      Walker Kaboul King Bale
      Parker Sandro
      Modric VdV
      Adebayor Defoe

      Bale and Walker would be encouraged to make attacking runs with 2 holding mids to cover defence.
      Modric and VdV would be similar to outside mids but would cut in rather than stay wide — width added from Bale/Walker.
      We also have Hudd and Livermore as backup holding mids, and depending on the game, Hudd’s passing might be more useful than Sandro.

      A 4-5-1 would be better still with Modric in the center, VdV on the right cutting in — but we’d need to sign someone who can play that role on the left (Mata would’ve been perfect).

  5. The wing backs idea seems to make the most out of Bale and Walker. And I reckon would suit our style of play whilst keeping a defensive solidity. Moving him to RM as a stop gap yes definitely but he is no RM. He relys on attacking from deep (which coincidentally is what Bale does best) so that he can beat his marker with pace and power. At right midfield he would be robbed of his first 10 yards which is what makes him so dangerous. But an interesting thought none the less.

  6. Leave him where he is to learn his trade. He is a far better defender than Bale ever was, Bale was shunted forward ’cause he is a shit defender.

    Who plays with 3 centre halves these days?? Stupid suggestion.

    • It is not a stupid suggestion its someones opinion! I think 3 5 2 would actually work because all our best players can play in it and we can actually play 2 strikers up front!

      Dawson Gallas King
      Walker Bale
      Modric Parkre/Sandro
      van der Vaart
      Defoe Adebayor

  7. We should play with two wing backs but just with two central defenders.
    Walker King Gallas Bale
    Sandro Parker
    Lennon VDV Modric


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