In the absence of laid up manager Harry Redknapp, it was down to Joe Jordan to speak to the press in the wake of yesterday’s 3-1 win over Fulham at Craven Cottage. In his post match interview, Joe stated that the players’ spirit and will to win carried them over the line in a tough game.

“You’ve seen a spirit and camaraderie that you need,” Joe said. “You can’t get through all these games just playing silky football. In the second half we didn’t show that quality but the determination to get the three points came through.”

The media have made much of Fulham’s second half onslaught, but Spurs clearly deserved their lead at the break – a fact that Joe acknowledged.

In the first half we did well and deservedly went in front,” he added.

“It was the complete opposite in the second half. We gave them too much space, dropped too deep and allowed them to dominate.

“We didn’t play particularly well in the second half – we have to play better than that – but there are other elements you need in the team to have consistency and to be up there at the top of the league.”

With Newcastle and Chelsea both winning, Spurs stay in fifth as we head into the international break. With no Europa League until the end of the month, our next match must be a Saturday home game at last?? Actually no – it’s Monday the 21st of November against Aston Villa at White Hart Lane.



  1. was great to see Spurs win ugly, i thought i was going to be joining HR tho. what was encouraging were the changes Defoe came on when VDV was inefective and Sandro came on to try and tighten the game up

  2. That was some good old UNited Houdini-like 3points……….

    This formation is just fine against most teams……

    Any game …away from the Lane……vs quality……VDV needs to come out….

    He had no service …..And, considering he spent the afternoon jogging around like it was a stroll in the park, he wont create much on his own……

    Bale………Modric………..AL –> More attacking mindset
    ……Sandro………Parker….. –> the teeth in the middle.

    Any Home game or minnow…roll w/ that same Fulham line-up

  3. what was noticeable was the way our players chased down the ball. Bale did it, Lennon, Parker…all of them. It was great to see that from us. I dont think there is anyone with such a huge ego that they feel they do not have to do it. I am loving watching us for loads of different reasons at the moment.


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