Spurs assistant manager Kevin Bond insisted there were many positives to come out of the club’s 1-0 defeat away to Rubin Kazan last night.

“To be fair, I thought we did well,” Bond said. “A couple of senior players made their first starts and got their first minutes on the pitch this season.

“William came off late in the game but he was getting tired and he’s just come back, so we wanted to protect him.

“Steven played 90 minutes and did well. I thought there were a lot of good performances from the younger lads. Tom and Jake in the middle of the park were excellent.

The loss leaves Tottenham’s chances of qualification to the last 32 in the balance but Bond asserted that the task is still in our hands.

“We’re still right in there in the group, it’s in our hands and I would expect us to go through,” he added.

Tottenham drop to third in the group, behind Rubin on goal difference, but wins in our next two games against PAOK and Shamrock Rovers would see us progress.



  1. I thought we were pathetic. We constantly gave the ball away and didnt create anything. I cant see the fuss over Carroll, he loses possession all the time and 99% of the time he passes sideways or back (jamie redknapp!) and isnt dynamic enough. I dont see Livermore as a top player for us either, he aint good enough.
    Very frustrating to watch and not good enough, Bassong you are crap hope you leave very very soon.

  2. Calm down Carroll has some nifty foot work and can pass fully 15 yards forward Pav was wast full Townsend and Gallas was not fully fit or Pienaar Fredricks are both wingers not full backs Defoe head is wrecked by Harry not letting him play ten mins in two games Townsend Fredricks look promising playing in a better midfield will shine trust me go back and watch him dribble his way out of trouble. Ruben was lets say pumped full of Holly beads and the new fad unlimited energy

    • Davspurs! You can’t blame mdrugs everytime we lose! They didn’t have unlimited energy at all.. they were better from the first whistle… prove this drugs rubbish with your ‘contacts’ or shut up about it… you are like a broken record… and one with some of the poorest writing skills I have ever seen… I kind of started to believe you with all this crap… now I’m starting to think you may just be saome lonely idiot! I could be wrong, but if ever you would like to prove me wrong by acting on your ‘proof’ that you havementioned before or discussing any other aspect of football, throwing in some punctuation so we can at least understand what you’re going on about, then I may concede I was wrong about you…

  3. The Accident waiting to Happen…………Bassong.

    Does he usual defensive gaffe and cost the team a goal……..Now that is a shocker.

    Come January …..Sell this man to the Cola league where he belongs. he is not prem worthy for the EPL on any level.

  4. The biggest development from this result…

    The starting 11 for Fulham on Sunday were all relaxing on their couch in preparation for the London Derby.

    Yo Europa – Wake me up in May …..gracias.

    And, while i hate on the fixture, go take a look at the payouts for progression on this tournament.

    its like $.05 cents on the dollar vs Champions League .

  5. the only positives to take from this game were the performance of Carlo who showed he should be no2 instead of Gormless (sorry meant Gomes)
    and pienaar, gallas, pav, defoe getting some game time/fitness.
    was nice to see Kane too but am yet to see anything at this level that impresses me enough to get excited. Bassong done what was expected sooner or later, at least these games are helping us sort out the crap that has to go out of the club asap

  6. Tottenham were better than pathetic just averagely poor. Carlo kept the side in the game and Gallas looked classy in the first half. Maybe the strength of the Rubies had a dispiriting effect on the youngsters. Certainly most 19 to 22 year olds appearing in the Championship/League 1 in England look generally stronger and less easily bullied than our lads (and capable of a belted clearance when required.)


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