njuries aside, Steven Pienaar’s career is stagnating and many felt that the former Everton winger was already surplus to requirements when he joined the club last winter. It could be a long wait before he makes his way back into the Spurs first team and it seems that his former employers may now be preparing a move to take him back to Merseyside.

Pienaar could be set to make his first appearance of the season against Rubin Kazan in the Europa League but as far as the Premiership is concerned, Gareth Bale’s form and fitness seem destined to keep the South African on the subs bench at best.

In the meantime, it is reported that Everton tried to re-sign their former player of the year in the summer but the bid was rejected. A fresh approach in January could be met with a better reception however.

Pienaar could still be useful as cover for Bale but on recent from, Danny Rose and even Andros Townsend look to be better options. With a career at the crossroads, the best way forward for all concerned could be a move back to Pienaar’s former club.



  1. Get rid however – if he wants to go back to Everton OK as I cant see us getting money for him right now. A crazy crazy buy. (And I’m not being wise after the event.)

  2. madness. He is a top player, better than lennon, just needs a run, why get rid of a player that can cover a multitude of positions for no money. Crazy talk.

    • Better than Lennon? In all the times I saw him play for us there is nothing at all positive that sticks out in his performances. It was a buy that should never have happened in the first place. Nice lad and all that but I think for all parties a move back to Everton is the best option for him.

    • Better than Lennon. My word, what team do you watch every week?

      For the life of me I cannot fathom why there are still some Spurs fans who still criticise him.

      Pienaar is woefully average. Reasonable in defence but sticks out like a sore thumb in this team. Lennon is a genuine weapon and in a different league to him.

  3. Lennon is a quality player anyone who doesnt needs a trip to spec savers, his pace causes all sorts of problems. Clarence Sedorf, says ”man on a bike” is as good as Bale, maybe not that good, but still damn good. Back to Pienaar, he is a decent squad player who could be very useful later in the season.

    Keep Him

  4. How could we miss a player that has been injured for so long he has been all but forgotten? If we can make money on his lets do it.. we can put that towards the two strikers and two defenders we need (it will also free up a squad place .. or does it?)

  5. Lennon is the only fly in the ointment, in other words, the only weakness in a great team. Find another RW and move Walker up to the wing position. Fourth place guaranteed.

    • You must have bean in bed for our two goals Lennon is the one of the fastest wingers in the World. Trust me ask any full back who has marked him . He won a race doing a Gillette challenge with and without the ball in a 60 yard dash and he beat all comers. Also the only thing that has stopped him is medical reasons not human his knee and groin from beaten defenders

  6. Hi Lads, Jury is out concerning us Evertonians, some hold the opinion of stuff him he turned traitor, and the grass hasn’t proved to be greener. Others would have him back in the blink of an eye. He did do a superb job for us, especially when Arteta was injured, but then when he came back a lot of the responsibility was taken away from him. His link up play with Baines was superb,

    On another note though, I went carp fishing last week on the French Belgium Border, there was an Abba night at a nearby roller disco and in there I met the cousin of Eden Hazard. He showed me a text message from him that said he had just met with some Indian Guys that had given an offer he couldn’t refuse to join them in the summer, but it can’t be announced yet.
    I had no reason to disbelieve him as he was very cute.

  7. When BAE is injure;
    Walker Kaboul/Gallas King BALE
    ……. Sandro….Parker
    Modric.Rafa VdV..Pienaar

    VdV said he loves playing with Pieanaar himself (and I think we’ve all learnt to trust VdV now instead of Defoe) Bale and Walker will be like extra wings in this formatiion. Parker and Sandro will be able to backtrack for them) Bring Lennon on from the bench to completely change the pace of the game, :e will win games for us this way. Kranjcar can obviousy give Pienaar a go. Bring him on for Sandro and bring Modric deep where he also builds up well. Our sqaud is excelent. Defoe can give Ade a go AND no squad has no injuries!! Anyway , Pienaar can bring it if he stays fit. From a South Africsn Spurs fan. COYS

  8. He is a very decent player and had some super games for the toffees. He could well push for a place in the starting line up if given a chance. As for Lennon, needs to get his MoJo back quickly.

  9. You are judging player with injuries if he and Lennon keep breaking down then thats sad not bad form. So wait and see why Harry bought him and if Lennon gets fully fit then the skys the limit for him his end product is there its his groin we need too repair. This is the results of all the dirty tackles he has endured have finally caught up with our speedo lets hope he heals completely.

  10. Undoubtedly our worst signing under HR. was not only our weekest link in every game he played last season, his pass completion is the worst I’ve seen in a spurs shirt since pony were the makers of it!! We are a team that now dominated games with great possession, incisive positive passing ( having got rid of Jenas) pace down the wings, bight in the middle with Parker and the soon to be world class Sandro all sprinkled with a touch of class and Craft in Modric. Pienaar gives us nothing at all, simply a mid table average footballer!! what a would love is for spurs to swap pienaar and Pav for the fantastic junior Hoilett at Blackburn. Add to that a top grade striker and we become serious contenders!!

    • You are right about one thing we dominate games the problem for us and Harry’s heart it stops at Half time. 442 please and clean sheets.

  11. Can’t judge him as he hasn’t been fit since he signed. Looked outstanding for Everton every season since he signed for them. Can cover several positions, Ajax schooled wait until fully fit to judge.

  12. We need to retain him as a standby. Look ahead of our commitments : PL, Europa, FA cup. Can we guarantee that we will be injury free with the fixtures ahead?

  13. “Danny Rose and even Andros Townsend look to be better options.” ???? We’re all entitled to our opinions, but Steven Pienaar is a top player. Rose and Townsend should be cleaning his boots. And how can you start by saying “injuries aside”? The injuries have greatly retarded Pienaar’s progress at Spurs and I’m sure he would have loved to put them “aside”. Granted, he’s going to have a tough job breaking back into the side, simply because we have such great players. But it’s worth remembering that Pienaar, a graduate of the Ajax academy, can play anywhere across the midfield and in the months ahead I’m quite sure he’ll do a job for us. Let’s not be over-eager to write our players off.

  14. he was not a good signing imo, we have too many options for him to ever be first choice, use him in europa league (if registered) this will drive the value back up to around 3/4m
    then sell to anyone who wants him. keeping a player like that will halt the development of players such as carrol, townsend, rose, etc.
    I would play him RM in europe as Gio cant use his right foot
    with the restriction on numbers in a squad now it makes sense to move him on, i prefer Niko or Gio ahead of him, prob wouldnt allow a loan move tho, doesnt benefit us at all unless they have to keep him after.
    take Bentley on loan instead 🙂

  15. What we just want to sell anyone that cannot make the first 11. What happens if we get a couple of injuries. He is not a bad player at all, and having a strong squad is really important. Not only is it backup, but it means that the guys in the team need to be at their best. You don’t see the likes of Fergie getting rid of decent players

  16. No, We’ve got Euro games to come and then FA cup matches, all at a time when it will be vital to keep picking up points in the premier league. Pienaar is a good player and will push for a starting place. I see no reason to let him go back to Everton unless silly money is on the table

  17. Stupid buy in the first place. Did nothing to impress at all. If Everton want him back he’s theirs. They can have Lennon too. He was just invisible against QPR, except for a pass for the first goal. Fast runs down the RW, but too many poor crosses to be rated a top performer.

    • Invisible apart from 2 assists!!!!!!
      The kid’s just coming back from injury and you want him sold because he hasn’t skinned his defender 5 times

  18. PIENAAR – he’s been unlucky with injury since he joined so give him more time… if he gets into Harry’s rotation a few times he should prove useful given his xlnt everton past.
    LENNON – true he was involved in both Bale goals, but when was the last time we saw him show oppo LB a clean pair of heels ?? – that’s his primary role , to supply those balls from the line – GO FOR IT, TAKE YOUR MAN ON AZZA
    BALE – suggestions to revert him to LB… no way, we’ll miss him up front scoring goals with the most powerful ( & increasingly inventive ) left foot in PL

  19. The lad’s only made 12 appearances for us and never really been fully fit. Let’s give him a chance, he was great for Everton where the fans are still bitter about him leaving.


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