Before entering hospital for his minor heart surgery, Spurs manager Harry Redknapp revealed that West Ham were keen on taking Jake Livermore across London as part of the Scott Parker deal back in August.

With injuries hitting the club at the start of the season, Jake filled in admirably and although his appearances since have been restricted to the Europa League, he is certainly one for the future.

“I like Jake. He’s a fantastic boy and he’s an established player now,” said Redknapp.

“West Ham wanted to take him and, in the end, he didn’t want to go anyway. It didn’t happen and I’m pleased to have him here because he’s important for us.

“He’ll play in midfield and do a job anywhere for you. I think he has a good future.”

The end result was that we paid more for Parker but you can’t argue with the deal because Scott has been arguably our player of the season so far and we got to keep Livermore as well.

West Ham, on the other hand, got David Bentley…



  1. He’s spurs and he know he’s is,didn’t want to play for that pikie club.enfield born and breed.even Bobby no more wanted to play for spurs ha ha ha ha

  2. No cb, you’re locked into having Bentley and his wages for a season-long loan.

    Sorry matey, but you lose. Must be used to that by now.

  3. Its just funny how Spurs fans thought Parker might not be able to do a job for them or even fit it.
    Best player so far this season, by a mile!

  4. Listen up, this is history, this is fact, West Ham’s loss has always been Tottenham’s gain. Name a single player that’s been on Spurs’ books and left for West Ham and been missed by us?, now reverse the process-simple, eh?

  5. dbs

    no he was sent back and that’;s been confirmed by Gold Allardyce and all sorts of others

    so you sent him to us for a fortnight, we injure him and it will cost you roughly 1.6 million to pay him, and by the time he’s fit he’ll only have a year left on contract and be worth a couple of million at best to sell

    • Fuck off you cunt. Your paying for bentley and its really that simple.
      Thank you for parker by the way, a very generous deal but there again scott was rather desperate to join us. I cant think of one player i would want from you scrubbers, not one!
      We Tottenham Hotspur love fucking you over, its easy tbh.

    • @cb

      Sam, Gold et al confirmed Bentley was “sent back” ?

      Well, yes, he is back at Spurs. Loan players who get injured usually return to the parent club. This doesn’t invalidate the loan agreement, though. This only happens when the loan is cancelled or otherwise set aside. Injury isn’t a reason to do this.

      WHam is on the hook for whatever portion of Bentley’s pay they are obligated to pay under the loan agreement. Possibly you don’t pay his full salary; possibly the deal has an option to cancel in January. These are common terms.

      But please; don’t try to sound as if WHam achieved some masterstroke here. You are paying for a player you could have used, but can’t.

  6. yeah, ok, your board would never lie to you . your paying the agreed wages, simple as, bentley’s only back at spurs cos no one wants to be treated by your bucket and sponge medical outfit.
    go bother charlton, you aint in our league sonny.

  7. ahh, the old big teams line, well, your here, so we know your not a ‘big’ team, just a jealous bitter little troll who goes on spurs sites to mouth off, we dont bother with your second division mugs. its an article about you trying to get livermore, who’s far too good for you, so we sent you bentley instead, have you paid for that kiwi player yet ? thats low, even for you fickle deluded tarts.
    oh, did you know, your board would never sell parker, and definatly not to spurs, remember that ? how i grin at you.

  8. so much anger for a club you don’t care about

    we sold becuse we got relegated, without that happening he’d not have left as he said himself

    in fact you haven’t signed a first team player from us other than when we’d been relegated since Paul Allen in 1985

  9. I was wary of Parker, thinking he looked decent last year only in comparison to the stinking turds he was forced to play with, but he has been a marvel.

    I think what fooled a lot of us about Parker was him being all over the pitch last year. He seemed a decent “jack of all trades” rather than the type of player we needed at Spurs. But it seems he was forced be all over the pitch due to the lack of contribution from the rest of the midfield (see “stinking turds” referenced above). If WHam had one other decent player, they may have stayed up.

    For Spurs, Parker breaks up opposing play and sends it to the more creative types. He doesn’t need to do everything because of the talent surrounding him. Parker admitted this not long after he came to Spurs, where he raved about how the better players around him made him better this season.

    He included the obligatory “no disrespect to West Ham” for what that’s worth.


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